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					Galileo Galilei

 Done by: Dhaanyia
     Galileo Galilei was famous many many years
ago and is still talked about today. He is a very
successful person. He discovered many useful
things that have helped us now. Galileo Galilei is a
man to be remembered and not forgotten
because he has taught us many things. Until today
people study about him because he inspires
people with his work and his words.
      Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy on
February 15, 1564. Of seven brothers and sisters
Galileo had, he was the eldest. Galileo studied in
the University of Pisa and was rewarded an
honorary degree. Galileo was an Italian. His father
was a musician and a wool trader. His father
wanted him to study medicine. At the age of 11,
Galileo studied at a Jesuit monastery. Later,
Galileo Galilei annouced to his father that he
wanted to be a monk. His father was not
expecting him to be a monk. To earn a living
Galileo Galilei started tutoring mathematics. He
did lots of experiments while doing his tutoring.
Galileo did not get married, but he fell in love with
a person called Marina Gamba. Marina Gamba
gave Galileo 3 children, two girls and a boy.
      While sitting in Church, Galileo Galilei saw a
lamp on top of a veil. He was staring at it a long
time. He was curious to find out if the lamp would
swing for an equal amount of time and distance
each time it moved left and right. Just to be sure
Galileo used his pulse rate (heart beat) to
measure each swing. Galileo got famous by telling
the world. This invention is used today to regulate
      In Venice, at the age of 45, 1609, Galileo
Galilei innovated a telescope which helped us
learn about space. He wanted to do this because
the Dutch were keeping their telescope a secret.
The Dutch called their telescope, “spyglass”.
When Galileo made his telescope, he found out a
lot about space. The one thing he found was “The
Earth was moving around the sun.” People used
to believe that the sun was moving around the
Earth. It was an incredible discovery. Long ago the
Church was in charge of everything. Everybody
was supposed to believe what they said. The
Church was the one who said that that sun was
moving around the Earth. When the church found
out that Galileo told everybody about his
discovery, the church got mad. Galileo got in
trouble with the Catholic Church just because of
his discovery about the Earth going around the
sun. The church put him in house arrest from
1633 to 1642. While he was in house arrest, he
went totally blind. He couldn’t see in 1638 until he
died in January 8, 1642, at the age of 78 years old.
      Galileo Galilei was brave to stand up for
himself and what he believed in. His discoveries
and inventions changed the world for the better.
            About the author:
The author of this biography, D.B, was
born on November 19, 2001. She chose to
write about Galileo Galilei because she
found his life to be interesting and
admired how he was so principled and
committed to what he believed in. Her
favourite quotes of Galileo Galilei are :
    “Where the sense fails us, reason
     must step in.”
    “All truths are easy to understand
     once they are discovered; the point
     is to discover them.”
    “I have never met a man so ignorant
     that I couldn’t learn something from

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