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									TITLE I
S UCCESS B Y D ESIGN                                    FAMILY
                                                        I NVOLVEMENT C ENTERS
                                                         District Family Involvement Center
The Success By Design Initiative is a partnership
between Duval County Public Schools and the
                                                                     Matthew Gilbert
Florida Institute of Education (FIE) that creates
                                                           1424 Franklin Street 32206 - 630-6728
Neighborhood Learning Networks (NLNs)
connecting the Family Involvement Centers,                        Elementary Schools
families, schools, and community agencies.
                                                             S.P. Livingston Elementary School
NLN partners include:
                                                            1128 Barber Street 32209 - 630-6580
  *Jacksonville Public Library
  *Recreation and Community Services Dept.                              Long Branch
  *Early Learning Coalition of Duval                       3723 Franklin Street 32206 - 630-6620
                                                                     Sallye B. Mathis
 *Housing and Neighborhoods Dept.
                                                            3501 Winton Drive 32208 - 924-3086
 *Duval County Extension Office
 *Jacksonville Early Literacy Partnership                                Pinedale
                                                           4229 Edison Avenue 32254 - 381-7490
                                                                        Spring Park
E XECUTIVE S UMMARY                                       2250 Spring Park Road 32207 - 346-5640

                                                                     Woodland Acres
Title I schools will receive support for planning,          328 Bowlan Street 32211 - 720-1663
impl ement ing, and e valu ating fam ily
involvement activities.                                              Andrew Robinson
                                                            101 W. 12 th Street 32206 - 720-1663
District family involvement staff will provide
assistance to schools for the following purposes:
  *Review the development and
                                                                     Richard L. Brown
                                                             1535 Milnor Street 32206 630-6570
   implementation of school family
   involvement plans                                                Middle Schools
  *Enhance school personnel’s ability to present
    family involvement programming
                                                                   Eugene Butler/Paxon
                                                             900 Acorn Street 32209 - 630-6900
                                                                                                     I NVOLVEMENT
 *Provide technical assistance to review
    student and school achievement data and
   connect it to family involvement activities
                                                                      High School

                                                                       William M. Raines
                                                                                                        C ENTERS
District family involvement staff will conduct               3663 Raines Ave. 32209- 904-924-3049
regular meetings with community leaders to...
  *Provide a forum for family input
  *Build school and family capacity for strong
   family involvement                                            1701 Prudential Drive 32207
                                                                       (904) 390-2000
  *Align, develop, and communicate services
    O UR V ISION                                        S UPPORT AND S ERVICES                               WORKSHOPS

To ensure that students become productive and       To support the entire family’s learning needs,        Workshops are offered at the Family
responsible citizens, Title I Family Involvement    family members are invited to take advantage          Involvement Centers and Title I schools. A
Center staff, family members, and community         of the following resources:                           sample of workshop offerings follows:
agencies will work cooperatively to increase and      *Financial Plannin g/Budgeting (Tax Prep )            *Kitchen Math
strengthen family and school partnerships.                                                                  *PASSport to Success
                                                      *Book Lending Librar y
                                                                                                            *Pre-Kindergarten Backpack Club
                                                      * Soc ial S k ills Reso urc es
                                                                                                            *After the Report Card - Now What?
                                                      * Com plim ent ar y Leveled Readin g Bo o ks          *F CA T Ti ps fo r P a r en ts
 O UR M ISSION                                        * Educational Books                                   *Science Lab at Home
                                                      * In t er ac t i v e Le ar n in g Gam es              *Parents as Learning Models
                                                      * Family Newsletters and Magazines                    *Hom ewor k, Ha bi t s, an d Hu gs
                                                      * M ath M an ipu lat ives                             *A rt s & Cr af t s (c roch et, fl or a l / j ew el r y
DCPS Title I Parent Involvement mission is to         * Fam ily Educ at ion al A ct ivities an d Games       desi gn s, n eedl epo int , cr o ss st it ch)
empower parents and families to support their                                                               *Dynamic Duo: Parents and Teachers
                                                      * Summ er Learn in g Ac t ivit y Pac kets
children’s cognitive and social-emotional                                                                   *FBI: Families Being Involved in Writing
                                                      * Computer Lab with Internet Access
development from the cradle to the workforce                                                                *Navigating Through the System (DCPS)
                                                      * Diagnos t ic As sessm en ts (Readin g, M at h ,
and/or college. We will accomplish this by
                                                        Language Ar ts )
strengthening district, school, family and
community partnerships through support and
                                                      * Dept. of Children & Families -Access Florida      K NOW Y OUR R IGHTS
                                                      * Library Cards (JPL)
training. Title I staff will:                         * Health and Wellness Fairs

  *Encourage active family participation at
   their children’s school                                                                                Under NCLB, parents whose children attend
                                                                                                          Title I schools have the right to:
  *Provide workshops for families to help
   support their children’s learning at home                                                                 1. Know the professional qualifications of all
  *Inform parents about their rights and No                                                                     teachers and instructional assistants who
   Child Left Behind (NCLB) regulations                                                                         instruct their children.
  *Involve parents in local Title I decisions                                                                2. Transfer their children if the Title I schools
                                                                                                                they attend do not make adequate yearly
                                                                                                                progress (AYP) on the FCAT for two (2)
                                                                                                                consecutive years.
 P ARENT A DVISORY C OUNCIL                                                                                  3. Receive supplemental educational services
                                                                                                                if the Title I schools their children attend
                                                                                                                do not make AYP on the FCAT for three
                                                                                                                (3) consecutive years.
All Title I families are invited to attend
meetings to provide input about Title I programs.
Each school’s Parent Advisory Council                                                              
representative receives update d inform ation
regarding famil y involvement programs and
state and federal guidelines.

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