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									                                          NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
                                          Recruitment Service
                                          5 Floor, Tara House
                                          46 Bath Street
                                          G2 1HJ
                                          Fax Number: 0141 278 2704
                                                         0141 278 2705


                                                           Date:           As Postmark
                                                           Ref No:         0000022027D
                                                           Enquiries to:   Ray Sumner
                                                           Direct Line:    0141 278 2648

Dear Applicant

Post Title Locum Appointment for Training-Clinical Fellow - Rehabilitation Medicine - Spinal Injuries (ST3 Level).
Job Ref No. 0000022027D

Please find enclosed a Job Description, Parts A & B of the Application Form, Equal Opportunities Addendum form,
Declaration Form regarding Fitness to Practice and Immigration Questionnaire.

The Organisation will be delighted to receive your application, and should you require any assistance please
contact the Recruitment Team on the contact number above who will be pleased to help.

It is important if you are posting your application that you enclose your current CV [see below for the
number of CV’s required for this post], return this along with Parts A & B of the Application Form, Equal
Opportunities Addendum form, Declaration Form regarding Fitness to Practice and the Immigration Questionnaire.

        LAT/Clinical Fellows              2 CV’s required
        Speciality Doctors                4 CV’s required
        Dental                            4 CV’s required
        Locum Consultant                  4 CV’s required
        Consultant                        12 CV’s required

You have been asked to provide three referees ONE of which MUST be your current or most recent

All completed applications are held with the Recruitment Team until the closing date. Shortly after the closing date
a panel will meet to prepare an interview shortlist for the post for which you have applied. Once this decision has
been made, letters will be sent to all shortlisted applicants inviting them to interview. These interview letters will
give as much notice of date, time and venue as possible. At the same time, letters will be sent to referees asking
for references. It would be helpful if you could include email addresses for referees as this will assist us in reducing
the lead time to receive your references.

It is anticipated that the process will take approximately 4 weeks from closing date. If you do not receive any
correspondence from us within this period of time, I would advise that your application has been unsuccessful and
wish you success in future applications.

I hope you find this information beneficial and I look forward to receiving your application.

Yours sincerely

Medical Recruitment
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
                               Information pack for the post of:

    Locum Appointment for Training-Clinical Fellow - Rehabilitation Medicine
                                 (ST3 Level)

                            Based at Southern General Hospital

                                       40.00 hours per week

                            Job Reference Number 0000022027D

                                Closing date: 01 October 2010

                              APPLICATION PACK CONTENTS
This Application Pack provides prospective candidates with details of the post and background
information about NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

    The contents of this pack are as follows:-

        a)     Job Description
        b)     Part A of the NHS Scotland Application Form & Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form*
        c)     Confirmation of Right to Work in the UK Statement**
        d)     Fitness to Practice
        e)     General Information
        f)     Terms and Conditions of Employment

        *The Equal Opportunities Monitoring form is required for monitoring purposes only and will not be
        made available to the interview panel during any part of the recruitment process.

        * We are legally required to check that all prospective employees have the right to work in the
        UK. Please see the Terms and Conditions for this post for further information.

                             HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR DOCUMENTION

    The fastest way to return your completed documentation is by email to

    Please return the documentation as soon as you have completed it and do not wait until the
     closing date.

    If your completed documentation is received by the closing date, it will be forwarded for short

    You should note that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde does not acknowledge receipt of
     completed documentation unless the this has been submitted by email.

    Please note that if you do not hear anything further within 6 weeks of the closing date for the
     post, your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion and you will receive no further

    For further information on the application process please see the General Information for
     Applicants page.

   Decisions to shortlist candidates for interview are made ONLY on the contents of your CV. Please
    ensure that you read the job description carefully, your CV must clearly demonstrate how you meet
    the requirements of the post.

   You must declare all periods of sickness absence in the last 12 months and ensure that you provide
    complete and appropriate employment or character reference contact details including email link.
    See the application form for further guidance.

   NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operates a NO SMOKING Policy on all premises and grounds.

   All offers of employment will be subject to the receipt of Satisfactory References, Fitness to Practice,
    Occupational Health screening, Criminal Records Checks i.e. Disclosure Scotland clearance and
    Eligibility to Work in the United Kingdom, if applicable.

   Like other NHS Boards across the country, demand for car parking on our hospital sites far
    outweighs availability. As a result, access to on-site parking is extremely limited and you may
    therefore need to find alternative ways of travelling to work if you are selected for the post. To help
    you do this we’ve introduced a number of initiatives including car share and discounted public
    transport schemes. For further information on these and other travel options available, including
    park and ride facilities, please contact the Travel Plan Office on 0141 201 4818 or email
    Douglas.Mcintosh@ggc.scot.nhs.uk. For further information on our car parking arrangements and
    details of our car parking policy visit www.nhsggc.org.uk/parking or graeme.condie@ggc.scot.nhs.uk.

   For further information on this vacancy contact Dr C Roy, Dr A Weir, Dr B Panesar (Consultants in
    Rehabilitation Medicine), Dr A McLean, Mr M Fraser or Dr M Purcell (Consultants in Spinal Injury) on
    0141 201 1100.

How to Submit Your Postal Application
   If you are unable to submit your application by email to nhsggcrecruitment@nhs.net then you can
    hand deliver it direct to the Recruitment Service located at the address below between the hours of
    9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday or return it by post quoting the job number and closing date on your
    envelope to:

               Job Reference Number 0000022027D and closing date 01/10/2010
               NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Recruitment Service
               5th Floor, Tara House
               46 Bath Street
               Glasgow G2 1HJ.

    Please note that when returning your completed documentation and associated
    enclosures by Royal Mail you must ensure that the correct postage cost is paid.
    Documentation with insufficient postage may not be delivered to the above address
    by the closing date.
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Employee Benefits

       NHS Scotland Superannuation Pension Scheme.

       Staff Bursary Scheme to support continuing education and training.

       Child Care Vouchers
   Interest free loan to purchase Zonecard’s - a flexible season ticket for unlimited travel by rail,
    subway, most buses and even some ferries (details on public transport routes to NHS Greater
    Glasgow and Clyde’s sites can be found by visiting www.nhsggc.org.uk and select Transport
    and Parking on the home page or visit www.spt.co.uk/travelinfo .

   Cycle to Work Scheme, for staff to purchase a bicycle and any equipment needed and then
    repay those costs through their salary.

   For more information about the benefits and discounts available to NHS Greater
    Glasgow and Clyde staff, visit www.nhsstaffbenefits.co.uk and www.nhsdiscounts.com
1.   Terms and Conditions of Service
     The terms and conditions applicable to this post are those of all NHS Employees.
2.   Superannuation Pension Scheme
     You have the option to join the NHS Superannuation Scheme, to participate in the State
     Earnings Related Pension Scheme or to take out a Personal Pension. Employee’s
     contributions to the NHS Scheme are tiered based on your earnings and the employer’s
     contribution equates to 13.5 % of salary. Employees in the NHS Scheme are “Contracted-out”
     of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme and pay a lower rate of National Insurance
     contributions. Employees who choose to participate in the State Earnings Related Pension
     Scheme pay the higher rate of National Insurance contribution. A Stakeholder Pension is also
     available. For more information on the Pension Scheme visit www.sppa.gov.uk

3.   Salary - £29705.00 - £39300.00 (pro rata where applicable).

4.   Grade – This post is a LAT/Clinical Fellow

5.   Annual Leave

     LAT/Clinical Fellows/SHO Dental
     5 weeks’ annual leave with full pay each year, for those on the 3rd Incremental point or above,
     the entitlement will be 6 weeks per annum (pro rata where applicable).

     Consultant & Locum Consultant
     You will be entitled to 6 weeks’ annual leave (pro rata where applicable).

     Speciality Doctor
     5 weeks a year, for those who have completed a minimum of two years’ service in the
     specialty doctor grade and/or equivalent grades or who had an entitlement to 6 weeks annual
     leave a year or more in their immediately previous appointments shall be entitled to annual
     leave at the rate of 6 weeks a year (pro rata where applicable).

     The leave year runs from the date of the doctor’s appointment to the grade, or may be
     adjusted to a common start date in force in that employment. No detriment to the doctor will
     arise from any leave year adjustment.

     For part time staff, this will be calculated on a pro rata basis based on the days and/or hours
     worked per week. You shall also be entitled to statutory and public holidays. Other leave
     entitlements are set out in the Terms & Conditions of Service for Medical & Dental Staff.

6.   Hours of Duty - 40.00 Hours per week
7.   Contract Type - This post is offered on a Fixed Term basis. Until 2nd August 2011
8.   Right to Work in the UK - NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a legal obligation to ensure
     that it does not employ any worker who has not been granted the relevant permission to work
     in the UK. This permission is without exception granted by the UK Border Agency. We are
     required to check the entitlement to work in the UK of all prospective employees, regardless of
     nationality or job category.

            ALL applicants regardless of nationality must complete and return the
            Confirmation of Right to Work in the UK Statement with their completed
            application form. You will be required provide appropriate documentation prior
            to any appointment being made.
9.   Disclosure Scotland and Criminal Records

      NHS Scotland is exempt from the 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exclusions &
      Exceptions) (Scotland) Order 2003. This means that unless otherwise stated in the job
      description, person specification or application pack, applicants must tell us about any
      previous convictions either classed as ‘spent’ or ‘unspent’ and this information will be
      verified by Disclosure Scotland for relevant posts.

      Applicants who have lived outside the UK within the last five years, if offered a
      position, in addition to a Disclosure Scotland Check, will be required to provide a
      completed police record check (Certificate of Good Conduct) from the police
      authority in the country or countries in which they were resident.

      Please note that documents in languages other than English should be accompanied by
      certified translations into English.

      If you are offered employment, failure to disclose convictions could result in dismissal or
      disciplinary action. Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence
      and considered only in relation to the post for which this application form refers
                                                                    PART A
Application for (job title): Locum Appointment for Training- Job Reference No:
Clinical Fellow - Rehabilitation Medicine (ST3 Level)        0000022027D
Location: Southern General Hospital                                     Candidate Id No:

Fair Treatment Statement
No applicant shall be unfairly discriminated against on account of their age,
cultural/religious/political belief, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, relationship status,
sexual orientation, and/or Trade Union membership/stewardship.
    Only Part C of your application will be made available to short-listing panels.
Personal Details
Surname:                                        Forename:

Name known                                                          Title:
by (if different)

                                                                    Post Code

Contact Telephone Numbers:                      Day:

Evening:                         Mobile:

address (if we
may use this):
Work Permit
Do you need a work permit to take up this post?                      YES               NO
Working in the UK
Are you eligible to work in the UK                                   YES               NO
Please give details of the number of episodes and the total days of sickness absence in
the last 12 months:

        I have completed Parts A to D of this application form and the details I have supplied
        are, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete. If appointed to this post this
        information will be kept as part of my personal file record. I authorise you to obtain
        references to support this application if I am identified as a preferred candidate
        following interview. I understand that details of Educational Qualifications, Membership
        of Professional Bodies and Referee Reports will be verified in writing via the
        establishments and individuals I have indicated.

 Signature:                                                          Date:
Job Reference Number:              0000022027D                            PART B
Candidate Id Number:

     Footnotes & Declaration

     Footnote (1)
     The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, provides for many people who have
     been convicted of certain criminal offences the opportunity to have no need to
     refer to these convictions or the circumstances relating to them in the course of
     their daily lives. Certain convictions can, therefore, be regarded as “spent” after
     the lapse of a period of years under the terms of the Act. The National Health
     Service employment for which you are applying is excluded in the provisions of
     the Act unless otherwise stated in the job description. Unless stated, you are
     required not to withhold information about convictions which for other
     purposes are “spent” under the provisions of the Act. This means that all
     previous convictions must be declared. If you are offered employment, any
     failure to disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or disciplinary
     action. Any information given, however, will be completely confidential and will
     be considered only in relation to the post for which this application form refers.

     I declare that I have:      (a) No previous convictions
                                 (b) Previous convictions – details of which I give

               (This information will be verified by Disclosure Scotland)

     Footnote (2)
     In processing any personal information or data we hold about you we will
     comply with the
     requirements of the Data Protection Act 1988 (the “Act”). In particular all
     reasonable steps will be taken to ensure data is processed fairly, kept secure,
     protected against loss or damage & only disclosed (unless required by law or
     legal process) on a need to know basis. Under the Act you are entitled to ask us
     in writing to provide copies of certain data we hold about you, upon payment of
     the appropriate fee.

     I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information contained in this form
     is accurate and I consent to details being retained confidentially and used for
     specific and lawful purposes as specified in the Data Protection Act 1998
 Signature:                                                      Date:
Job Reference Number:          0000022027D
Candidate Id Number:
Equal opportunities monitoring

We want to ensure that our job opportunities are open to all. The only way we can ensure
there is equal opportunity is to measure applications we receive. Therefore this form asks
you for your ethnic origin, gender, disability, religion, sexuality and age. The information
you provide in this part of the form (Part D), is confidential and is not used in the selection
process. It will be separated from the rest of the form when we receive it.

1) You are:

Female           Male

2) Do you consider yourself, or have you ever considered yourself as transgender? This
could include considering or intending to undergo gender reassignment surgery or not
identifying with your assigned birth gender.

No                Yes            Prefer not to say

3) What is your date of birth?

4) Do you have a physical or mental health condition or disability that has a substantial
effect on your ability to carry out day to day activities and has lasted or expected to last 12
months or more?

No                Yes

If Yes, please describe here the nature of the disability and any special arrangements for
interview / work location:

       (Continued on next page)
Job Reference Number:       0000022027D
Candidate Id Number:
6) What is your ethnic group?
Choose one section from A to F, then tick the appropriate box to indicate
your cultural background
A: White         Scottish          Irish         Other British
                 Other White Background
B: Mixed         Any mixed background

C: Asian; Asian Scottish; Asian English; Asian .British:
               Pakistani      Indian         Chinese
                 Bangladeshi        Other Asian background

D: Black; Black Scottish; Black British
               Caribbean                         African
               Other Black background

E: other ethnic background
               Any other background

F: Prefer not to answer
7) What is your religion?

A) Buddhism       B) Christianity - Church of Scotland     C) Hinduism
D) Judaism       E) Islam      F) Christianity - Roman Catholic
G) Christianity (other)        G) Sikhism     H) Other faith / belief
I) Prefer not to answer
8) What is your sexual orientation?
Bi Sexual        Lesbian/Gay Woman       Heterosexual (straight)
Gay Man          Other         Prefer not to answer


                       MEDICAL & DENTAL STAFF



Registration with the General Medical Council or General Dental Council
imposes on doctors and dentists the duty to provide a good standard of
medical care for, and to behave appropriately towards patients. NHS
Employers also have a duty to ensure that patients receive a good standard
of medical care and ensure as far as possible the safety of patients. In
accordance with NHS Circular PCS(DD) 2001/1, we therefore need to
establish if you have been found guilty of a criminal offence, been bound
over or cautioned or are currently the subject of proceedings which might
lead to a conviction, an order binding you over or a caution, in the UK or any
other country.

Applicants for posts in the NHS are exempt from the Rehabilitation of
Offenders Act 1974. Application packs include a declaration for applicants to
compete declaring any previous or pending prosecutions or convictions,
including those considered “spent” under this Act. This will also include a
declaration of any cautions or bind overs. We also need to establish if you
have been the subject of any fitness to practise proceedings in the past, or if
any fitness to practise proceedings are being contemplated, by a licensing or
regulatory body in the UK or another country and this is also reflected in the

Attached is a declaration which you must complete and return with your CV.
Please note that your application cannot be processed unless this form
is received with your CV. This information will be treated in confidence and
will not debar you from appointment unless the selection panel considers
that it renders you unsuitable for appointment. In reaching such a decision
we will consider the nature of the conviction/action, how long ago it took
place and any other factors which may be relevant.

Failure to disclose a criminal offence, having been bound over or
cautioned or that you are currently the subject of criminal proceedings
which might lead to a conviction, an order binding you over or a
caution, or fitness to practise proceedings undertaken or being
undertaken by an appropriate licensing or regulatory body, may
disqualify you from appointment, or result in summary
dismissal/disciplinary action and referral to the General Medical
Council [General Dental Council] for consideration if such a
discrepancy came to light.

If you would like to discuss what effect any previous convictions, police
investigations or fitness to practise proceedings taken or being taken either
in the UK or by an overseas licensing or regulatory body might have on your
application, you may telephone Anne Holmes, Medical and Dental Team
Lead, on 0141 278 2657 in confidence, for advice.

Name                                       I confirm I have read this policy


Post applied for: Locum Appointment for Training-Clinical Fellow -
Rehabilitation Medicine (ST3 Level)

Hospital:            Southern General Hospital


Applicants for posts in the NHS are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
1974. You are required to declare prosecutions or convictions, including those
considered “spent” under this Act and details of any prosecutions or convictions
from outside the in the UK. Successful candidates will be required to undergo
Disclosure Scotland screening. Candidates who have been resident in the UK for
less than five years or candidates who have spent more than six months living or
working outside the UK will be required to provide a certificate of good conduct from
their country/countries of non UK residence in additional to Disclosure Scotland

Please note that Disclosure Scotland screening will produce a certificate, which will
disclose all conviction information including fines, cautions and warnings, and
should the chief constable deem it appropriate, disclose non-conviction information
deemed relevant to the position applied for.

You are required to disclose details of :

(a) any criminal offence, being bound over or cautioned, or current
proceedings which might lead to a conviction, an order binding you over or a
caution and

(b) fitness to practice proceedings taken or being currently contemplated by a
licensing/regulatory body

   1. Have you been convicted of a criminal offence, been bound over or
      cautioned or are currently the subject of any police investigations,
      which might lead to a conviction, an order binding you over or a
      caution in the UK or any other country?

YES                  NO                  Tick appropriate box

If yes, please provide details of the criminal offence, order binding you over or
caution or details of any current proceedings which might lead to a conviction, an
order binding you over or a caution, including approximate date, the offence, and
the authority and country which dealt with the offence.
   1. To the best of your knowledge have you been or are you
      currently subject to any fitness to practise proceedings by an
      appropriate licensing or regulatory body in the UK or any other

YES              NO                     Tick appropriate box

If yes, please provide details of the nature of proceedings undertaken, or
contemplated, including approximate date of proceedings, country where
proceedings were undertaken and the name and address of the licensing or
regulatory body concerned.

I hereby declare that the information given here is true.


Print Name:


*If your application has been submitted electronically and is short listed you
will be asked to sign this declaration at interview.

             Candidate Name:

             Post Applied For:       Locum Appointment for Training-Clinical Fellow - Rehabilitation
             Medicine (ST3 Level)

             Post Ref:               0000022027D

                       We need to know if you are eligible for employment in the UK
                                   PLEASE TICK BOXES WHERE ANSWER IS YES/NO

1 Are you a British citizen or a European Economic Area National?        Yes        No

     If you have answered NO, please answer all questions from 2 - 6 and read and sign the declaration at
     section 7
     If you have answered YES, please read and sign the declaration at section 7


2 Do you have right to work in the UK ?          Yes     No

3 What is your Nationality?


4 Date Leave to Remain Issued                          Day:             Month:               Year:

     Date Leave to Remain Expires                      Day:             Month:               Year:


 Tier 1 General/Post Study Work – Points                       International Graduate
 Based System                                                  Scheme

 Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship ( formerly                 Refugee/ Asylum
 Work Permits )

 Student Visa/Tier 5 Points Based System                       Clinical Attachment or
                                                               Dental Observer

 Spousal/Dependant OR Ancestral Visa                           Medical Training Initiative

 Other eg Workers Registration Scheme
 (please specify)

                              TO ANY APPOINTMENT BEING MADE.
                                 TRANSLATIONS INTO ENGLISH
     Candidate Name:

     Post Applied For:        Locum Appointment for Training-Clinical Fellow - Rehabilitation
     Medicine (ST3 Level)

     Post Ref:                0000022027D


                I confirm that the information provided on this form is to the best of my knowledge

                I understand that ALL applicants regardless of nationality are required to provide
                 proof of their Right to Work in the UK.

                I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I complete this document
                 correctly and that I will be required to provide proof of my right to work in the UK
                 prior to any formal offer of employment being made.

                I understand that Applications from candidates who require a Certificate
                 of Sponsorship will only be considered if no suitable UK or EEA national is
                 identified for this post. For further information on the UK Border Agency’s new
                 Points Based System which now governs the way individuals from outside
                 the EEA can work in the UK please visit www.bia.homeoffice.gov.uk

                I understand that failure to enclose this completed form will mean my application
                 may not be considered for short listing

       SIGNATURE                                                    Date

                                JOB DESCRIPTION
                                  REF: 22027D


     The Specialty Trainee posts form part of the West of Scotland Training
     Programme in Rehabilitation Medicine and have training approval from the Royal
     College of Physicians and will conform to the formal training guidelines laid out in
     the Royal College documents.

     The post of specialty trainee in Rehabilitation Medicine provides 4 years of
     training in all aspects of Rehabilitation Medicine successful completion of which
     will lead to the award of the Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training

     A brief outline of the services provided within Rehabilitation Medicine are
     contained in the Appendix


     Candidates must hold MRCP (UK / I), FRCS, MRC Psych, MRCGP, or equivalent,
     and must have a minimum of 2 years post registration general professional
     training. A period of experience in Neurology, Rheumatology, Geriatric Medicine,
     Orthopaedics, or Spinal Injury would be advantageous, but is not essential.


     On appointment the Trainee will be given a National Training Number (NTN) or a
     Visiting National Training Number (VNTN) if they do not have rights of indefinite
     residence in the UK; and a provisional date for award of the CCST. This date will
     be subject to confirmation by the Royal College of Physicians. Award of CCST will
     be dependent upon successful completion of the training.


     The Trainee must make full use of the training opportunities provided in each

     General Professional Training:
     Before entering training, the general professional experience of the candidate will
     have been widely based and will have led to a recognised higher qualification. It
     is expected that the candidate will have had considerable exposure to acute
     Medicine or Surgery in the past, and neurological experience will be particularly
     advantageous. GP experience will also be of value.
     Higher Specialist Training:
     Higher training in Rehabilitation Medicine will ordinarily require 4 years as a
     Specialty Trainee. The primary aim is to prepare the trainee to become a
     Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, but the rotation may be able to provide all
     necessary training for a post in Spinal Injuries, depending on the individual
     programme arranged.

     Under the supervision of the Consultants, the Specialty Trainee will be expected
     to participate in in-patient clinical care, including 4 ward sessions per week,
     together with out-patient clinics. It is expected that the Specialty Trainee will take
     part in 2 clinics per week, in general rehabilitation, spasticity, prosthetics or
     wheelchairs except when attached to the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries
     Unit (QENSIU) when the out-patients sessions will take place within Spinal

     The Specialty Trainee will be on call for the ward patients two nights in eleven
     covering the Physically Disabled Rehabilitation Unit (PDRU), QENSIU and the
     Young Disabled (long term) Unit. There may be an opportunity for a placement
     in a rehabilitation unit in a neighbouring health board.

     The Trainee will be expected, when appropriate, to participate in the day to day
     running of the department in administrative activities such as organisation of on-
     call rotas, organisation of undergraduate training, patient reports and letters.
     The Trainee will have the opportunity to develop management skills as required
     by the College.

     This will include:
     Discussion with Consultants regarding clinical problems.
     Communication with General Practitioners - this will include telephone discussion
     of problems and writing of letters about cases seen in the Department.
     Liaison with Specialists in other hospitals/agencies, such as district nurses,
     ambulance, police etc.


     Continuing Education
     The Trainee will be expected to participate in educational activities on a local and
     national basis.

     Education is available through a structured programme of in-house tutorials and
     locally arranged postgraduate courses.     Trainees are expected to further their
     education through attendance at meetings and courses held both locally and
     nationally.   The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine provides national
     courses covering aspects of the core curriculum.

     Local educational activities include numerous Postgraduate courses organised
     jointly by the University of Glasgow and the Royal College of Physicians and
     Surgeons of Glasgow. Details of these courses are available from the main
     Medical Library, from the College, or from the Medical Faculty at the University.
     Relevant courses are also run by the National Centre for Training and Education
     in Prosthetics and Orthotics, University of Strathclyde.

     During the academic year, weekly clinical meetings for the entire Hospital are
     held each Tuesday at 12.30 pm in the Walton Conference Centre. The programme
     for these meetings is publicised throughout the Hospital, and all Medical staff,
     including Staff in training, are expected to attend these meetings wherever
     Management development is encouraged and the Trainee will be expected to
     attend appropriate courses. The postgraduate Tutor for the Southern General
     Hospital is Dr W Reid, Consultant Physician, who welcomes approaches from Staff
     in training wishing to discuss their Postgraduate Medical Education.

     At the appropriate stage of training, the Trainee will be expected to take part in
     departmental teaching for junior staff, undergraduates, nursing staff, etc.


     There is a strong tradition of research in the West of Scotland. Facilities and
     support for research activities are available through the University academic
     department and within hospital departments. The trainee will be encouraged to
     participate in clinical research and time will be allocated consistent with current
     Terms & Conditions.

     One session per week, or its equivalent will be available for formal research and
     the candidate will be expected to develop a major research interest. Current
     topics of interest within the Department include shoulder pain in hemiplegia,
     nutrition of patients undergoing rehabilitation, functional electrical stimulation,
     and rehabilitation services present and required in the community for head
     injured people. Within QENSIU ongoing research includes medication to assist
     fertility, and measurement of spasticity. The facilities of the Clinical Research
     Centre, which incorporate a wide range of measurement techniques including full
     gait analysis with force plate and 3-direction video, plus a Kinecom may be
     available by negotiation and provides a concentration of technology useful in
     rehabilitation research. The spinal Injuries Unit also has close links with the Bio-
     engineering Unit of Strathclyde University.

     Audit is an essential component of Rehabilitation Medicine practice and the
     Trainee will be required to participate in local and national audit activities.

     Monthly Clinical Audit meetings are held and multidisciplinary education,
     particularly in Rehabilitation science occur weekly in academic term time. Other
     departments in the Hospital e.g. Neurology also have a programme of meetings
     some of which will be relevant to the needs of the Specialty Trainee.


     The post will be centred at the Physically Disabled Rehabilitation Unit, Southern
     General Hospital. Time will be spent in a Spinal Injuries Unit, within the QENSIU
     or another unit. Rotation to other sites (including attachment to the Community
     Disability Team) will be arranged as determined by the training needs of the
     Specialty Trainee. If the Specialty Trainee wishes to later seek endorsement of
     the CCST in Spinal Injuries as well as Rehabilitation Medicine; three years
     attachment to a spinal injuries unit will be necessary.

     Further details of the Rehabilitation Medicine Department at the Southern General
     Hospital are given in the Appendix.

      The Trainee will be continuously assessed by the trainers in their place of work
      with formal interviews every 6 months and annual review by the Sub-Committee
      in Medicine of the West of Scotland Postgraduate Medical Education Board.

      If in the opinion of the Training and Assessment Committee, the Trainee fails to
      show adequate commitment or progress, career guidance will be arranged, and
      exceptionally, in the absence of satisfactory progress, the committee may
      recommend that the contract be terminated.

      Trainees are required to keep a logbook following the requirements laid down by
      the Royal College of Physicians.


      Subject to prior approval by the Postgraduate Dean and Royal College of
      Physicians, opportunities will exist for the Trainee to pursue further experience
      such as research fellowships, overseas experience or sub-specialty experience. A
      maximum of 12 months of such training could count towards the training
      programme and award of CCT. The Trainee would be granted unpaid leave and
      would retain the NTN during this period. Any time in addition to this will result in
      the delay of CCT and the Trainee would have to give up the NTN.

      If appointed as a clinical Fellow this post will not be recognised fro training.


      Hours and Salary

      The standard hours of duty shall be the working week of forty hours for which the
      current salary scale currently applicable is appended under general information.

      In addition, out-of-hours commitments are assessed as Band 2B. (This banding
      may be subject to change)

      Further Information

      For further information on the training programme, please contact:
      Dr C W Roy, Dr A M Weir or Dr B Panesar
      Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine
      Southern General Hospital
      Telephone: 0141 201 2679


      Completed Application Form, Equal Opportunities, Immigration and Fitness to Practice
      Forms with 2 CVs containing names and addresses of 3 referees to be returned to:

      Recruitment Services (Medical and Dental)
      NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
      5th Floor
      Tara House
      46 Bath Street
      G2 1HJ

      Closing Date: 1st October 2010


Based at the Southern General Hospital, part of the South acute operating Division of
NHS Greater Glasgow ( which also includes the Victoria Infirmary)

The Southern General Hospital

The Southern General Hospital is a teaching hospital with an acute operational bed
complement of 1,007. The hospital is situated in the south west of Glasgow and provides
a comprehensive range of acute and related clinical subjects including Accident &
Emergency, Dermatology, General Medicine (including sub-specialties), General Surgery
(including sub-specialties), Genitourinary Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Geriatric
Assessment, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Geriatric Day Services, Gynaecology, Neonatal
Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery and Urology.

The Southern General Hospital includes the Institute of Neurological Sciences which
provides Neuro-surgical, Neurological, Clinical Neurophysiology and Neuroradiology
facilities for the population of Glasgow and the West of Scotland. The Institute is
equipped with a Magnetic Resonance Imager and two Computerised Axial Tomography
scanners as well as state of the art angiography facilities which have been designated a
World Reference Site.

These services are supported by other Consultant based services which incorporate
diagnostic and clinical components including Anaesthetics, Laboratory Medicine,
Neuroanaesthetics, Neuropathology, Clinical Neurophysiology, (including ECG, EMG and
EP), Neuroradiology, and Radiology. There is also available a wide range of therapeutic
services which include Audiology, Clinical Psychology, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy,
ECG, Physiotherapy, Speech & Language Therapy.

The Division includes responsibility for all Greater Glasgow Health Board’s Clinical
Services for Prosthetics and Orthotics in particular, managing the West of Scotland
Mobility and Rehabilitation Centre (WESTMARC). This integrates NHS services and those
provided by the National Centre for Training in Prosthetics and Orthotics of Strathclyde
University. This Centre is jointly staffed by Hospital and University personnel. It also
houses the Scottish Centre for Technology for the Communication Impaired, and also
provides the Environmental Control Equipment Service for Glasgow.

The range of services provided by the Department of Medicine includes the sub-
specialties of Cardiology, Rheumatology, Haematology, Diabetes, Chest Diseases,
Gastro-intestinal, Liver Diseases and Endocrinology. The General Surgical Services
include a 5 bedded Intensive Therapy Unit. The Urology, Ophthalmology and
Dermatology Departments provide an in-patient service to the population of South
Glasgow. Ear, Nose & Throat and Dental out-patient services are also provided on the
Southern General Hospital site.

There are close links with the Psychiatry and Psycho-Geriatric services provided on site
by Greater Glasgow Primary Care Trust, which operates from 74 beds for acute adult
psychiatric patients.

Day surgery is provided in a purpose built twin operating theatre suite within full
supporting accommodation including a 5 bed recovery area, a 5 bay reception/patient
preparation area and 10 day beds which is located in the Department of Obstetrics &

The Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Unit for Scotland provides acute and rehabilitation
spinal injuries services to the whole of Scotland, replacing former facilities within
Edinburgh and Glasgow.
The Department of Podiatry (Chiropody) which has a purpose built 24 chair clinic,
including a minor procedures theatre is based on the Southern General Hospital site.

The Physically Disabled Rehabilitation Unit (PDRU) opened in 1995 and provides short-
term intensive assessment and rehabilitation for adults of working age, usually with
neurological illness or injury. The Department is responsible for patients in rehabilitation,
prosthetics and wheelchair provision, 26 bed long stay Young Disabled Ward and has
close links with the Community Physical Disabilities Teams run by the Primary Care
Trust. There is also close liaison with the Community Treatment Centre for Brain Injury.

The Trust has a long tradition of training medical students and is one of the principal
teaching hospitals in Glasgow. There are close links with the University of Glasgow’s
Faculty of Medicine including Professors within Neurosurgery, Neuropathology and

The work of the Department

The Physically Disabled Rehabilitation Unit was opened in March 1995. It provides a 30
bed purpose built Unit, serving the needs of assessment and rehabilitation for physically
disabled adults of working age, with its catchment area being the whole of Glasgow and
occasionally, patients from neighbouring Health Boards. Almost all patients suffer a
Neurological disability. The Unit is well staffed with paramedical and nursing staff, and
works as a close multi disciplinary team. To date, there have been 160-180 admissions
annually, but it is expected that this number will rise. A 24 bed unit for continuing care
and shared care of young disabled patients opened in August 1998, this again serves the
whole of Glasgow. The Specialty Trainee will have the opportunity of being involved in
the work there for training purposes, although no continuing clinical commitment is
expected there.

Since November 1996, Glasgow has developed a network of Community Disability
Teams. PDRU has close links with these Teams, which will provide additional training
experience for the Specialty Trainee.

The Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit (QENSIU) is a purpose built unit
opened in 1993 incorporating 12 acute high dependency care beds and 36 beds for
rehabilitation of spinal injury patients. This unit serves the whole of Scotland.

Besides general rehabilitation work, the Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine share 6
sessions per week in prosthetics and wheelchair out-patient clinics, the Trust being the
provider of such services for the West of Scotland. These are provided in a new purpose
built centre opened in December 1997.            Environmental Control Assessment is

All major investigations required by patients with neurological disability are provided on
site, including MRI, CT, radio-isotope scanning and electrophysiological studies, and gait
analysis can be arranged in the Clinical Research Unit of Glasgow Caledonian University
on site.

A further recent development is the opening of a pre-vocational assessment unit in the
hospital; this is run by a Vocational Rehabilitation Agency in close co-operation with
PDRU and QENSIU. An optional placement in Vocational Rehabilitation is being developed
as part of the Training Programme.

The Training Programme

The training programme will be very dependent on the trainee’s previous experience and
a modular programme will be provided subject to the agreement of the Specialty
Trainee, the supervising Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine and the relevant SAC.
The core of the training will take place within the Physically Disabled Rehabilitation Unit
and almost all relevant specialities can be accommodated within the Southern General
site. If a particular candidate requires secondment to units outwith the hospital, this
should also be possible to arrange by separate negotiation.

Within the hospital other services relevant to rehabilitation, and which could provide
training for the Specialty Trainee, are as follows:

1.     Orthopaedic Surgery
2.     Neurology, including Neurophysiology
3.     Neurosurgery
4.     Rheumatology
5.     Prosthetics and Orthotics
6.     Urology, including a Continence Centre
7.     Geriatric Medicine
8.     Cardiology
9.     Podiatry and Orthotics clinics are also carried out on site
10.    Wheelchairs and Special Seating.

The objective of the Higher Professional Training Programme is to produce a medical
practitioner able to carry out all the responsibilities of a Consultant in Rehabilitation
Medicine, including:-

(a)    The assessment and management of the acutely disabled individual, including the
       physical, psychological, and social management necessary in brain injury.
(b)    Co-ordination of the various medical and surgical disciplines concerned with the
       aspects of treatment.
(c)    Co-ordination of a multidisciplinary service which contributes to the social,
       vocational, re-settlement and continuing care of people with disability.
(d)    Suitable involvement in developing community services and working with social
       work and voluntary agencies.
(e)    Appropriate medical and administration staff training and research.

Besides this experience, specific tutorials in Rehabilitation Medicine and Spinal Injuries
will be arranged with the two specialties linking to provide a co-ordinated programme of
education, so that all relevant areas of training are covered.

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