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									                                                                                                                               Issue 1/04

                              OWA news
               Dear Business Partners,                                  background, Quadriga has come a very long way from being
               Ladies and Gentlemen,                                    an insiders’ tip.

                we are delighted that the first issue of ROWA News      2004 has started exceptionally well for our Group; our success
                has been so enthusiastically received by our cus-       is driven by our customers’ trust in our performance. The
                tomers. The aim of this newsletter is to showcase       Group is enjoying strong technical, qualitative and commercial
     ROWA, Romira, Tramaco and Müller Kunststoffe - four strong         growth in a market which has yet to display the predicted
     partners with a broad range of products and valuable syner-        upswing.
     gies – and to inform you about our product groups. Informa-
     tion creates trust, which in turn is essential for good, produc-   The Group’s performance to date leaves us confident that we
     tive cooperation.                                                  will achieve double-digit growth in 2004 as targeted.
                                                                        The Group’s anticipated turnover this year should be over
     It is common knowledge that the best form of advertising is        EUR 100 million.
     word-of-mouth. Recommendations fuel a large proportion of
     the Group’s success: processors will recommend a company           Yours sincerely,
     that they know can help when things really get sticky. With this   Udo Müller

            ROWA GROUP

    ROWA goes to America:
Tramaco blowing agents get off
 to a successful start in the US

ROWA Group USA LLC, Lynn, M.A.,
started a trial production of blowing
agent batches in September. At the
beginning of 2004, production com-
menced on the second extrusion
line. Over the coming months, we
will be continuously expanding the
portfolio of products on sale in the
US and manufactured there.

This move sees the Group serving
the needs of our American custo-
mers to ensure faster product avai-
lability, greater flexibility, less expo-
sure to exchange rate fluctuations
and cheaper manufacturing using
many locally-produced raw mate-                lable from major suppliers or only            We are bringing this winning concept
rials.                                         with long delivery lead times and             to the US market.
                                               minimum order quantities, which in            ROWA News will be keeping you up
ROWA Group occupies a unique po-               most cases are unacceptable for               to date about ROWA’s progress in
sition in Europe as a supplier of spe-         smaller companies.                            the United States.
cial products made precisely to the
customer’s specifications. The pro-
ducts we supply are either not avai-
                                                                          OWA GROUP
                                                                            Rowa · Romira · Tramaco · Müller
                                                    OWA news
           ROWA GROUP                     Kunststoffe, will be retiring at the
                                          end of the year. Christian has been
Firebugs don’t stand a chance,            in the plastic processing industry for
                                          over 40 years, of which the last 15
    thanks to Stefan Bethke
                                          have been with ROWA Group. Not
                                          even retirement will be able to keep
                                          him away from his special interest:
                                          Christian intends to spend at least
                                          some of his well-earned leisure time
                                          in his own private chemistry lab.

                                          Our customers in “his“ regions –
                                          Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thurin-         Investment has not been restricted
                                          gia – will particularly miss his expert   to production: research has also
                                          support and friendly, productive          benefited from additional spending.
                                          cooperation. “I wouldn’t hesitate a       The lab has been equipped with a
                                          single moment to join ROWA all over       further twin screw extruder which
                                          again – and I hope that my successor      will be used solely for development
                                          enjoys working here as much as I          purposes.
                                          do”, says Christian. Our sincere
                                          thanks to Christian for his outstan-      These new developments put us in
                                          ding contribution to the company!         the best possible position to consoli-
                                          Christian Kirchhof’s successor has        date Romira’s standing as a modern,
                                          already been appointed: we will be        future oriented enterprise.
                                          introducing him in person in the next
                                          issue of ROWA News!

                                                         ROMIRA                              Luranyl®HT –
                                                                                           ROMIRA’s latest
                                                  Romira on course
Fire protection expert Stefan Bethke                                                     product development
                                                   for expansion
(36) has everything under control.
Stefan, who joined ROWA in 1990, is                                                 ROMIRA, Pinneberg has just
responsible for building services and     Last year, Romira GmbH expanded           launched a new product: Luranyl® HT
waste disposal as well as being an        its production capacity in the Pinne-     is a blend of polyphenylene ether
expert on safety and fire protection.     berg site to 30,000 t/a by installing a   and impact resistant PS. In addition
As an active firefighter, he is ideally   new compounding line as the plant’s       to standard non-reinforced grades,
qualified for the job. Stefan trained     sixth production line. The new twin
as a gas technician and plumber; he       screw compounder has a maximum
joined the fire brigade’s scout group
when he was 13 and remains an ac-
                                          output of 1.8 t/h and is flexible
tive member. ROWA’s site is always                                                    wanted?
available for Stefan and his brigade
for practice and training sessions.

           ROWA GROUP

      Christian Kirchhof to go
    into well-earned retirement

               Christian Kirchhof,
               successful field sales
               representative for the     enough to be used for the entire pro-
               entire Group, compri-      duction palette. Our proven product
               sing ROWA, Romira,         post-homogenization is also carried
               Tramaco and Müller         out on this line.

                                                     OWA GROUP
                                                      OWA news                                                            3

the wide product range also compri-
ses grades that are reinforced with
fibre-glass or contain halogen-free
flame retardants (in accordance with
UL 94V-0 and 94V-1). We have also
introduced a number of new non-
reinforced or fibre-glass reinforced
grades based on PPE/PA.

Luranyl®HT has a higher maximum
functional temperature with a Vicat
softening temperature of 220°C.
Compared with competing products,
moisture absorption is very low at
0.35%. Luranyl®HT combines seve-
ral excellent properties: it is easy to
work with, it is oil and chemical re-
sistant and has high dimensional
stability under heat.

All grades process easily, using
injection moulding and extrusion.
Luranyl®HT gives short cycle times
and swift, easy removability, parti-
cularly in intricate applications. The        +++     newsticker           +++       tems simply will not adhere. Coating
product’s dimensional stability is a                                                 durability is essential in the automo-
great advantage in extrusion manu-            + Industry experts expect prices       tive sector – no car owner will tole-
facturing, allowing output to be                for styrol copolymers to rise        rate a damaged or peeled-off
increased significantly. Luranyl®HT           + Higher prices forecast as from       coating layer on visable exterior
has been optimized for low proces-             the second quarter of the year        parts like bumpers after car wash or
sing temperatures and thermal stabi-            + The reason is international        during everyday use.
lity. Examples of product use include               developments in Asia
specialized impact-resistant cable                 and China in particular           Tramaco developed a solution to this
ducts and casings in the electrical              + For more information and          problem, and now offers to customers
industry.                                        advice, please contact the          all over the world special, tailormade
                                                                                     solutions based on TRAPYLEN®.
                                                     Romira sales team
ROMIRA supplies Luranyl®HT dyed                                                      ROWA Lack develops and produces
in all standard colours. Our range of                                                TRAPYLEN® on the company’s state-
services is rounded off by technical                      TRAMACO                    of-the-art, computer-aided pro-
on-site support and product-specific                                                 duction lines in accordance with
developments.                                   A round product portfolio            DIN ISO 9001:2000 regulations.
                                                for the automotive sector:           Lacquering bumpers in the same co-
                                                Tramaco TRAPYLEN® and                lour as the car body is a technically
                        introduces:                Trapur® – primers for             challenging application. The trend
                        Sabine                    difficult plastics to coat         for same-colour bumpers started at
                        Hausmann                                                     the end of the 80s and has since be-
                                                                                     come standard for German cars.
                        It was love that     Polyolefinic plastics, such as Poly-    Solvent-borne lacquer systems are
                        brought our sales    propylene (PP) and (elastomer)          the most widely used coatings in this
                        assistant to         modified PP blends, are very cost-      area of application. Tramaco’s CPO
                        Hamburg, and
                                             effective and are used in a broad       products TRAPYLEN® 130 X and
                        she soon found
                                             range of industrial applications. The   TRAPYLEN® 135 X are very well esta-
   a job with Romira where she could
   put her sales expertise and excellent     mechanical properties of these pla-     blished in this market and are used
   language skills to good use. She is the   stics are constantly being improved,    all over the world to coat plastics.
   contact person for several German         thus opening up new markets.
   sales regions and for many of our                                                 TRAPYLEN® can be used as a primer
   European customers.                       Coating these plastics is a challenge   or as an adhesion additive in pig-
                                             because conventional coating sys-       mented primers:

                                                       OWA GROUP
                                                      OWA news
                                            respond flexibly to special customer         TRAPYLEN® / Trapur® as foil primer
                                            needs.                                       and ROWATHAL® / ROWAKRYL® as
                                                                                         surface lacquer.
                                            TRAPYLEN® 9200 W –
                                            the first water-dilutable and                Of course, it takes more than just a
                                            chlorine-free primer by Tramaco              good adhesion spectrum to make a
Schematic structure of a coated PP bumper                                                good foil and artificial leather primer.
                                            TRAPYLEN® 9200 W was first pres-             Properties such as flexibility, elon-
                                            ented at the European Coatings               gation, anti-blocking, light fastness
custom-made for PP                          Show 2003 as a trial product. This           and excellent adhesion with the top
                                            product is based on a chlorine-free,         coat are also essential. Require-
One of the effects of the automotive        chemically modified PP and displays          ments vary from customer to cus-
industry’s cost-slashing drive is that      good adhesion on many polyolefinic           tomer, which is why we always
moulded plastic parts are increa-           material.                                    formulate the primer to match the
singly being made of elastomer-free                                                      customer’s specific film, top coat
PP. Substrates such as these are            Since then TRAPYLEN® 9200 W                  and machines used for processing
more difficult to coat than traditional     has become a standard item in                and application.
PP/EPDM blends and they require             Tramaco’s product portfolio and is
primers with outstanding adhesion           commercially used by our custo-              Tramaco specializes in developing
properties.                                 mers. TRAPYLEN® 9200 W is produ-             customized primer systems and of-
                                            ced in Pinneberg as a 40% emulsion           fers a wide range of water-dilutable,
Improved adhesion in CPOs is gene-          without APEO surfactants and pro-            solvent-borne and UV-curing sys-
rally attained by reducing the chlo-        cess solvents.                               tems formulated to customer speci-
rine content. However, this also sig-                                                    fications.
nificantly reduces the solubility of        TRAPYLEN® – primers for foils
the CPOs in primer formulations can         and artificial leather
quickly lead to gelling.                                                                               TRAMACO
                                            In 1995, the automotive industry
TRAPYLEN® 112 X has a dense                 started using thermoplastic polyole-               Suspension of the use
molecular weight distribution, mea-         finic (TPO) artificial leather for
                                                                                               of azodicarbonamide
ning that it forms stable solutions,        vehicle interiors. Like the PVC arti-
despite having a lower chlorine con-        ficial leather used previously, TPO                  in food packaging
tent.                                       too is requiring a suitable top coat to
                                            improve the surface durability. Since        Azodicarbonamide, either on its own
Water-dilutable products –                  TPO is a difficult to coat substrate         or as a component in exothermal
good for the environment                    special primers are required to ad-          blowing agents, is used worldwide
                                            here the top coat onto the film.             as a blowing agent for thermoplas-
Increasingly stringent regulations ai-                                                   tics and elastomers.
med at reducing (solvent) emissions         Tramaco and ROWA Lack have
have made it necessary to focus on          developed a winning system:                  Recent findings have shown semi-
developing water-dilutable coating                                                       carbizide might be formed as a by-
systems that offer the same property                                                     product when azodicarbonamide
profiles as existing, proven solvent-                                                    decomposes. Low concentrations of
borne systems.                                                                           semicarbazide (lower than 25 µg/kg)
                                                                Bettina Allwardt
                                                                                         have been detected in some foods;
Tramaco recently launched                                         Our export coordina-   as a result, the European Commis-
TRAPYLEN® 6800 W, a water-diluta-                                 tor Bettina Allwardt   sion issued directive no. 2004/1/EC
ble CPO which is already being com-                               is renowned for her    suspending the use of azodicar-
mercially used as a primer for moul-                              steady hand with       bonamide in materials and items that
                                                                  hazardous goods.
ded PP parts (e.g. dashboards).                                                          come into contact with foodstuffs as
                                              Air or sea, and any destination world-
TRAPYLEN® 6800 W is made at our                                                          from 2 August 2005.
                                              wide: she always has the right docu-
Pinneberg site without APEO surfac-           ments.
tants and process solvents. "Made in          A globetrotter at heart, her first long    The scientific panel set up to exami-
Germany" – TRAPYLEN® 6800 W is                trip was to California as an au-pair.      ne the toxicity of semicarbazide con-
the only water-soluble CPO made in            She still loves to travel – when her       cluded that the risk was marginal,
Europe. This gives us the decisive            6-year-old son lets her. Bettina has       but that the presence of semicarba-
advantage of being able to guaran-            been with Tramaco for 15 years and         zide in foodstuffs was undesirable.
tee our customers extremely short             loves the variety and customer con-        Chiefly affected by this new directive
delivery times and it allows us to            tacts that her job offers her.             are blown plastic gaskets used to

                                                        OWA GROUP
                                                      OWA news                                                                         5

seal food packaging; many types of       better, eliminate weak spots and                      Stefan Tembrockhaus looks after
packaging already use alternative        identify new sources of revenues.                     customers from France, Belgium,
blowing systems. Our experts at          All of these continual improvements                   Spain and North/West Africa.
Tramaco application technology will      help us align environmental protec-
be happy to provide details of alter-    tion with economic viability, which is                Jörk Krumwiede is key account ma-
native blowing agents for specific       one of the most valuable services we                  nager for Germany, and is also in
applications.                            can offer our customers.                              charge of purchasing and production
                                                                                               planning for the Pinneberg facility.
The new directive has no impact on
the use of azodicarbonamide in ma-                            ROWA                             Petra Santos is responsible for all
terials that do not come into contact                                                          general customers of Germany,
with foods. In all of these applica-       Individual lacquer solutions –                      Portugal, the Netherlands, England
tions azodicarbonamide will remain                                                             and Ireland. She also handles all re-
                                         flexible, dependable and strong
the blowing agent of choice due to                                                             quests for product samples.
its excellent processability, cell
structure, effectiveness and eco-        Focussing the ROWA Lack facility:                     Your ROWA Lack contact person is
nomy.                                    in this and the following issue of our                there to help you – our flexible, de-
                                         newsletter we will introduce the                      pendable, strong team is committed
                                         dedicated staff of ROWA Lack, the                     to find the right lacquer solution for
               ROWA                      driving force behind the company’s                    your specific needs.
                                         exceptional performance and flexi-
 Lean and clean management               bility.
In the past few years, ROWA Lack         The sales team acts as an interface
has upgraded all production facilities   between the customer and our pro-                         Successful repeat audit
to create closed processes with inte-    duction team. The staff deals with
                                                                                                     in accordance with
grated IT process control; all asso-     all order queries and requests for
                                         samples. The team is structured to                             DIN ISO 9001
                                         ensure that there is always someone
                                         highly competent to answer any                                         In October 2003,
                                         questions, even if your personal sa-                                   auditors Rolf Baltus
                                         les person is currently not available.                                 and Peter Stöß of
                                         The team is kept busy with order                                       TÜV Management
                                         processing, dispatch organisation,                                     Service successful-
                                         invoicing, a range of various produc-                                  ly completed ROWA
                                         tion planning, data input and actively                                 Group’s first repeat
                                         supporting our field sales force.                     audit. Carried out to reassess the
                                         Expert advice and efficient help from                 Group’s compliance with DIN ISO
                                         ROWA Lack is only a milestone                         9001:2000, the audit was a complete
                                         away.                                                 success and a new certificate was
                                         Edit Herbut is responsible for
                                         Austria, Italy, Scandinavia, Eastern                  The audit took place in the Pinne-
                                         Europe and most non-European                          berg and Seevetal facilities. The a-
ciated departments, including the        countries.                                            reas audited comprised develop-
tank and hazardous goods storage                                                               ment, production, marketing and
area and the laboratory, have also                                                             sales of masterbatches, coatings,
been upgraded and optimized, mea-                                                              dyed plastics, chemical blowing
ning that we now fully comply with                                                             agents and additives.
the conditions laid down in new Ger-
man TA-Luft (guideline for emission                                                            The renewed certificate confirms
control) and the EU VOC.                                                                       that the company has a functional,
                                                                                               highly effective management system
The next stage for ROWA Lack is to                                                             which fully complies with ISO stan-
implement the DIN EN ISO 14001 sa-                                                             dards and which is actively upheld
fety and environmental management                                                              by the company’s staff. The Group’s
system. Compliance with this indis-                                                            executives are committed to pro-
pensable, future-orientated directive    The sales team:                                       mote and support the development
will help us to hold resources even      E. Herbut, J. Krumwiede, S. Tembrockhaus, P. Santos   of the management system.

                                                        OWA GROUP
                                                      OWA news
                ROWA                                                                                           MÜLLER

    ROWA stand at ZOW 2004                                                                     A strong team for specific
       in Bad Salzuflen                                                                          TPUs: Huntsman and
                                                                                                   Müller Kunststoffe
In February 2004, ROWA Lack at-
tended the tenth international ZOW                                                         Huntsman Polyurethanes and Müller
trade fair in Bad Salzuflen. This lea-                                                     Kunststoffe are continuing their
ding fair for furniture products and                                                       highly successful cooperation.
services is an important issue for                                                         Müller has been modifying Hunts-
trends and innovations.                                                                    man’s thermoplastic polyurethanes
                                                                                           since 1998. Combining polymers to
One of the key topics discussed with                                                       form blends or alloys opens up a
                                         Joint presentation in Moscow:
our customers and visitors was the                                                         wide potential for optimizing the pro-
                                         Reiner Delp (Merck), Dr Volker Jordan (ROWA),
range of new soft-touch products.        Dr Manfred Weigand (Merck), Vladimir Goldenberg   perties of thermoplastic materials.
This new generation of coatings ba-      (Gamma Plast)
sed on innovative adhesive agents
was specially developed to meet the      One of the chief problems in present-
tactile requirements of films used for   day manufacturing is that of flow
furniture and car interior. ROWA         lines in injection moulded parts.
Lack will focus on expanding this        ROWA Masterbatches offer a num-
segment.                                 ber of ways of avoiding this unwan-
                                         ted effect, e.g. by using the pro-
                                         prietary 3-P method (Pulse-Push-
                ROWA                     Process). ROWA Masterbatches are
                                         a real, and considerably cheaper,
    Masterbatches with effect            alternative to expensive special
      pigments shown at
      Moscow trade show                  Masterbatches with effect pigments
                                         are used in the automotive supply
                      For the first      sector, electronics and premium                   A good team:
                      time in ROWA       packaging, e.g. cosmetics. This ex-               Mr Tremmel (Huntsman), Georg Ender (Müller),
                      Group’s his-       citing new product shows just what                Mr Limerckens (Huntsman), Ottmar Sebald (Müller)
                      tory, ROWA         can happen when ROWA Master-
                      Masterbatches      batch teams up with a customer to                 The results are technically superior
                      presented the      discover and develop new, more                    speciality products which can be
                      company’s          effective products and processing                 used in innovative applications or
                      products as        methods.                                          as substitutes for other elastomer
co-exhibitor at the Merck stand at                                                         materials.
Plastics Trade Show in Moscow                                                              These “material compounds“ are
(23 – 27 February 2004). The exhibi-                                  Rainer Bott
                                                                                           sold to our customers as ready-
tion showcases international packa-                                                        to-use compound granulates - and
ging trends, machines and aids.                                   Continual mo-            they do their job! In the safety foot-
                                                                  dernization of           wear segment we have been able to
Before the show, ROWA Master-                                     technical pro-           improve slip resistance by 30 – 40%.
batch set up a cooperation partners-                              cesses and the           We offer anti-static (up to 106 ohm)
hip with Merck covering the latter’s                              introduction of          TPU materials for highly sensitive
effect pigments. Together, the two        new manufacturing techniques are the             technical applications in virtually any
companies have developed master-          main responsibilities of the technical di-       colour. By including special additives
batches for injection moulding which      rector of our laboratory and production          we can also manufacture highly fle-
                                          services. Rainer, who studied plastics
provide solutions for many appli-                                                          xible TPU compounds with greatly
                                          engineering, has been working in
cation problems. The new products         masterbatches for 14 years and brought
                                                                                           increased abrasion resistance.
were unveiled at the Moscow show,         his expertise to ROWA in 2003. His
and a distributor, the Moscow-based       hobbies include freeclimbing, recum-             Both companies intend to continue
specialist Gamma Plast, was ap-           bent cycling and paddling.                       working closely together in the fu-
pointed for the CIS region.                                                                ture.

                                                       OWA GROUP
                                                    OWA news                                                                       7

              MÜLLER                                     MÜLLER

      Investing in the future               PVC colour masterbatches
                                                  for soft PVC
In the second half of 2003, three
extruders in the Grünewaldstraße
facility were reconditioned and new       Müller Kunststoffe has developed a
control units and dosing equipment        series of colour masterbatch sys-
were installed to allow us to extend      tems designed specially for use with
our range of services and enhance         soft PVCs in injection moulding or
logistics. A new concentrate and          extrusion applications which are
colour blending facility were also        100% compatible with the plastic
added.                                    used.
                                                                                   Our team for quality assurance in both plants
                                          Unlike universal masterbatches,
                                          which are frequently based on EVA        This can lead to peeling or a reduc-
                                          or EVA-type plastics, Müller Kunst-      tion of the mechanical properties.
                                          stoffe uses only soft PVC carrier sy-    Our philosophy is to offer a wide
                                          stems. These can be adjusted to          range of standard carrier systems,
                                          specific requirements – e.g. hard-       as well as providing customized
                                          ness and heat conductivity – to en-      systems to specific requirements as
                                          sure that optimum homogeneity is         needed. Colours are usually blended
                                          attained during processing. Even if      to customer requirements according
                                          the soft PVC is required to have spe-    to colour charts or colour samples.
                                          cific mechanical properties, all un-
                                          wanted attributes can be counter-        Adding colour to transparent plastics
                                          acted by modifying the universal         is a tricky job, because the use of the
Quality assurance was made even           carriers accordingly.                    wrong MB carrier system can result
tighter and the laboratory was up-                                                 in unwanted clouding. We sit down
graded by adding new equipment.           Frequently, larger qualities of colour   with our customers to discuss their
We are now in a position to provide       masterbatches are added than re-         precise needs before developing and
even more efficient, material-specific    commended by the manufacturer.           testing a solution.
screening. The organisation of the la-
boratory is currently being adapted
and simplified to meet the needs of
our operations. This year, we will re-
condition a further production line,
which will conclude the moderniza-
tion programme of our facility.

New production standards meant
that we no longer had sufficient
capacities for quality assurance and
development at our Plant II; accor-
dingly, a new laboratory extruder
was purchased in the past weeks.

Since both our production and stora-
ge capacities more than reached
their limits last year, Müller Kunst-
stoffe will be building a new storage
and production hall as an extension
to Plant II. The investment volume for
the 3,000 sqm reinforced concrete
building will be in the region of
EUR 1.2 million and the new equip-
ment requires to open up a new ex-
truder line at the end of 2004, which
will require a further EUR 1.2 million.

                                                     OWA GROUP
                                                          OWA news
                MÜLLER                       bility of TPU to considerably above                                       MÜLLER
                                             the one of ester TPU. A further ad-
       Highly effective TPU                  vantage is that the use of our                                  TPE Crystal Clear by
                                             masterbatches also prevents mate-
        additive batches                                                                                      Müller Kunststoffe
                                             rial incompatibilities from occurring,
                                             thus also preventing a reduction of
Abrasion improvers                           the mechanical properties, because
for ESTER TPU                                both masterbatches have a TPU as a
                                             polymer carrier.
TPU is used in many applications
because of its excellent mechanical          AntiYellow batch
stability – in particular, its resistance
to abrasion. In order to enhance this        When manufacturing transparent
attribute even further we developed          parts with standard TPUs it can be
a batch which is 20-30% more resi-           very difficult to avoid yellowing
stant to abrasion.                           occurring as a result of specific pro-
                                             cess methods. This is most obvious
Frequently, the values on the TPU            in the finished part. The solution is to
manufacturers’ spec sheets do not            use a Müller Kunststoffe thermosta-
correspond to the actual results of          bilizer batch or a special adjusted                     Transparent or dyed transparent
the finished part. This is because the       colour batch. The pigments in the                       products are greatly in demand at
heat, used to process the TPU can            colour batch are specially selected                     the moment. Always swift to react to
cause mechanical deterioration,              to visually neutralize the yellowing.                   emerging trends, Müller Kunststoffe
which increases susceptibility to                                                                    presented the new TPE Crystal Clear
abrasion. In these cases LIFOBATCH                                                                   series at Fakuma last autumn. The
is an ideal solution.                                                                                products are used to manufacture
                                                                                                     single parts and 2K coatings on PP,
Hydrolysis masterbatch                                                                               ABS, SAN and PET; they are parti-
                                                                                                     cularly suitable for the production of
During TPU processing residual                                                                       toothbrushes and household items.
moisture and existing acid groups in
the material can cause a problem.                                                                    The product line also includes colour
Residual moisture and free acid                                                                      masterbatches precisely formulated
groups split the ester bonds and to a                                                                for the elastomer material. This en-
lesser extent, the urethane groups in                                                                sures optimum compatibility and
the TPU. The higher the processing                                                                   processability. The sky’s the limit
temperature, the faster this occurs.                                                                 when it comes to the choice of co-
                                                                                                     lour: all colours can also be combi-
Müller Kunststoff’s masterbatches                                                                    ned with special visual effects.
prevent these reactions from occur-
ring, by binding the residual moisture
and acid groups to carbodiimide.                                                                       Published by:   ROWA Group
The chemical structure of carbodii-                                                                                    Siemensstraße 1-3
                                                                                                                       25421 Pinneberg
mide also prevents the melt viscosity                                                                                  V.i.S.d.P.: Udo Müller
from decreasing.
                                                                                                       Edited by:      Menyesch Public Relations
The use of masterbatches also                 With AntiYellow Batch       Without AntiYellow Batch     Graphic design: Winneberger & Haacker
greatly enhances the long-term sta-

       ROWA GmbH                  Romira GmbH                         Tramaco GmbH                   Horst Müller Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG
       Siemensstraße 1-3          Siemensstraße 1-3                   Siemensstraße 1-5              Grünewaldstraße 13
       25421 Pinneberg            25421 Pinneberg                     25421 Pinneberg                96215 Lichtenfels
       Tel.: +49 4101 706 01      Tel.: +49 4101 706 03               Tel.: +49 4101 706 02          Tel.: +49 9571 95180
       Fax: +49 4101 706 201      Fax: +49 4101 706 300               Fax: +49 4101 706 200          Fax: +49 9571 3655                             

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