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Outline of Presentation
   Overview
   Deliverable
   Methodology
   Literature Review
   Working Model
   Implementation Phases
   In this slide mention
       What is the domain (image processing,
        wireless networks, etc.) of your project
       What are you implementing in your
        project? Your objective.
       Explanation of terms & concepts relevant
        to project (if required)
   What will be your final deliverable?
       In the form of software?
       In the form of hardware?
       Some simulation?
   In this slide mention how you are
    implementing your project
       What Software / hardware modules will be
        developed and how?
       Simulation Tools to be used?
       Other Tools/Utilities/ Toolkits
       OS Platform (Windows/Linux)?
Literature Review
   Mention here the literature that you have
    studied related to your project along with
    resources that you consulted for this purpose
   Resources references can be
       Internet URLs
       Books
       Research Papers
       Product manuals
       Toolkit help manuals
Working Model
   Display in this slide your project’s
    proposed work model. It can be either
    of these:
       Block diagram
       Some Demo
       Sample input data, processing model and
        expected output
Implementation Phases
   In this slide mention the project work
    break down in phases
       Phase1
           ………..
       Phase2
           ……..

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