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QEIA Checklist by HC121108021119


									                                                                    Quality Education Investment Act
                                                       Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) Checklist
                                                       “Have we addressed these areas in the Single Plan for Student Achievement?”

QEIA Requirements                                                                Areas to be Addressed                                                        SPSA
                                                                                                                                                              Page(s) #

Elements of Class               How will our district/school prioritize CSR implementation (facilities, materials, staffing)?
Size Reduction (CSR)            What research-based instructional strategies will be implemented to support teaching and learning in a smaller class size?

API Growth Targets              What do API trend data tell you? Would we meet our targets today? What are the goals and action steps proposed?

Highly Qualified                Have all teachers and paraprofessionals met HQT status as defined in NCLB?
Teachers (HQT) and              What is your plan to ensure all teachers and paraprofessionals are HQT?

Teacher Experience              How are you using the data from the TEI when hiring new staff?
Index (TEI)                     What is your plan to attract and retain experienced teachers?
                                Are there collective bargaining considerations for the district/school?

Professional                    Does the comprehensive PD plan provide collaboration time for:
Development                        (1) TEACHERS (English language arts, mathematics, science, history and social science) to develop and refine standards-
                                        based lessons, make instructional decisions and/or analyze pupil data?
                                   (2) Mentoring projects for new teachers and extra support for experienced teachers to improve their practice?
                                   (3) Meeting and working with other teachers?
                                   (4) Supporting instruction and pupil learning to improve instruction consistent with academic content standards?
                                   (5) Addressing grade-level content standards and ELD standards during core instruction?
                                An average of 40 hours per teacher and instructional paraprofessional per year?
                                What training and/or coaching will ADMINISTRATORS receive to strengthen exemplary administrative practices?
                                How will STUDENTS be engaged in monitoring and reflecting on their individual progress in core academic areas and ELD?

                                Does the PD for PARAPROFESSIONALS include opportunities for collaboration with the classroom teachers that they assist?
                                What student achievement data will be used to measure and monitor the impact of professional development on teaching
                                 practice and student learning? How will the activities included in the comprehensive professional development plan promote
                                 school wide practices to ensure that students clearly understand learning expectations and grade level standards?
      Southern QEIA Technical Assistance Center
      February 2008
Budget                            How are the funds being allocated and how do they support the QEIA requirements? How are resources being leveraged to
                                   support school goals identified in the SPSA?
                                  How are funds used to support goals in the content areas, ELD, Special Education and intervention?

Improved Attendance               What trend data are used to monitor student attendance?
                                  Is there a comprehensive system that includes safety nets, frequent home communication, counseling, interventions, monitoring,
                                   etc. to support students with patterns of poor attendance?

Graduation Rate                   What trend data are used to monitor graduation rates? When are the students dropping out of school, and who are these
(High Schools only)
                                  What are the safety nets/incentives/support systems for students to remain in/return to school?

Pupil to Counselor                Are all students receiving pre-college counseling services that provide individual information on progress to meet university
Ratio                              admission requirements?

(High Schools only)               What does our 8th grade transition/articulation program look like?
                                  Do we offer a survival skills program for new students? Freshman Mentor program? Transfer program?
                                  Is there some type of ‘Student Watch Program’ to identify students who are having difficulty making the transition to high
                                   school (academic, behavioral, personal/family)?

Evaluation of SPSA                Have we developed measurable benchmarks that can measure our progress? Is it aligned to QEIA requirements?
                                  What system do we have for monitoring the progress of benchmarks?
                                  What system is in place to review and revise the SPSA based on new information and data?

Alternative Plans             This section applies to schools who are funded under the Alternative Requirements
                                  What is the alternative program proposed in lieu of the regular program requirements to improve pupil academic achievement?
                                   How will it effect student achievement, and how will you measure success? Are there measurable benchmarks with timelines
                                   and identified persons responsible for implementation?
                                  What research based strategies will be included to support student achievement of grade level standards in R/ELA, math, social
                                   studies, and science? (Content specific subject courses)

                                  Do all support providers commit to supporting the identified goals in the plan?

        Southern QEIA Technical Assistance Center
        February 2008

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