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									Flat Stanley Project

Everything you need to complete our Flat
Stanley Project is included in this envelope!

  1. A parent Letter explaining how the project works
  2. A letter to send along with Stanley to the place(s) he will
     be visiting
  3. A Flat Stanley cut-out
I hope everyone will participate in this exciting activity. The flat
Stanley project will end when our last “Flat Stanley” is back
home with us at school. So think of a person who will take
Stanley on a nice adventure and mail him off soon!

                               Start Date January 9, 2011
                                 End date March 2, 2012
Dear Parents,

In class we read one of the Flat Stanley books, and I thought it was great!
The story is about a boy who was flattened by a bulletin board and
became half an inch thick! Now he can slip under doors, fly like a kite,
and, best of all, travel by mail! In the book, Stanley’s family mailed him to
visit his friends in California. As a class project, your child will get to mail
“Flat Stanley” to someone. Below are the steps to help complete the

      1. Help your child decide to whom he/she would like to mail their Flat
         Stanley for a visit.
      2. Please help your child fill in the enclosed letter to the future
         recipient and sign it
      3. Your child will need to enclose “Flat Stanley” and above
         mentioned letter in an addressed and stamped envelope and
         place in the mailbox. Ask them to photograph Flat Stanley at their
         favorite landmarks and then share the pictures with you.
      4. Then, complete the bottom portion of this letter and return it to
         school by Monday, February 13, 2012.
      5. When the project is mailed back, help your child to organize it in a
         way to help facilitate the presentation. For example, a bulletin
         board or a photo album, feel free to be creative!!!

Since this is a Social Studies grade, please don’t wait too long to send Flat
Stanley off to his adventure. It has taken over a month for some past
years’ projects to return. Thank you in advance for all your hard work and
efforts. Thank you for helping your child with this project.

                         cut and return

Student’s Name ___________________________________________
Sent Flat Stanley to_________________________________________
City and State _____________________________________________

FYI: We will be making time to share the projects and display them before
Spring Break, so please return by or on March 2, 2012.
Dear ______________________________,

        In school we read a book about a boy who was flattened by his

bulletin board while he was asleep. His name is Flat Stanley. He wanted

to go visit his friends in California so his family folded him up and mailed

him to his friend.

        I am sending my Flat Stanley to you. Please take him to any local

landmarks or favorite hot spots where you live. If you can, please take

pictures documenting Flat Stanley’s time with you; this way I can learn

all about where you live when he returns home. You may send it back with

a scrapbook, diary, maps or any kind souvenirs. I will then take what you

have sent back to my class and share this with my friends.

        Thank you for hosting my Flat Stanley. I am sure you will both have a

wonderful time together and I can’t wait to learn about where you live

and hear about your adventures with Flat Stanley! I wish I could really fold

myself up and visit you myself!


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