Rubric for Revolutionary War I-Movie by W766SDWu


									                   Rubric for Revolutionary War I-Movie
                        Cooperative Group Project


Contains 4 Key Elements:
  1.    A filmed newscast – “Live from the Front” of your group’s event
  2.    An interview with a famous person
  3.    A 30 second persuasive commercial convincing others to join your cause (either
        Loyalists or Patriots)
  4.    Reveals outcome of your group’s event and possible consequences of the event

Essential Components:
  1.    Costumes depicting the time period
  2.    Scripted dialogue and cue cards
  3.    Storyboard layouts for newscast and commercial
  4.    Famous quotes or selections of speech in famous person interview
  5.    Scenery and props that may be specific to your event
  6.    Well-rehearsed production – tape ready performance, highly organized
  7.    CONTENT RESEARCH is evident!
  8.    TEAMWORK skills are obvious!

Sequence Timeline for Project

Week One:
             In-class/at home research on specific events, people

Week Two:
             Storyboard development (sequencing) and script writing

Week Three:
          Scenery development, final scripts

Week Four:
             Complete scenery/set design, props
             Dress Rehearsals

Week Five:

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