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Celebrating the past, present and future of HKIS

Big hitter:                               Bob Christian Award
HKIS to the Sunshine State                winner announced
and back.
We catch up with
T.J. Gavlik

                      Meet the Class of 2011
                      Alumni reunions
                      Rwanda: HKIS service shines
                      Faculty Updates
                      Homecoming 2012 dates revealed

                                          Summer 2011

            Dear HKIS Alumni
            David (D.J.) J. Condon                             Rohini Chotirmal

            H    KIS first opened the doors in Repulse
                 Bay to 630 multi-national, multi-faith        A   s excitement built up on the HKIS campus
                                                                   at the end of the school year, I reflect back

Welcome!    students in September 1967. Some of you are
            no doubt part of that historic class. All of you
            are part of the alumni family.
                                                               on my graduation 22 years ago!

                                                               Senior breakfast at the American Club, sign-
                                                               ing yearbooks in what is now the UP hallways,
            My connection came a little bit later. In 1983,    graduation T-shirts and plans of how we would
            I arrived to spend a year at Chinese Univer-       keep in touch since we didn’t have email, Face-
                          sity with the goal to improve my     book, the internet or cell phones
                          Mandarin. Little did I know I        back then. How things have
                          was embarking on a journey that      changed...
                          would bring me back to Hong
                          Kong, and HKIS, 25-years later.      With technology at its best, we
                                                               have more ways to communicate
                       The Class of 1983 was 77 seniors        than we know how to keep up.
                       strong and the total student body       And that includes the launch of
                       was 1,392. In the 28 intervening        the new Alumni website earlier
                       years, 4,122 students graduated         this spring. The HKIS Alumni
            and many more thousands attended HKIS.             office has been hard at work in revamping our
            HKIS educated over 2,600 students from over        site, so please take some time to look through
            40 countries this past year, with 190 seniors      it, read past issues of DragonTales, reconnect
            graduating – two-and-a-half times as in 1983!      with lost friends and maybe take a second or
            During my three years at HKIS I have person-       two to update your personal records.
            ally had the privilege to witness 552 students     As always, the HKIS community came to-
            graduate and join the alumni family.               gether in various fundraising efforts towards
            This year, I had the happy pleasure of present-    the Japanese Red Cross Society after the dev-
            ing the Bob Christian Alumna of the Year           astation of the Japanese earthquake and tsu-
            Award to Leontine Chuang, Class of 1993. Le-       nami earlier this year. With collection boxes
            ontine attended HKIS from R2 through Grade         in all four schools and the folding of hundreds
            12 and, as you will learn on page 30, she truly    of paper cranes in the classrooms, the com-
            does exemplify HKIS’ Mission and SLRs.             munity raise over HK$442,000, making HKIS
                                                               one of the biggest Hong Kong supporters of
            Like Leontine, I encourage you to get with the     the relief effort. Thank you to all alumni who
            school. The alumni portal alumni.hkis.edu.hk       donated.
            is an incredible resource, and a great way to
            reconnect with your fellow alumni.                 As we enjoy the summer break, our alumni
                                                               network will have grown with the graduation
            This year marks my last as Head of School at
                                                               of the class of 2011. Not only do I welcome
            HKIS. I feel deep pride in my connection with
                                                               the 190 graduates to our Alumni Association,
            the school, its students and parents, and with
                                                               but I look forward to reading about your
            you, my fellow alumni. I wish you much suc-
                                                               stories and experiences in upcoming issues of
            cess and joy, and I urge you to reflect on the
            impact that HKIS had on your life. I know it
            has had a profound effect on mine.                 Stay connected and get involved!
            Go Dragons!                                        Cheers,

            David J. Condon                                    Rohini Chotirmal ’89
            Head of School                                     President, Alumni Association
                              Letters from our leaders                           2               Alumni Challenge                                  24
                              n News from Head of School and                                     n Meet four Alums meeting the challenge of
                                  Alumni Association President                                     coming back to HKIS

                              HKIS News                                          4               Reunion: Class of 2000                            26
                              n All the latest happenings from, in, and around                   n Happy times in Hong Kong are reenacted in
                                  the HKIS community                                               Lan Kwai Fong

                              Alumni Challenge – Special                       10                Reunion: News on coming
                              n We catch up with Emily Ma Richardson ’93
                                                                                                 events                                            28
                                  as she remembers her inspirational times at                    n Is there a reunion happening near you?
                                  HKIS and the desire to give back to HKIS

                              Homecoming 2011                                  11                Au revoir, D.J.                                   29
                                                                                                 n We salute our outgoing Head of School,
                              n Our winter warmer was one to remember –                            David J. Condon
                                  who can you remember from this gathering
                                                                                                 Bob Christian Award                               30
                              Big hitters                                      14
                                                                                                 n Please be upstanding as we introduce you to
                              n It’s full-circle for T.J Gavlik ’08 as he keeps on                 this year’s winner...
                                  returning to HKIS

                                                                               18                ClassNotes                                        33
                              New alumni website
                                                                                                 n In Memoriam n Faculty Update
                              n We’ve created a special website, just for you                    n ClassNotes
                                  – find out more, here

                                                                               19                Annual Fund                                       41
                              Decade Luncheons
                                                                                                 n Do you want to give back to HKIS?
                              n Three decades, three lunches, many memories
                                                                                                 Homecoming 2012                                   44
                              Class of 2011                                    22
                                                                                                 n Do you have this marked in your diary yet?
                              n Meet the newest additions to the Alumni family

                                         S u m m e r 2011
C e l e b r ati n g th e p a s t,
p re s e nt a n d f u tu re of H K I S

Editor                        DragonTales is a product of          HKIS Alumni Board:
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        hkis news


    Alumni author finds illustrator
    at HKIS

    S  ince Derek Kwik ’86 launched his motivational book, ‘Kwik
       Fix’ in 2009, he has been considering his next publication,
    which we can tell you will be a children’s book.
                                                                           Derek, Isabel and some sketches by Isabel that are being prepared for
                                                                           the book
    Derek takes up the story: “My children’s book project has been 18
    months of researching children’s books, talking to parents and
    pulling inspiration from my favorite childhood books: ‘The Ad-
    ventures of Tintin’, ‘Le Petit Prince’ and ‘Where The Wild Things
    Are’. Parallel to this, I have always wanted to find a meaningful
    project for the Alumni to work with HKIS students.”

    Derek decided to ‘draw’ on the talent at HKIS to look for a suit-
    able illustrator for the book. After a tough selection process of
    exceptionally gifted art students, Derek chose to work with Isabel
    Chun ’14.

    The book will be an adventure story, told through Isabel’s illustra-
    tions depicting a boy, his dog and their journeys across the harsh
    terrains of the desert, ocean, jungle and mountains.

    “The book aims to inspire kids about exploration, the value of
    friendship, caring for others and that there is only One Earth.
    And, just like my last book, the proceeds will, go to my charity       DragonTales will be sure to keep you updated on this exciting
    of choice, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals        collaboration and we’ll let you know as soon as the book is on
    (SPCA),” adds Derek.                                                   the shelves.

    HKIS Booster Club has a record year

    I t was a vintage year for the HKIS Booster Club as they allocated
      over HK$876,623 (US$112,650, GBP69,900) across the whole of
    the school to support a wide range of school activities.
                                                                           Lower and Upper Primary felt the benefit of the funding, too, with
                                                                           Lower Primary receiving checks for the start up of their green
                                                                           club and Upper Primary receiving enough money to buy 80 pairs
                                                                           of in-line roller skates.
    Funding requests from students and faculty were evaluated and
    checks written to support extra-curricular activities, athletics and   This is in addition to the great work the Booster Club does on a
    service clubs as well as assisting with the establishment of new       daily basis, keeping the sports events tasty with their oranges,
    activity groups.                                                       popping hundreds of bags of popcorn on special occasions and
                                                                           keeping the HKIS Dragon Shop at the center of the community.
    The largest donations were to the High School Athletics depart-
    ment for new electronic scoreboards, as well as weights and equip-     Do you have any Booster Club memories? Get in touch and share
    ment for the weights room. But it’s not all High School funding as     your warm and fuzzy moments of yesteryear.

4   DragonTales
The colors of nations, celebrated at Lower Primary, Repulse Bay

International Day at Lower Primary

T    he mix of nationalities at HKIS continues to evolve and with
     it, the celebration of nations. Although HKIS may be teaching
an American-style education, around 45 per cent of the student
population originates from outside of the US. So when Lower
Primary celebrates International Day, you can be sure of a multi-
national display of color and culture.

Part of Global Arts Week, the day is celebrated mid-May each year
and provides a chance for students to dress up to represent their
nations and learn about cultures and countries.

One of the highlights of the day was the ‘African Drumming and
Dance Connection’, who bring together the rhythms of Senegal
to entertain and educate students. That said, they didn’t actually        Other highlights included a troupe of Irish dancers and a delicate
come all the way from Africa for the event... they’re based on            fan dance from the HKIS Korean community. Plans are already
Lamma Island, near Hong Kong.                                             afoot to make it bigger and better for next year.

HKIS hits YouTube

W      hen the team at Upper Primary wanted something special
       to cap off their celebrations for Book Week 2011, a Flash-
Mob seemed like a novel choice. Little did they know it would
be such a huge success as everyone joined in to salute the joy of
reading. Their performance at Repulse Bay was captured on many
cameras and the edited video can be seen on the HKIS YouTube
channel: do take a look for yourself at www.youtube.com/HKISlive
Meanwhile, the image on the riright should give you an idea of
what you can expect...
                                        Dancing to the delight of books

                                                                                                                               DragonTales     5
        hkis news

    All-in for Japan

    W       hen an earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March
            11, the HKIS community was swift to respond and offer
    support. After meeting with the HKIS Japanese community, the
    school decided to channel efforts to supporting the Japanese Red
    Cross Society (JRCS) which was swiftly on the ground in the hard-
    est hit areas in the north of Japan.

    As soon as the announcement was made to support JRCS, the           Middle School students show their colors
    whole of HKIS reacted as one, putting fundraising efforts into
    overdrive. The school dressed in red and white for the day to       All told, over HK$440,000 (US$56,500, GBP35,300) was raised,
    show solidarity with Japan and, following a Japanese tradition,     marking HKIS students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni as one
    hundreds of paper cranes were folded and sent to Japan. Unique      of the biggest givers in Hong Kong. Congratulations on generating
    T-shirts were created and sold.                                     such a huge amount of support for a very worthy cause.

    All-off for St. Baldrick’s                                          HKIS in the news

    T    he students, parents and faculty of HKIS made a ‘bald’
         statement in March as they shaved their heads in the an-
    nual St. Baldrick’s day celebration. Held on March 17, St. Pat-
                                                                        I f you catch occasional copies of the South China Morning Post
                                                                          you can’t have missed the coverage for HKIS early on in the
                                                                        year. First, there was a photo and news on the students sacrificing
    rick’s Day, the event saw 137 people sponsored to have their        their hair for St. Baldrick’s and then a feature on the 2011 Interact
    heads shaved with all the funds going to finding a cure for         LEGACY fashion show, which raised money for SolarLEAP, the
    children’s cancer.                                                  project run by former Bob Christian Alumni of the Year Award
                                                                        winner and HKIS alum Charles Watson ’09. This was followed up
    Parent Richard Kligler, who has been at the center of St. Bal-      by a front
    drick’s fundraising for some years, was as enthusiastic as ever     page story in the
    about the event: “We prefer to call it fun’raising!” before he      SCMP Young Post
    celebrated the grand total of HK$1,810,594 (US$233,000,             featuring an inter-
    GBP143,350) raised.                                                 view with Charles
                                                                        and his ongoing
    St. Baldrick’s is a global effort to focus fundraising on child-    projects.
    hood cancer – take a look at www.stbaldricks.org for more in-
    formation. Mark March 2012 in your diary, there will certainly      If you missed them,
    be an event near you and all alums are welcome back to HKIS         here are the snippets.
    for the big shave.

                                                                                                                                  courtesy of

6   DragonTales
The award winning
Pat Klekamp and Bill

                                                   Middle School Strings as their award winning event
      ragonTales would like to congratu-
      late two stellar members of the HKIS
family: High School Principal, Patricia Kle-       Strings make prizes!
kamp and High School Religion teacher,
Bill Leese.
                                                   T   he Middle School Advanced Strings
                                                       took 3rd place overall in the recent
                                                   National Festival Orchestra Competition.
Principal Klekamp was awarded the presti-
gious Paul Lange Award at the Association
of Lutheran Secondary Schools (ALSS)               Taking place in Kansas City, Missouri, be-
conference, which took place in March.             tween March 15-20 this year, the compe-
Originating in 1994, in honor of highly            tition is hosted by the American Strings
respected educator Paul Lange, this award          Teachers Association. As well as the high
“annually recognizes an administrator of           placing, the Strings were also graded at
an ALSS school who has an exemplary                ‘Excellent Level’.
commitment to the educational ministry
of Lutheran high schools.” Pat is the first        In addition to the competition, students visited a factory to learn how string instru-
ever female recipient.                             ments are made, step by step. They also attended instrumental master classes, group
                                                   clinics and workshops hosted by well-known musical clinicians from around the
                                                   United State.

                                                   Congratulations to all who took part under the guidance of MS Strings Teacher,
                                                   Rondecca Kam.

                                                   Congratulations, Middle School Strings.

                                               Pat is in good company with this award:
                                               in the inaugural year the award was pre-          Kevin Dunning back
                                               sented to former HKIS Head of School,             at HKIS
                                               Bob Christian. Another previous win-
                                               ner of the award is incoming Head of
                                               School, Kevin Dunning.                            I ncoming Head of School, Kevin Dun-
                                                                                                   ning, was in Hong Kong in late March
                                                                                                 for a series of hand-over meetings and to
                                               Bill Leese was recently selected as the           spend time with the HKIS community.
                                               Outstanding Secondary School Teacher              He will return again in July to take up his
Pat Klekamp and Bill Leese receiving their
awards from Dr. Laabs, who presented it to     of the Year by the Lutheran Education             position and for a more detailed hand-
Pat on behalf of the ALSS while he was in      Association (LEA). Another success for            over with David J. Condon, who leaves
Hong Kong                                      HKIS as Donna Koehneke also received              HKIS over the summer to go to Kobe,
                                               the award a couple of years ago.                  Japan. Both D.J. and Kevin will be APAC
                                                                                                 Heads so will be in constant touch with
                                               Bill collected his award from the LEA             each other.
                                               conference in Cincinnati, Ohio and re-
                                               ceived a surprise visit from Dr Jonathan          Do take time to read the farewell to D.J.
                                               Laabs from the LES who presented the              Condon on page 29.
                                               award to Bill at a High School faculty

                                               Congratulations to Pat and Bill for such
                                               outstanding achievements.

                                                                                                                              DragonTales      7
         hkis news

                                                                     Changes within the Board of

                                                                     I t’s been a busy time within the HKIS Board of Managers. Here’s
                                                                       a quick summary of the changes:

                                                                     Abbi DeLessio has moved from Vice-Chair to Chair, taking over
                                                                     from Doug Werth who has moved to Lausanne, Switzerland.
                                                                     Eugene Choung has taken on the role of Vice-Chair. Max Lum-
    The Middle School band strikes up
                                                                     mis retired from the Board in December 2010 after 5 years of
                                                                     dedicated service.
    Middle School Band stars at
    Sevens                                                           Also retired from the Board are John Ying and Yvette Fung with
                                                                     a total of 14 years service between them.

    F   ast becoming a tradition, the Middle School Band ramped
        up the festival atmosphere with some rousing tunes for the
    visitors to the 2011 Hong Kong Sevens in Causeway Bay this
                                                                     John and wife Lisa are parents of HKIS alumni Jay and Katie. John
                                                                     served on the Board for nine years and was Chair of the Finance,
    March.                                                           Investment and Finance & Facilities Committees.

    Reeling off a wide range of tunes, the band played on and en-    Yvette and husband Carl are parents of Camille, an HKIS alum-
    joyed a crunching tournament, which saw New Zealand beat         na. During Yvette’s served on the Committee on Trustees, Invest-
    England in the final.                                            ment, Legal Affairs and Finance Committees. Yvette completed
                                                                     her Board service as chair of the Finance Committee.

                                                                     Current Board member Jamie O’Donnell has become Chair of
                                                                     the Finance Committee.

                                                                     We are also pleased to pass on that Mary Lamb has joined the
                                                                     Board. Along with husband David, Mary has three children: En-
                                                                     eka (’10, now at Duke) Alicia (’13) and John (’15). Mary also takes
                                                                     up the role of Chair of the Advancement Committee.

                                                                     DragonTales thanks all Board members, past and present, for
                                                                     their dedication to HKIS and for sharing their expertise for the
                                                                     good of HKIS and the community it serves.

                                                                     The current HKIS Board of Managers

8   DragonTales
2010-2011 Sports Results
HKIS sports teams had a vintage year, so in one bite-sized chunk, here are the results
as the athletes from across HKIS served up several large portions of competitive spirit,
measured aggression and fast-twitch skill. GO DRAGONS!

Badminton                                                           Soccer
U14 Boys – 5th ISSFHK                                               U14 Girls – 1st place ISSFHK
U14 Girls – 3rd ISSFHK                                              U14 Boys – 3rd place ISSFHK
U16 Boys – 1st ISSFHK, 1st China Cup                                U16 Girls – 2nd ISSFHK, 1st China Cup
U16 Girls – 4th ISSFHK, 1st China Cup                               U16 Boys – 1st ISSFHK, 1st China Cup
U20 Boys – 3rd ISSFHK, 1st China Cup, 1st APAC                      U20 Girls – 2nd Women’s League, 1st China Cup, 3rd APAC
U20 Girls – 1st ISSFHK, 1st China Cup, 2nd APAC                     U20 Boys – 3rd ISSFHK, 5th HKSSF, 3rd, China Cup, 5th APAC

Baseball                                                            Softball
Varsity – 1st China Cup, 1st APAC, 1st HKIS Invitational            Varsity – 2nd ISSFHK Boys League, 2nd China Cup, 1st APAC
JR Varsity – 1st China Cup, 1st HKIS Invitational                   JR Varsity – 1st ISSFHK, 1st China Cup

U14 Boys – 4th ISSFHK
                                                                    U14 Boys – 1st ISSFHK
U14 Girls – 1st ISSFHK
                                                                    U14 Girls – 1st ISSFHK
U16 Boys – 4th ISSFHK, 2nd China Cup
                                                                    U16 Boys – 1st ISSFHK, 2nd China Cup
U16 Girls – 1st ISSFHK, 1st China Cup
                                                                    U16 Girls – 1st ISSFHK, 2nd China Cup
U20 Boys – 1st ISSFHK, 1st China Cup
                                                                    U20 Boys – 1st ISSFHK, 2nd China Cup, 2nd APAC
U20 Girls – 1st ISSFHK, 1st China Cup, Far East 5th
                                                                    U20 Girls – 1st ISSFHK, 2nd China Cup, 2nd APAC

Cross Country
                                                                    Table Tennis
U14 Boys and Girls – 2nd place ISSFHK
U16 Boys – 3rd place ISSFHK                                         U20 Boys – 3rd China Cup, Boys Singles – 3rd
U16 Girls – 2nd ISSFHK                                              U20 Girls – 1st China Cup, Girls Singles – 2nd
U20 Boys and Girls – 1st place ISSFHK, 1st APAC, 3rd Asia
   Pacific Meet                                                     Track and Field
                                                                    U14 Boys – 2nd ISSFHK
Hockey                                                              U14 Girls – 2nd ISSFHK
Senior Team – 8th HKSSF, Tourn – B Squad – 4th                      U16 Boys – 1st ISSFHK
Junior Team – 7th                                                   U16 Girls – 1st ISSFHK
                                                                    U20 Boys – 1st ISSFHK, 5th APAC
Netball                                                             U20 Girls – 1st ISSFHK, 2nd APAC
Senior Team – HKSSF 5th                                             Girls 4 x 400m Relay
Junior Team – HKSSF 3rd
                                                                    APAC records:
                                                                    Alex Ott – 3,000m
                                                                    Madeline Strandemo – 800m, 1,500m, 3,000m
A Grade Boys – 1st China Cup, 2nd APAC
A Grade Girls – 2nd China Cup, 2nd APAC                             Volleyball
B Grade Boys – 4th China Cup
B Grade Girls – 3rd China Cup                                       U 14 Boys – 2nd ISSFHK
                                                                    U14 Girls – 1st ISSFHK
                                                                    U16 Boys – 1st ISSFHK, 4th China Cup
 Key: APAC – Asia Pacific Activities Conference
                                                                    U16 Girls – 1st ISSFHK, 1st China Cup
      HKSSF – Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
                                                                    U20 Boys – 2nd ISSFHK, 4th China Cup, 5th APAC
      ISSFHK – International Schools’ Sports Federation Hong Kong
                                                                    U20 Girls – 1st ISSFHK, 2nd China Cup, 2nd APAC

                                                                                                                      DragonTales   9
     alumni update

     Alumni Challenge Special
     We caught up with
     Emily Ma Richardson ’93
     as she remembers her
     times at HKIS, inspirational
     service trips and how
     an appreciation of Asian
     culture brought her back to
                                                         M      y closest friends are from HKIS.
                                                                Even though we went our separate
                                                         ways for college, we eventually reunited
                                                                                                        to travel to Taipei, Singapore and Japan,
                                                                                                        representing HKIS. I’m not sure how Ms.
                                                                                                        Duncan-Laird continually summoned the
     Hong Kong. Emily takes up                           – whether during my time in Washing-           energy to motivate and manage us all, but
                                                         ton DC or New York. What amazes me             she did, and we were the best hockey team
     the story...
                                                         is now I’m back in Hong Kong, I’m closer       in Hong Kong during that time. Being part
                                                         to them more than ever. It was December        of a team was invaluable experience and
                                                         2010 when I married in London and was I        this, coupled with having the opportunity
                                                         so touched by the number of HKIS friends       to travel to far-flung destinations in Asia,
                                                         who flew from all corners of the world to      instilled a sense of maturity, adventure
                                                         be by my side – a truly globetrotting group    and camaraderie – strong foundations that
                                                         of friends!                                    help me today.

                                                         I attended HKIS from the middle of Grade       I enjoyed 12 years in the hotel industry
                                                         6 until graduation and I have fond memo-       across the US and Asia, focusing on sales
                                                         ries of many teachers: Mr. Larkin, who I       and marketing. In 2010 I decided it was
                                                         was fortunate enough to have for two years;    time to leverage this experience and set
                                                         Mr. Ewing, who made reading the classics       up my own company – Flaunt Boutique
                                                         so much more enjoyable; Mr. McCarthy,          (www.flaunt.hk), an online destination for
                                                         whose classes involved being a former US       luxurious and unique lingerie.
                                                         president for the day, and to Mr. Eichert,
     (Left to right) Ingrid (Wong) Yates ’92, Liz
                                                         whose biology class involved dissecting        I had always talked about having my own
     (Longley) Komosa ’93, Michelle (Chang) Song
     ’93, Gene Song ’93, Emily Ma Richardson ’93,        animals that frequently made appearances       business and having returned to entrepre-
     Kate (Marshall) Huntington ’93), Lisa Ting ’93,     on top of the statue at the school entrance!   neurial Hong Kong I decided the time was
     Angela (Lee) Sullivan ’93, Tiffany Yip ’93.         The teachers at HKIS had an amazing abil-      right. Since moving back to Hong Kong six
                                                         ity to brighten up the most challenging of     years ago, I have wanted to give back to
                                                         topics and went to extraordinary lengths to    HKIS in some way, and now I know how I
                                                         engage students across a range of classes.     can – I would love to mentor those who are
                                                         This dedication and encouragement gave         interested in starting their own business
                                                         me such a solid background and prepared        by sharing my challenges and successes.
                                                         me so well for college – it enabled me to      Eventually I would love to offer summer
                                                         step up in the real world.                     internships opportunities for those inter-
                                                                                                        ested in understanding the operations of
                                                         What I also enjoyed about HKIS was that        an online retail store.
                                                         education stretched from the classroom to
     Left to right) Angela (Lee) Sullivan ’93, Tiffany   the great outdoors. What other school of-      My years at HKIS gave me the confidence
     Yip ’93, Emily Ma Richardson ’93, Liam              fers such enriching experiences, from ski-     that anything is possible. It was the amaz-
     Richardson, Lisa Ting ’93, Kate (Marshall)          ing in Japan to hiking and rafting in Nepal    ing teachers, the multi-cultural students
     Huntington ’93, Michelle (Chang) Song ’93,
     Gene Song ’93                                       to meeting Mother Teresa in India? These       and the abundance of activities available
                                                         trips sparked an interest in Asian studies     that made me feel that my choices were
                                                         and prompted me to spend a college se-         endless.
                                                         mester studying in India and Nepal and
                                                         eventually move back to Asia.
                                                                                                           Get in touch
                                                                                                           Alums can contact Emily via
                                                         I was a keen swimmer and member of the
                                                         field hockey team and was lucky enough

10   DragonTales
   alumni update


The annual HKIS                                out the Tai Tam site have been significant.     In the Middle School Gym a competitive
Homecoming was a                                                                               basketball match was underway between
                                               The tours were followed by a barbeque           alumni and the current team. The game
welcome way to warm                            lunch at the edge of the Tai Tam Sports         was led by Jeremy Evans ’93, Humani-
up a winter day in                             Field, the all-weather FIFA-approved pitch      ties teacher and current HKIS basketball
early January                                  that was only completed in the last two         coach.
                                               years. Many faculty and staff members

O     n Thursday, 6 January, 2011, we
      welcomed back alumni for the annual
HKIS Homecoming. We were blessed with
                                               joined the lunch and swapped HKIS stories
                                               old and new. In the afternoon, alumni and
                                               teachers gathered in the High School Plaza
                                                                                               Later in the evening a number of alums
                                                                                               joined a Happy Hour reception held at Red
                                                                                               Bar at the foot of the IFC building in Cen-
the return of around 70 former students,       for a tent reunion.                             tral. Current and former faculty and staff
visiting the campus and reconnecting with                                                      also made the trip downtown to join in the
friends, former teachers and counselors        The tradition of sport lives on in alumni       fun. A few of them were the lucky ones to
and making new connections with current        long after they have left HKIS and this year,   win fabulous prizes from the lucky draw.
students.                                      returning to their alma mater also brought
                                               back the spirit of competition: alums put       As the drinks flowed and the chat loosened
Following registration, alumni participated    together a couple of teams to face the cur-     up, memories started to return and stories
in campus tours provided by current high       rent HKIS Girls’ and Boys’ rugby teams.         of adventures past came to life. The eve-
school student ambassadors, where they         Despite early flourishes from both the          ning brought a warm end to a chilly day
reviewed new additions to HKIS built un-       alumni girls and boys – and with compe-         in Hong Kong and closed a memorable
der the school’s Master Facilities Plan. For   tition and camaraderie that were at fever       Homecoming for one more year. Turn to
some, it was the first time back to the cam-   pitch – the current HKIS squads were able       the back page of DragonTales to find out
pus – and Hong Kong – in many years and        to catch and overtake both teams by the         the the date of the next Homecoming. We
the changes that have taken place through-     final whistle.                                  hope you can join us!

                                                                                                                             DragonTales     11
       alumni update

     Homecoming 2011 …at Tai Tam campus

                                                     Constance Chan                                                                           (Chief
                                             ) and                   ,                                                           rik Dierks
                        h School   PE teacher        Mathieu, Jessica Alex Peterson, Claire Emma                     eder ’87, E
             onald (Hig                                              Jordan – all fro                    Brian Schro t Officer)
   Eric MacD n ’10                                                                   m Class of 2010                en
              so                                                                                         Advancem
   Alex Peter

                                                                                        ies teacher
Jessica Jordan ’10, Dr. Rosann Kao (High                                      ol Humanit                (Top) Alan Beaufoy, Dr. Rosann Kao, (Bottom)
School Counselor)                                        Bill Leese (High Scho ’10                      John Wong ’72, Richard Wong ’71, Cynthia Wong
                                                                      a Mathieu
                                                         Claire Emm

                                                     Rebecca Mak ’1                                                                      ’98, Luke
                               g ’81
                     othy Chian
                                                     Humanities teac Marty Schmidt (High School                               cher Leung
   Madeline a
              nd Tim                                                her), Andrew O                       Seth Ba ker ’91, Flet ol PE teacher)
                                                                                  r ’10                            (High Scho

Rugby Girls on the field                                                          ng the curr           Drew Mehrmann ’09
                                                                    ns ’93, briefi
                                                         Jeremy Eva am during timeout
     …at happy hour reception

Bill Stork, Joan                                                                           – all from   Lincoln Chan ’8
                ne Lam ’08, Ke                                                    el Tan                                8, Arthur Maitr
                              vin Lam ’02                   e, Andre  a Lee, Rach                       Winant ’10                     e ’10, Destry
                                                 Rayla Heid
                                                 Class of 20

                                 roeder ’87                                                                                                       s (Chief
                        Brian Sch                                                                                               ’79   , Erik Dierk
             Quinn ’03,
                                              Jon Walsh (Communications & Publication                               is, Ken Koo
     Kevin                                    Manager), Alison Tong ’03                                    Mark Wall t Officer)

Casey Chan ’0                                                                                           Jackson Hall ’0
                6                                                                                                        1
                                                           su   ’08
                                                 Clement H

                                              Timothy Hui ’82                                                                         Koo ’08
                                                                                                                     d   son Edward
     Lisa Wallis                                                                                          Ken ’79 an
      alumni update

      Big hitter
      returns to HKIS

      HKIS has always worked
      hard to keep the Dragons      T    .J. Gavlik ’08 is currently studying at
                                         University of North Florida (UNF),
                                    majoring in sports management with a
                                                                                   It wasn’t all set, though. He was pretty
                                                                                   handy with a soccer ball, too, and he
                                                                                   couldn’t dedicate his time to two sports,
      baseball team out in front.   minor of business. But he has only one         “I had to make a decision – I knew that
      Here’s one guy who has        thing on his mind at the moment and            I couldn’t carry on with both so dropped
      taken it a step further.      that’s baseball.                               that [soccer] to concentrate on baseball.”
      T. J. Gavlik ’08 returned
                                    T.J. joined HKIS in grade 3 and became in-     Not long after that decision it was time
      to HKIS to share his story    volved in the baseball Community League        for the Christmas break and T.J. went to
      and skills                    straight off. But his interest in sports was   a winter baseball camp at Jacksonville
                                    something that had been instilled in him       University (JU) in Florida. Right there and
                                    long before then and was guided to some        then, JU spotted the potential and invited
                                    pretty sensible decisions, “I come from        him back for the summer baseball camp.
                                    a pretty athletic family – my dad (Tim         He didn’t need asking twice.
                                    Gavlik, part of the HKIS faculty) used to
                                    run cross-country. He first put a ball and     Then, UNF spotted the potential, too.
                                    a glove in my hands and it all started from    Before you know it, T.J. was looking at two
                                    there.”                                        plum scholarships on the table to choose
                                    It sounds like he was a natural from the
                                    get go, “In some cases I was playing in the    “Back at HKIS it was a strange time. The
                                    grade 4 and grade 5 teams, even though I       seniors were all focusing on their applica-
                                    was still in grade 3!” adds T.J.               tions for the different universities. At one

14   DragonTales
point we were given a number of one-hour        crammed between late February and early       Baseball only began at HKIS in 2005 and
sessions just to focus on apps and to help      June. That’s four or five game a week with    they had done pretty well. But when the
get them processed... but I didn’t need it as   over half of them on the road, which brings   2008 team got together, it wasn’t exactly
I was already done. It was strange to see all   its own fun. Most games involve a trip in     ideal – two of the team were seniors, the
that craziness of my classmates working         the team bus covering anything between        rest, freshmen. The results were a surprise
through ten apps at a time and yet I was        two and six hours on the road but there’s     to everyone, but the team, “We couldn’t al-
taken care of”, remembers T.J. But he had       one in particular that sticks in mind T.J.    ways depend on the many seniors to guide
yet to choose his college.                      wasn’t looking forward to... Tennessee is     us to victory. We had to depend on each
                                                anything up to 12 hours away from UNF         other and that is how we were able to be
“If I was to do it again I would probably       and being a freshman brings a share of        successful,” added T.J.
start looking a lot earlier for a place that    hard work.
would take me for baseball. The aim has
to be to take a school that’s right for you –   Tradition dictates that at the end of prac-
and with the right majors” he added.            tice the freshmen stay behind and clean
                                                up the field. The very same task awaits
Due to family commitments and location,         after every bus journey, as the freshmen
UNF was chosen. “It was tough, and I felt       make sure the bus is spic and span. With
bad as JU had discovered what I was ca-         around 35 guys on the team, cleaning up a
pable of and had really helped me, but we       two hour journey can be kinda light work.
had to go with UNF. After that, I spent the     But after a 12 hour trip to Tennessee, you
summer with UNF and things developed            can only begin to imagine what delights
further.                                        await the cleaning crew.

At University North Florida, baseball prac-     Looking back, maybe the writing was on
tice and training starts the in second week     the wall – T.J. led the HKIS baseball team
of the university term. From there on, it’s     to be APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Con-
full-on training until the season starts and    ference) champions three years straight
when it does, there are 56 games to play.       between 2006 and 2008. In his senior year,
It’s a tough schedule, with all those games     he led the team to an 18-2 record year.

                                                                                                                            DragonTales     15
      alumni update

                      The 2008 Varsity Baseball team won 18               connect to the students and the school as a
                      games and lost only two. Of that, seven             whole really knows what it’s doing”. It’s this
                      were home wins on the new Tai Tam field             connection that has T.J., and many oth-
                      and the rest were racked up on the road             ers, coming back time and time again to
                      as they were crowned champions of all               be part of the HKIS community for many
                      three tournaments they went to: China               years after they graduate. And, let’s be
                      Cup Shanghai (three wins, one loss), Brent          honest, who wouldn’t want to keep com-
                      International (four wins, one loss) and Sin-        ing back to Hong Kong?
                      gapore World Series (four wins).
                                                                          One of the many things that sticks in T.J.’s
                      T.J.’s performance at HKIS - 43 runs, 35            mind about HKIS is the plethora of oppor-
                      hits, 13 home runs, 47 RBI and a whop-              tunities the school afforded him – whether
                      ping .583 batting average - led to him be-          playing trumpet as part of the band at the
                      ing named in the All-APAC team.                     Hong Kong Sevens tournament or taking
                                                                          part in the interim trips to Japan, Thailand
                      So how is T.J. doing at UNF? Competition            and New Zealand.
                      is tough and he didn’t start every game last
                      year – he admits that his performances              T.J. is quietly optimistic about the future,
                      weren’t as strong as they could have been.          but clearly realistic: “I want to see how far
                      However, an injury here and there to his            I can make it – but that’s the same story for
                      teammates opened the door and he seized             millions of kids playing baseball” he points
                      the opportunity to make a good impres-              out. There is talk of being drafted into the
                      sion and rack up the numbers, making a              big league, but T.J. was keeping coy, trying
                      lot of starts. The starting place is his to lose,   not to get too far ahead of himself. “I’m going
                      which is where he wants to be. He’s pleased         to take it year by year and see how it goes”.
                      that he’s improved a lot and is still looking
                      to get better. His record at UNF has seen           And if it doesn’t work out? T.J. plans to
                      T.J. step up to meet the competition head-          make use of his university schooling, maybe
                      on, achieving several multi-hit games in his        looking to open up a dedicated athletics and
                      first year, playing in 32 games and making          sports project that can help raise the profile
                      27 starts in 2009.                                  of sports talent in the Hong Kong and Chi-
                                                                          na areas. Majoring in Sports Management
                      In 2010, he started at second base early            is helping him towards his goal. “It would
                      in April in the second game of a double-            be great to see more and more sports people
                      header against East Tennessee State and             from the area make it – ’round here we’re
                      went on to start every game for the rest            just a little bit behind places like the US; it
                      of the season (29 games). A month later             would be great to help raise it.”
                      he enjoyed a purple patch with a chunky
                      hitting streak, managing .400 (16-for-40)           T.J. is already playing his part. Each sum-
                      with five doubles, nine runs scored and 11          mer, the HKIS all-weather field in Tai Tam
                      RBI. He ended up playing in 43 games and            is the venue for a dedicated baseball camp
                      making 32 starts for the season.                    that passes on solid fundamentals. Now
                                                                          in its third year, the event brings major
                      The 2011 season has been pretty spectacular,        names over from the US for the three-day
                      too, with T.J. recording a .253 batting aver-       camp. Former Major League Baseball play-
                      age, finishing the year 22-for-87 with 14 runs      ers Desi Relaford, Gary Bennett, Charles
                      scored, three doubles, two triples, a home          Gipson and Brian Tollberg come over to
                      run and nine runs batted in. He went that           Hong Kong to take the lead. Right in the
                      step further and upped his average in Atlan-        middle of the baseball camp is one T. J.
                      tic Sun Conference games, batting .324, go-         Gavlik, passing on what he has learned,
                      ing 12-for-37 with five runs scored, a double,      bringing his skills full-circle, straight back
                      a triple and a home run and eight RBI.              to the heart of the HKIS and Hong Kong
                                                                          community, putting a glove on the hand
                      Coming back to HKIS is always a good                of local youngsters, just as Tim Gavlik did
                      thing for T.J. “The teachers know how to            with his son back in grade 3.

16   DragonTales
DragonTales   17
      alumni update

     Welcome to YOUR website
     What better way to keep in touch with HKIS and fellow alumni than logging on to
     a dedicated website? We’ve launched an all-new website with you in mind

     T    he Alumni team at HKIS is happy to announce the launch of
          our brand new alumni website. The new site includes updated
     info about current school news, alumni profiles, former faculty up-
                                                                           •	 Search the ‘Alumni Directory’ and reconnect with your fellow
                                                                           •	 Search the exclusive professional opportunity postings under
     dates, alumni events organized by your Alumni Association and
                                                                              ‘Job Zone’
     many more exciting feature, all available at the click of a mouse.
                                                                           •	 Search the events calendar for upcoming alumni events &
                                                                           •	 Registering for events online
                                                                           •	 The ‘Alumni Directory’ is there for you and it will help your
                                                                              fellow alumni to reconnect with you only if we have your
                                                                              updated profile. Most importantly, we respect your privacy and
                                                                              you choose the info you wish to be available to your fellow HKIS
                                                                              alumni in the online directory. We encourage you to visit often
                                                                              and update your profile as things in life change

                                                                           Thanks to the wide reach of the Alumni Resource Network, job
                                                                           opportunities are now available to HKIS Alumni in our ‘Job Zone’
                                                                           area. If you are looking for a career change, this is the resource
     One of the most flexible and usable features is the ‘My Alumni        center with you in mind. If you are looking to hire and would like
     Zone’, a log-in area where you can access a wide range of services    to open up opportunities for your fellow alumni that share the
     and:                                                                  same rounded and fulfilled education as you, consider sending us
                                                                           the job details and we will help you post an announcement on the
     •	 Update your alumni profile
                                                                           website for alumni to see.
     •	 Update your email preferences
                                                                           Getting involved is quick, painless and doesn’t involve a bunch
                                                                           of random emails in your in-box: you choose what you want to
         There are many ways you can keep in touch with                    receive. Register now by logging in at:
         HKIS: you can find HKIS all over the internet:                    http://alumni.hkis.edu.hk
         Alumni website: http://alumni.hkis.edu.hk
         Web:               www.hkis.edu.hk
                                                                           As always, we welcome your comments and always look forward
         Facebook:          Search for ‘HKIS Alumni’
                                                                           to hearing from you. Staying connected just got easier with the
         Twitter:           www.twitter.com/HKIS                           launch of the new HKIS Alumni website!
         YouTube:           www.youtube.com/HKISLive
         LinkedIn:          Search ‘Groups’ for the ‘HKIS Alumni           Irene Loh
                            Association’                                   Alumni Relations

18   DragonTales
HKIS Decade                                           Linco
                                                                      8, Valerie S
                                                            ln Chan ’8 rdon ’84
                                                                  any Go
                                                                                   mith Hinsl
                                                                                               ey ’85,

Luncheons                                             Pattie Boss
                                                                                                          Eric Lee ’87, Ro
                                                                                                                          hini Balani Ch
                                                                                                                                        otirmal ’89

Three days, three lunches and                        HKIS ’80s Decade Luncheon
thirty years between them.                           12 January 2011
Decade Luncheons are a hit in
Hong Kong

E   arlier this year the HKIS Alumni Office and
    Alumni Association organized three decade
luncheons for former HKIS’ers that graduated
in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Three days, three
luncheons and a whole load of time to catch up.
All the luncheons were held at Isola Bar & Grill                                                         Wendy Hsu ’85, Soo Young Kim ’89
in Central Hong Kong and proved to be a big hit    Janice Lee ’88,
                                                                     Lincoln Chan ’8
with all that came along.                                                           8

As ever at HKIS Alumni events, the Alumni of
various class years shared their HKIS history
and fun times recalling the happy days and fun
times. Can you spot your class mates?

Watch out for future activities organized by
HKIS and your Alumni Association and don’t
miss the next gathering! Check out the new
alumni website and watch your inbox for news.
                                                                                                                          zden ’87,
                                                                                                            n ’84, Rob Gvo
                                                                                                  any Gordo
                                                                                       Pattie Boss 5
                                                                                       Wendy Hsu

                                                                                                                   (Top) Eric Lee ’87,
                                                                                                                   Pattie Bossany Gordon ’84,
                                                                                                                   Valerie Smith Hinsley ’85,
                                                                                                                   Rob Gvozden ’87
                                                                                                                   (Bottom) Rohini Balani
                                                                                                                   Chotirmal ’89,
                                                                                                                   Lincoln Chan ’88,
                                                                                                                   Wendy Hsu ’85,
                                                                                                                   Janice Lee ’88,
                                                                                                                   Soo Young Kim ’89

                                                                                                                                 DragonTales      19
      alumni update

    HKIS ’90s Decade
    13 January 2011                                Anthony Ng ’9                                                       ’92, Em       ily Ma
                                                                 5, Shoumitro Go                             odorovich
                                                                                      swami ’93    Chantal Te 3
                                                                                                             n ’9

 Fletcher Leung ’98, Jason Shum ’98
                                                                                  Cheng ’96
                                                                     ’98, Maria
                                                        Jenn Pratt
                                                                                                   James Martin ’94, Erik Dierks, Chief
                                                                                                   Advancement Officer

                                Linne Tsu ’96
                 do rovich ’95,                   Shoumitro Go
      Milana Teo                                                swami ’93, Jam
                                                                               es     Martin ’94
                                                                                                                                 Wong ’92
                                                                                                              iu   ’93, Ingrid
                                                                                                   Spencer Ch
    (Left) Justin Hardman ’99, Spencer Chiu ’93, Ingrid Wong ’92,
    Chantal Teodorovich ’92, Emily Ma Richardson ’93, Milana Teodorovich ’95,
    Linne Tsu ’96, Fletcher Leung ’98, Jason Shum ’98, Jenn Pratt ’98,
    Maria Cheng ’96, Anthony Ng ’95, Shoumitro Goswami ’93, James Martin ’94

20 DragonTales
  (Bottom) Saurabh Agarwal ’03,
  Lai Bond Cheng ’03, Natasha Khan ’03,
  John Wang ’03, Ashwin Makhija ’02,
  Adnan Farooqi ’02, Erin Yeh ’03
  (Top) Gary Yung ’03, Kelly Lo ’06,
  Kingston Chu ’03

  HKIS ’00s Decade
  14 January 2011

                                                                                                                                              Class of 200
                                                                                                                        an, John   Wang – All
                                                                                                          g, Natasha Kh
                                                                                             i   Bond Chen
                                                                                 Agarwal, La
                                                                     , Saurabh
                                                            Gary Yung

Ashwin Makhi
             ja ’02, Adnan Fa
                                rooqi ’02, Erin
                                                  Yeh ’03                                  Kelly Lo ’06, Kingston Chu ’03

                                                                                                                                            DragonTales       21
     alumni update

             Class of 2011
             Graduated on Friday, June 3, 2011

22 DragonTales
DragonTales   23
     alumni update

     Alumni Challenge
     Alumni Association President, Rohini
     Balani Chotirmal ’89, took on the role                         Pattie in the classroom with
                                                                    Miriam her second grader
     with a clear mission in mind – one she
     calls the ‘Alumni Challenge’. We meet
     some people that are taking it on.                                Pattie Bossany
                                                                       Gordon ’84 on
     We spoke with Rohini in the last issue of DragonTales and
                                                                       giving back
     she made her mission clear – to forge closer relationships
     between HKIS alums and the school. She is hoping to
     increase alumni participation in events in Hong Kong –            I  graduated from HKIS in 1984.
                                                                          Here I am 27 years later – can’t
                                                                       believe it’s been that long! – and
     and around the world – and encourage more alumni to
                                                                       I never imagined my kids would
     give back to the school.
                                                                       be attending the same school that
                                                                                                             Hannah in Grade 4 and Miriam
                                                                       I did. Or that Ken Rohrs is still     in Grade 2 at Hannah’s string
     And we’re not just talking about cash! Anything goes...           teaching at the Middle School!        concert
     whether it be a quick email to ClassNotes to let your
     friends know where you are and what you have been                 Throughout the years I’ve kept in touch and maintained the
     doing, to helping nominate someone for the Bob                    strong friendships I made at HKIS. Back then, the school was
     Christian Award or to organize a reunion. Meet four               so much smaller and it’s been wonderful to reconnect with old
     people who are helping to keep the ball rolling.                  and new alumni. It’s also great to see how many more things the
                                                                       school has to offer since I was a student here.

                                                                       As a parent, I’ve enjoyed volunteering in the classroom and serv-
                                                                       ing on different committees for the school. Many alumni actu-
                                                                       ally ‘find’ their way back to Hong Kong whether it be for family
                                                                       reasons or jobs.

                                                                       I’m proud to be a past and present member of the HKIS

                                                                  I still keep in touch with quite a few of my classmates of ’82
       Terence Anderson ’82                                       and even after all these years, we have remain strong friends.
                                                                  HKIS left an indelible mark on me in so many ways. I have
                                                                  two young daughters going there now, and I expect that they
     Terence Anderson ’82 on staying                              will have the same if not better (this is before the Tai Tam
                                                                  Campus opened) experience than I did. I am glad that I at-
     connected                                                    tended and became one of the few in the shrinking world to

     T   his is my third time around in Hong Kong as my last
         seven years have been spent in Vietnam. No matter, the
     memories are all there although with age some of it is be-
                                                                  do so. Experience, education, guidance, friendship all encap-
                                                                  sulated into one.

     coming more distorted and slightly more charitable of my     DragonTales? I remember that our crest was a gent in armor
     achievements at HKIS.                                        holding a sword!

24   DragonTales
Joanne Lam ’08 on staying connected

I often show up at HKIS during my holidays and have teachers
  ask me whether I’ve been in high school the last six years. That
could be attributed to my size or simply the fact that I’m there every
holiday I get to go back to Hong Kong. I stay connected with HKIS
because it has shaped who I am today. It is a community of fantastic
students, teachers and administrators of all nationalities.

I attend the alumni network activities as much as I can, including
Alumni Homecoming every year, and I stay connected with many
of the teachers and administrators and offer help as needed.

An important goal for myself is to keep a strong relationship with
those who contribute their time and effort to HKIS and let them
know their hard work has not gone to waste. Although I’m not cur-
rently living in Hong Kong, I’m always available through emails if
any current or prospective students have any questions or simply
want to make a new friend.

                                                                                             Joanne in Denmark earlier this year

                                                                         Eric F. C. Lee ’87 on staying

                                                                         I stay connected with HKIS as I feel I have
                                                                           always been part of this happy family. My
                                                                         son Byron is currently in 3rd Grade at HKIS –
                                                                         he started attending in R1. The school has given
                                                                         me many happy memories as a student and I
                                                                         try to stay connected by attending gatherings
                                                                         organized by the Alumni Association.

                                                                         Eric with wife Judith and son Byron

                                                                                                                  DragonTales      25
      alumni update

                                      Class of 2000
   10-year                            What better time to celebrate 10 years since graduating from HKIS

    reunion                           than the holiday period in Hong Kong?

                                      T    he Class of 2000 gathered in Hong Kong over the past New Year to celebrate 10 years since
                                           their graduation from HKIS. No better time to meet up than on December 30, 2010 at the
                                      Kiangsu Chekiang and Shanghai Residents Association Restaurant, for some great food and ten
                                      years worth of chit-chat.

                                      The reunion was a great success and saw over 60 alumni in attendance – some still based in
                                      Hong Kong and other back in town for the holiday period. Alumni caught up with old friends
                                      and managed to make some new ones – spouses and children! – over a lively dinner.

                                      Next stop on the list was the delights of Lan Kwai Fong to revisit old times and great fun at Dags
                                      and Al’s Diner!

                                      Stan Wong, Jess Lee, Eddy Wu, Stephanie She              Michael Wu, Jaime Chou, Fai Yeung Lai

Kevin Lui, Michael Au, Annie Yuen,   Lydia Parnell, Shaw Ming Yang, Irene Tam,                 Howard Chau, Friend of Howard, Louisa
Charles Wan                          Louisa Marion, Natalie Jay                                Marion, Cedric Yu, Natasha Chang

                                     Louisa Marion, Nicole Pang        (L to R): Lia Wong, Dana Park, Tao Fei, Rosalia Brown Arora, Jennifer Lin,
                                                                       Christina Chang, Candice Luk, Lydia Parnell,
                                                                       Kim Reyes, Michael Drucks

26 DragonTales
Christina Chang Peng, Lia Wong, Tao Fei,
Candice Luk, Rosalia Brown Arora

Jason Young, Juliana Au Young, Isabelle Young     Henry Wong, Cinci Leung, Angel Chang, Trisha Yeh Tsui, Edward Tsui     Howard Chau, Garrick Wong

Cinci Leung, Youn Seoung Cho, Tracy Cheng,                                                                 Felix Chow, Jess Lee, Eddy Wu
Jennifer Lin, Sanju Uttamchandani                          Thanks...
                                                           A big thank you to Gareth Kwok
                                                           and the reunion committee for
                                                           organizing a great event and
                                                           bringing together the Class of 2000.
                                                           Thanks also to Trisha Yeh ’00 for
                                                           keeping us up to date with news and
                                                           photos of a great evening.
                                                           Contact: trisha.yeh@gmail.com

Vanessa Chau, Natalie Jay, Ben Cheung, Nikko Ho, Justin Kwok                   Natasha Chang, Friend of Aron, Aron Butcher, Michelle Wong,
                                                                               Gareth Kwok

                                                                                                                                    DragonTales   27
     alumni update

                                                        10-year                                       25-year
    Reunions                                             reunion                                       reunion
    coming up                                     Class of 2001                                  Class of 1987
                                                      29/31 July 2011                                 2012
                                                       New York City                            Hong Kong and USA
                                                  The Class of 2001 will hold their 10-         Attention Class of ‘87! Time to start
                                                  year reunion in New York City on the          thinking about and planning the big
                                                  weekend of July 29-31, 2011. Our New          25th reunion. After some contacts
                                                  York City reunion in 2005 was a huge          and discussions with classmates, it
                                                  success so let’s make this one even           appears that there is enough inter-
                                                  bigger! Venues are to be decided.             est to have two reunions, one in the
                                                  Please contact Lauren Tanner at for           United States and another in Hong
                                                  information and updates. See you              Kong. Exact dates and locations are
                                                  there!                                        yet to be determined, but please send
                                                                                                Marc Suhr an email expressing your
                                                  Contact: Lauren Tanner ’01 laurentan-         interest. Most likely, the reunions will
                                                  ner@gmail.com                                 be held during the summer of 2012,
                                                                                                given that most have kids in school.

                                                                                                Contact: Marc Suhr ’87 suhrfam@aol.

            30-year                             fun and story swaps so think about coming
                                                along and joining us.
                                                                                              really help us with the planning. Mark your
                                                                                              calendars and spread the word to any
                                                                                              class members not on the mailing list!
            reunion                             Please let us know as soon as you can if
                                                you plan on attending, even if you can’t      For more, please check out the website:

      Class of 1981                             commit 100 per cent just yet, as this would   http://hkis1981.weebly.com/

         5/7 August 2011                          If you have any thoughts, questions, comments or want to help, please contact your
                                                  reunion committee:
                                                  Karen Staniek-Gerhardt                      staniekgerhardt@arcor.de
    “Has it really been 30 years?”                Phyllis Makredes Afendoulis                 p.makredes@comcast.net
                                                  Freny Bunshah Jokhi                         fjokhi@aol.com
    Bunshah Jokhi has kindly agreed to let us     Karen Karr Nimarota                         rkkaren@hotmail.com
    invade her hotel, the Wingate in Atlanta      Leslie Arnold Atkinson                      atkinsonl@itcdc.com
    (www.wingateatlanta.com) and we’re            Anna Agell                                  aagell@gwi.net
    working on a schedule for the few days of     Secret Agent Wombat Delapena                michael.c.delapena@gmail.com

28 DragonTales
Au Revoir,
D.J. Condon
HKIS has come to the end of an era –
David J. Condon has left the building.
We salute the Head of School who ushered
in the modern era of education to HKIS

                                          H    KIS can’t seem to let a month go by
                                               without putting another mark in the
                                          history books and June and July this year
                                                                                           into account the hundreds of other stu-
                                                                                           dents who have passed through the school
                                                                                           over the last three years; the teachers and
                                          are no exception. 30th June marked the           administrators who have been mentored
                                          end of the three-year tenure of Head of          and inspired by D.J. and the community
                                          School David J. (D.J.) Condon.                   members who have worked with him to
                                                                                           support HKIS. Nor does it recognize the
                                          D.J. joined HKIS as Associate Head of            hundreds of other lives these people will
                                          School in 2008, the role he held for his first   touch as they proceed through their life’s
                                          two years. In his final year, he served as       journey. All of these people will, to some
                                          Head of School.                                  degree, be touched by HKIS and, by ex-
                                                                                           tension, will be impacted by the leadership
                                          D.J.’s visionary leadership of HKIS and his      that D.J. has provided as both Associate
                                          passionate advocacy of its Mission and           Head and Head of School. Your impact has
                                          Student Learning Results were remark-            been extensive D.J., a big pond with seem-
                                          able. Board of Manager’s Chair Abbi De-          ingly endless ripples.”
                                          Lessio summed it up nicely at an event
                                          marking D.J.’s departure:                        We said that June and July were historic
                                                                                           months, but have only mentioned June. So,
                                          “It’s my honor and privilege to recognize        July sees the start of a new era: HKIS under
                                          and thank someone who exemplifies above          the leadership of new Head of School,
                                          and beyond the call of duty, the person          Kevin M. Dunning. We’ll be meeting
                                          who leads HKIS in advancing the mission          him in more detail in the next issue of
                                          and student learning results, our Head of        DragonTales.
                                          School, D.J. Condon.
                                                                                           Now, the limelight is fading on D.J. as he jets
                                          It is hard for me to comprehend that D.J.        off from Chek Lap Kok to be Headmaster
 HKIS Heads of School                     has been at HKIS for only three years; I         at Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan. Our
                                          have difficulty remembering a time when          loss is their gain, but we wave off D.J. with
 1966 – 1977      Robert E. Christian
                                          he wasn’t here. In the three years since D.J.    our hearty and healthy regards, knowing
 1977 – 1996      David F. Rittmann
                                          joined our learning community, over 500          that he has left an indelible mark on HKIS,
 1996 – 1997      Earl J. Westrick
                                          students have graduated from HKIS; over          ushering in the modern era with the 1-to-
 1997 – 2001      Charles W. Dull         500 young adults whose lives have been in-       1 laptop program and many initiatives to
 2001 – 2004      William B. Wehrenberg   fluenced and shaped by their experiences         enhance the HKIS Mission and Student
 2004 – 2005      James A. Handrich       at HKIS and D.J.’s significant role in defin-    Learning Results.
 2005 – 2010      Richard W. Mueller      ing those experiences.
 2010 – 2011      David J. Condon                                                          Eventhough D.J. will be in Japan, it’s cer-
 2011 – present   Kevin M. Dunning        That figure of 500 students doesn’t provide      tainly not sayonara, but au revoir.
                                          the whole picture however. It does not take

                                                                                                                           DragonTales       29
      alumni news

    Each year we take time to reflect on the HKIS Mission
    and Student Learning results and to see who has
    been living out their true meaning. Nominated by you,
    awarded by HKIS, our worthy recipient is...

   Bob Christian
   of the Year Award
   Leontine Chuang ’93
    Words by Howard Tang ’94 and Jon Walsh

                                                 I  t was a long, hard process for the judg-
                                                    ing panel, but it was worth it – it al-
                                                 ways is. Judging this award is one of the
                                                                                                written English to students from all over
                                                                                                the country, passing on many aspects of
                                                                                                Western culture.
                                                 most rewarding jobs of the year since it
                                                 shows that, long after many students have      After a year, Leontine returned to study law
                                                 left HKIS, long after they have travelled,     at Northwestern, also serving as Editor-in-
                                                 worked and experienced life in other parts     Chief of the Northwestern Journal of Inter-
                                                 of the globe, HKIS alumni are continu-         national Law and Business. Graduation in
                                                 ing to live the HKIS Mission and Student       2001 was followed by a move to New York
                                                 Learning Results (SLRs). Leontine Chuang       where she began life as a corporate lawyer.
                                                 ’93 is no exception.                           But her thoughts of service weren’t far be-
                                                                                                hind and soon she took time out of her hec-
                                                 Leontine graduated from HKIS having            tic corporate schedule to act as a pro-bono
                                                 been with us since R2 and went on to major     attorney for battered women in Family
    Leontine with husband Simon, son Aidan and   in Political Science and International Stud-   Court and a pro-bono attorney for an asy-
    daughter Simone                              ies at Northwestern University in Chicago.     lum seeker from the Democratic Republic
                                                                                                of Congo (DRC). One of the highlights of
                                                 It was at Northwestern that Leontine be-       her time in New York was helping her client
                                                 gan her involvement in politics and gov-       from the DRC get refugee status in the US.
                                                 ernment affairs, first becoming active
                                                 within the student government and in her       In 2004, continuing as a corporate lawyer
                                                 senior year, becoming president of the stu-    for the same law firm, Leontine moved
                                                 dent government. One of the highlights of      back to Hong Kong. After a year and a half,
                                                 her time there was meeting Diana, Prin-        Leontine decided she could do more – ser-
                                                 cess of Wales in 1997, sadly only a short      vice was calling in the most subtle of ways.
                                                 time before that fateful crash in a Paris      It was while she was helping a friend look
                                                 road tunnel.                                   for a new job that Leontine spotted the
                                                                                                United Nations High Commissioner for
                                                 Upon leaving Northwestern, Leontine            Refugees (UNHCR) ad that would change
                                                 took up a post at Nankai University and        her life. It offered the chance to use her
                                                 moved to Tianjin in China where she            pro-bono experience for asylum applica-
                                                 learned Mandarin and taught oral and           tions and to give something back.

30 DragonTales
                                                                                                  At Hong Kong Disneyland with the families
                                                                                                  of Teddy Fong ’92 and Tim Chen ’92

So, in 2005, Leontine started working for      Leontine has also worked hard with her col-      give someone a chance at a new life,” she
the UNHCR in their Hong Kong office,           leagues to help ensure that asylum seekers       says, “I find that very rewarding.”
serving as a Refugee Status Determination      and refugees’ rights are protected in Hong
Assistant. The role required her to make       Kong and their protection needs, whether         She has made presentations to many law-
determinations about whether refugee           material, physical or psychological are met.     yers, government officers and police officers
applicants meet the UNHCR’s exacting                                                            in Hong Kong to educate them about the
criteria for refugee status.                   It’s not easy - hundreds of applications         plight of refugees around the world and on
                                               come through the office each year and yet        our own doorstep in Hong Kong. And since
Leontine has interviewed hundreds of           less than 10 per cent of them are approved.      graduating from HKIS, Leontine has kept in
asylum seekers and heard countless hor-        The decisions aren’t taken lightly. Each ap-     contact with many alumni whom she knew
rific stories about persecutory experiences    plicant has a story to tell, each has a unique   at HKIS and returned to HKIS, attending
from refugees. By working with a team to       situation – people don’t seek refugee status     one of Marty Schmidt’s classes to explain
grant asylum seekers refugee status, she has   because they’re having a good time, it’s be-     what UNHCR does globally and in Hong
helped save lives and provide a chance for a   cause they have nowhere else to turn. For        Kong. On Service Day, 11 March, Leontine
life of freedom from fear and persecution.     Leontine, there is optimism: “I am able to       was invited to address Grade 6 students and
                                                                                                explain her work with UNHCR.

                                               Leontine addressing HKIS students about          Leontine has not just rested with helping
                                               UNHCR’s work in Marty Schmidt’s class in         refugees through UNHCR. It was during
                                               May 2006                                         2010 that she took on the role as one of
                                                                                                the Governors of a charitable foundation

                                                                                                The UNHCR plaque outside of Leontine’s office

                                                                                                                               DragonTales      31
      alumni news

    that provides donations to worthy causes       vice to others and the importance of doing
    across Hong Kong. No easy task with such       our part to help protect the human rights
    a demanding role and a busy family life,       of others. All of which has many parallels
    thanks to husband Simon, son Aidan and         to the HKIS Mission: “Dedicating... our
    daughter Simone.                               hearts to compassion and our lives to ser-
                                                   vice and global understanding”.
    Through her work at the UNHCR, Leon-
    tine has strived to help people understand     No doubt, Leontine Chuang ’93 is your
    the importance of having compassion for        worthy recipient of the Bob Christian
    the plight of others, the importance of ser-   Alumna/Alumnus of the Year Award.

                                                     PREVIoUS WINNERS

                                                     2008/09 David ’94 and Josh Begbie ’96
                                                     The Crossroads Foundation has not passed many people by. An educational and ser-
                                                     vice organization that has sprouted from its humble beginnings in 1995 to reach over
                                                     100 countries around the world. Its founders, brothers David and Josh Begbie, were
                                                     judged to have truly lived the HKIS Mission and SLRs and so were jointly awarded
                                                     the Bob Christian award in 2008.
                                                     What started as donations to a disaster in China has grown into a UN partnership
                                                     operation that has seen them link with NGOs the world over, linking supply with
                                                     demand, hence the name Crossroads. It has even generated an educational division
                                                     that includes a ‘refugee simulation, so people from all walks of life can experience the
                                                     processes that millions have to endure around the world. In 2009, the brothers were
                                                     invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to give world leaders a
                                                     taste of refugee life through their educational program.
                                                     David and Josh were presented with the Bob Christian Award at the graduation
                                                     ceremony in June 2009.
    What’s it all about?
    The Award was established in 2006 to             2009/10 Ken Koo ’79 and Charles Watson ’09
    recognize the tremendous service of Bob
                                                     Ken Koo ’79 and Charles Watson ’09 might have graduated 20 years apart, but as
    Christian, the very first Head of School for
                                                     joint winners of the Bob Christian award they have fully embodied the true spirit of
    HKIS. The aim is to give recognition to the
                                                     the HKIS Mission and SLRs. It was a golden year to have two alums who perfectly
    Alumnus/Alumna who has made a strong,
                                                     exemplify the Mission and SLRs.
    positive contribution to HKIS, our com-
    munity and the wider community while             Ken was selected for his dedication to supporting HKIS over a number of years. He
    living our Mission Statement and SLRs.           served as Alumni Association President for six years and, along with Desmond Chu
    The selection criteria used is that candi-       ’91, set-up the James A. Handrich Service Leadership Endowment, itself a project
    dates:                                           that continues to fertilize and grow the true meaning of the HKIS Mission and SRLs.
    •	 Exemplify	 our	 Mission	 and	 Student	        Charles Watson won because he was a “role model in service leadership”. He spent
       Learning Results                              his gap year in Nepal and Ghana working to bring wider information technology
                                                     and website access to education. His work involves bringing computers to schools
    •	 Contribute	to	the	HKIS	community,	the	
                                                     and running them on solar power. He creates a local network within the classroom,
       local community, or the broader com-
                                                     hooks it up to batteries and solar power and in under 40 minutes of arriving at a
                                                     school can have children looking at information on the internet. The computers are
                                                     made from locally sourced parts, so is something goes wrong, the children don’t have
    The Award’s Selection Committee will
                                                     to wait weeks or months for something to be shipped.
    meet to review and consider nominations
    on their merits. Nominations are welcome         The two winners don’t just have the Bob Christian Award in common – Ken was so im-
    from everyone, however, be quick as nomi-        pressed with Charles’ projects that he has helped to fund one of the projects in Nepal.
    nations close on February 1, 2012.

32 DragonTales
    Welcome to the latest updates of who’s been
    where, for how long, when they were here and
    how long they’ve been there! It’s a bumper issue
    of ClassNotes this issue.

    We’ve been contacted by lots of people and
    we’d like to say a big thank you to all. If there
    is someone in particular you’re trying to get in
    touch with, let us know and we’ll try our best to
    help establish and reignite those connections.
    Don’t forget to check out the all-new HKIS
    alumni website.

    If you want to be included in ClassNotes and
    let everyone know where you are and what
    you’re doing, get in touch with Irene Loh via

    Get involved!
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    Alumni website http://alumni.hkis.edu.hk

                                                             DragonTales   33

                                                   Martha Jane McCaskill

                                                   M        artha Jane McCaskill was recently honored fol-
                                                            lowing her death on October 16, 2010, as the
                                                   first librarian of the Hong Kong International School
                                                   with an engraved plaque, which will be prominently

    In Memoriam
                                                   displayed in a glass display case being constructed at
                                                   the entrance of the High School library. Born on Sep-
                                                   tember 16, 1930 in Paris, Texas, she received her De-
    We are saddened to hear of the                 gree in Library Science from East Texas State Teachers
                                                   College in August 1950. Martha served as Librarian in
    loss of HKIS’ first librarian since
                                                   the Bridgewater-Raritan, New Jersey School District,
    the last issue of DragonTales.                 prior to moving to Hong Kong in 1965 when her hus-
    Our thoughts go out to the family,             band, Don was assigned to Hong Kong as one of four
    friends and classmates of our                  employees from the IBM World Trade Headquarters
    friend and early supporter                     in New York City to establish the IBM World Trade         Martha Jane McCaskill pictured
                                                   South East Asia Regional Headquarters in Hong Kong.       in October 2010

                                                   At that time, there was no international school in Hong Kong, and the
                                                   children of the few expatriates living there went to The Maryknoll Sisters
                                                   Missionary School on the island of Hong Kong or King George V School
                                                   in Kowloon.

                                                   In addition to loaning the school their initial set of World Book
                                                   Encyclopedias which she had shipped to Hong Kong along with other
                                                   personal items, Martha volunteered to order and catalogue all of the start
                                                   up school’s library books the ‘old fashioned way’ by hand printing all of
                                                   the index cards with titles and Dewey Decimal System codes, as well as
                                                   lettering the codes on each catalogued book. All three McCaskill children
                                                   attended HKIS. Their eldest daughter, Christy, still remembers going from
                                                   Maryknoll each day after school before HKIS opened to assist her mother
                                                   with this monumental undertaking and shelving the newly acquired
                                                   books. Christy was recognized not only as an outstanding student at HKIS
                                                   at the end of her Junior year before returning with the family to New York,
                                                   but also for assisting her mother with the establishment of the library.
                                                   Today, four HKIS campus libraries serve our students from state-of-the-
                                                   art technology literary centers with over 110,000 books from a humble
                                                   beginning made possible by Martha.

                                                   Following retirement from IBM in 1985, the McCaskills returned home to
                                                   Paris, Texas to live on Strawbaby Farm after living, working and traveling
                                                   around the world for 35 years. Martha McCaskill is buried in Evergreen
                                                   Cemetery in Paris, Texas and Don continues to reside at Strawbaby Farm.
                                                   This memorial for Mrs. McCaskill was donated by Joyce and Reid Samuel-
                                                   son. Joyce (Todd) Samuelson ’71 was a classmate of the McCaskill children
                                                   at HKIS and their families remain close friends.
  The McCaskill family pictured in 1967. Left to
  right: Martha, Dean, Christy, Don and Sally      Martha is survived by her husband Donald McCaskill; daughters, Christy
                                                   (McCaskill) Wendell ’69 – class agent for the class of ’69 and Sally (Mc-
                                                   Caskill) Stein ’70; son, Dean Morgan McCaskill ’76.

34 DragonTales
Where are they now?

                                                 Mrs. Nancy Kroonenberg
                                                 Birthday:                 June 20
                                                 Years at HKIS:            1977-1996
                                                 What did you teach?       Middle School and High School French Teacher
                                                                           Then High School Assistant Principal
                                                 Current location:         Tokyo, Japan

What did you do after
For 15 years, I have been the High School
Assistant Principal at the American School
in Japan.

What are your fondest
memories of HKIS?
The people - loved the students and col-
leagues. Great memories of 3 summer trips
to France with students as well as various
Interim trips, especially to the Pattaya or-
phanage. Former students often remind
me of some fun French classes, especial-
ly when I shampooed my hair in class,
dressed in pajamas or sang - which I do
very poorly.

What are your fondest
memories of Hong Kong?                           Nancy with Pip Simpkin, former HKIS High School faculty member, in Tauranga New Zealand,
                                                 March 2011
Everything - the pace, the people, the food,
the nightlife.                                   ny Gordon ’84, Robin Tierney ’84, David        In three words, describe HKIS:
                                                 Wu ’86, Gia Antonellis ’96, Eric Sun ’86,      Terrific, Life-changing, Life-long friends
What is the one thing you                        Patricia Chen Sadayasu ’98, Terry and Bill
learned during your time at HKIS                 Anderson, Lisa Ahnert, Kevin Baker and         How can people re-connect
that you still make use of today?                family, Carol and Larry Eichert, Anne El-      with you?
HKIS was such a formative part of my             lis, Joanne Fallon, Karen Fish, Dean Fritts,   Email: nkroonenberg@asij.ac.jp
educational career. There is not one thing       George Coombs, Jim Handrich, Jenifer
which I can pinpoint, but to this day, I still   Holcombe, Jane and Joel Klammer, Dave          What’s next for you?
make reference to students and colleagues.       Kohl, Sandy Krist, Susan Kuyper, Lesley        We are still inveterate travelers. In recent
                                                 Lewis, Anna Maakestad, Eric MacDonald,         years, our travels have taken us to Albania,
Have you been back to Hong                       Dan McCarthy, Shirley Miske, Gina Mal-         Moldova, Montenegro, and Slovakia, just
Kong since leaving?                              tese Preciado, Ken and Karen Rohrs, Bob        to mention several places on our long and
Almost every year.                               Scripko, Cyrus Shaoul, Rosalyn Shaoul, Pip     lovely summer journeys. In a few years, it’s
                                                 Simpkin, Janet Taylor, Sarah Todd, Mike        retirement. We’ve dreamt of Malta, Cy-
Who do you keep in touch with                    Wong-Russell and many more which I’ve          prus, Portugal and France but will probably
from your time at the school?                    seen at the 40th reunion, on Facebook and      end up in Amsterdam. Would love to have
Ken Koo ’79, Bill Bossany ’82, Pattie Bossa-     email.                                         visitors here or there.

                                                                                                                               DragonTales     35


                                                    Mrs. Sarah Todd
                                                    Birthday:                   March 13
                                                    Years at HKIS:              1985 to 1992
                                                    What did you teach:         US history, American Studies, World History,
                                                                                Psychology, Sociology, Economics
                                                    Current location:           St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas

    What are your fondest
    memories of HKIS?
    Many including my years working as a
    dean and social studies teacher. I felt I got
    to know the students in many different
    ways as we worked to change schedules,
    talked about colleges and about curricu-
    lum. Loved working with Jim Handrich
    and the other deans.

    What are your fondest
    memories of Hong Kong?
    Star Ferry, walking the Dragon’s Back with
    the Baker family, early years with the high
    school in Repulse Bay, tea at the Penin-
    sula Hotel, Flagstaff House Museum of
    Teaware, the Man Mo Temple, walking
    on Hollywood Road, Honeychurch An-
    tiques, trips to Macau, Lunar New Year
    holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival and on and
    on. Loved living in the neighborhoods of
    Happy Valley.
                                                    Sarah Todd at her current school in Austin, Texas in March 2011
    What is the one thing you
    learned during your time at                     Who do you keep in touch with                     In three words, describe HKIS:
    HKIS that you still make use of                 from your time at the school?                     Postive, Tolerant, Adaptable.
    today?                                          I keep in touch with many people including
    I learned students are our greatest resource    Anna and Tom Maakestad, Denise Carver,            How can people re-connect
    in schools.                                     Scott Rhodewalt, Jack MacSlarrow, Nancy           with you?
                                                    Kroonenberg, Janet Taylor, Doug Baker             Email: stodd@sstx.org
    Have you been back to Hong                      and Family, Lesley Lewis, Beth Smith
    Kong since leaving?                             Nicholson, Jim Handrich and many for-             What’s next for you?
    I am there very often. HKIS staff and fac-      mer students including Rob Gvozden ’87,           I am the Director on the International
    ulty helped me start another school in          Henry Kim ’87, Molly Giss ’88, John Hyun          Program at my school and I love it. I also
    Tianjin, China with HKIS veterans Char-         ’89, Bijoy Goswami ’91, Mark Abernathy            teach world history. I do a good bit of travel
    lene Schneiter, Jack MacSlarrow and Scott       ’91, Seth Baker ’91, Darlene Lanham ’93,          which is wonderful.
    Rhodewalt. My husband continues to do           Kemal Arsan ’93, Catherine ’89 and Chris
    work at HKU so I am there twice a year          Puranananda, Maija Muncy, Benjy Lee and
    and often make it to HKIS to check on my        quite a few others. I have been to quite a
    beloved school.                                 few reunions since I left including one in
                                                    Austin, Texas last summer.

36 DragonTales
                                                    Burke M. Wong ’73

ClassNotes I                                          am currently the Force Counsel for Le-
                                                      gal and Treaty Affairs, Multinational
                                                    Force & Observers (MFO), the peace-
                                                    keeping force established pursuant to the
                                                    Camp David Accords. The MFO monitors
                                                    compliance with the Peace Treaty between
                                                    Egypt and Israel. I am stationed in the Si-
                                                    nai Peninsula and will be here until August

                                                                                                   Me and my dog Asia (left) who was adopted
                                                                                                   from the Humane Society a few years ago

                                                                                                   hear from so many other HKIS alumni on
                                                                                                   Facebook and Twitter via @Patrickgfl.

                                                                                                   David Jones ’85

                                                                                                   I attended HKIS from 1975-1977 – 2nd
                                                                                                     and 3rd grades and 1980-1983 – from
                                                                                                   7th to 10th grades as part of class of 1985.

                                                                                                    I have so many great memories of HKIS
                                                                                                    and Hong Kong. Even though I gradu-
                                                                                                    ated from Seoul Foreign School in Korea
This is at a bunker located at memorial site at the Israeli/Syrian border in the Golan Heights
                                                                                                    in 1985, I always considered Hong Kong
                                                                                                    and HKIS home and I returned to Hong

                                                   1974                                             Kong for Christmas and summer vacation
                                                                                                    my junior and senior year of high school
                                                    Patrick Gould ’74                               to visit with friends of my class year James
                                                    derbybl@aol.com                                “B” Burnett, Mike Taylor, Chad Forrest and
                                                                                                   Mike Medina.
                                                    I have been living in South Florida for over
                                                    20 years and am working in Real Estate re-     I’ve since settled in Southern California,
                                                    lated businesses.                              where I attended UCLA for undergraduate
                                                                                                   study and also UCLA’s Anderson School
                                                    Bud Skennion ’74 and I continue to make        of Management - MBA. I now live in Re-
                                                    regular ‘investments’ on the horse races,      dondo Beach with my wife (Debbie) and
                                                    and we think we are very close to winning      twin daughters (Natalie and Kaela-Mae).
                                                    a race one day. What we need is the help       I am currently the Director of Terminals
                                                    of our friend Walter Loh ’74 to help us pick   Business Management for Los Angeles
                                                    the winners!                                   International Airport and Ontario Inter-
                                                                                                   national Airport where I manage the con-
                                                    I continue to enjoy my involvement with        cessions and terminal leasing programs at
                                                    the Humane Society and other animal            both airports. One perk is seeing Cathay
                                                    welfare organizations. It has been great to    Pacific’s 777-300ER aircraft daily, which

                                                                                                                                  DragonTales      37

    routinely gives me pause to think fondly
    of my many trips to/from on ‘home-leave’.
                                                   My father decided to run for the election
                                                   for the office of state Governorship in Ni-      1987
    Through my work, I have reconnected with       geria after leaving Hong Kong in December         Bobby Kwan ’87
    Chris Sinfield ’85 who works in the area       1976. I completed my secondary education          bobbyk@netvigator.com
    and correspond periodically with Mike          and university degree from the prestigious
    Taylor, Chad Forrest, Helen Best ’86, Mark
    Lutz, Valarie Smith, and Vanessa Orie.
    Also, for the past two years, my family
                                                   Bayero University, Kano Nigeria, where I
                                                   graduated with a law degree. Although
                                                   I’m not a practicing lawyer, I have set up
                                                                                                     I have recently joined Jaguar Land Rover
                                                                                                       China in Shanghai as the Senior Man-
                                                                                                     ager for Network Operations. This shall be
    has met up with Lanchi Venator ’85 and         a trading company, which I am the Chief           my 11th year working in Shanghai already,
    Stephanie Baum ’85 and their families in       Executive Officer.                                time really flies.
    San Diego – hopefully we’ve started an an-

    nual tradition.                                Nigeria is a beautiful country, with huge
                                                   resources and with over 150 million peo-
    Hopefully I will get a chance to return to     ple. I live very close to Nigeria’s capital of     Pinki Bengani-Praveena Baid
    Hong Kong soon to show my family where         Abuja, about 30 minutes drive.                    ’89
    I grew up.                                                                                       praveenabaid@hotmail.com
                                                   I also have another title ‘Shettima of Keffi’
     Mohammed A. Mohammed
                                                   which is a prestigious traditional title for a       o, after Hong Kong, I shifted to In-
    ’85                                            Royal Prince of Keffi, Nigeria. The picture          dia where I completed my graduation
    shettimankeffi@yahoo.com                       attached herewith with turban on my head          in English Literature and French Minor.
                                                   is the usual attire of Shettima and Prince        Have been married for almost 18yrs now;

    I t is my pleasure to be connected to HKIS.
      It is indeed a wonderful experience. I
    attended HKIS in 1976, with my sister
                                                   in Nigeria. I hope you’ll like the pictures.

                                                   I’ll appreciate seeing any of the pictures
                                                                                                     have two sons: Dhruv coming to 13 and
                                                                                                     Divye almost 9 now. Am happily settled
                                                                                                     in Singapore enjoying being a full time
    Bilkisu and brother Idris. We were about       I had with my grade 3 classmates at the           mum. My parents left Hong Kong during
    the only black Africans in the school. I was   time. I’ll also be glad to reconnect with
    in grade 3 at the time.                        any alumni that are in Nigeria. It is also
                                                   my hope, wish and plan to visit the school                                      Pinki Bengani‑
                                                   soon.                                                                           Baid ’89 with
                                                                                                                                   Birendra Baid
                                                   Finally, I also congratulate the parents,
                                                   staff, faculty and students for keeping the
                                                   flag of HKIS flying.

                                                   1986                                                                            Pinki Bengani‑
                                                   Derek Kwik ’86                                                                  Baid ‘89 with
                         Mohammed A.                                                                                               children Dhruv
                         Mohammed ‘85 (left),
                         with turban (above),
                         the usual attire of
                                                   I n January 2011, Curt Jennewine visited
                                                     Hong Kong on a business trip. It has
                                                   been nearly 25 years since some of us has
                                                                                                                                   and Divye

                         Shettima and Prince in
                         Nigeria                   seen each other and the recounting of old
                                                   HKIS memories over a delicious Shang-
    My experience in both Hong Kong and            hainese dinner was fantastic.
    HKIS at the time was fulfilling. My father
    Hassan Mohammed was Nigeria’s Consul           (Left to right) Victor Cheung ’86, Koh‑Ann Chu ’86, Amy Ng ’86, Curt Jennewine ’86, David Wu ’86,
    General based in Hong Kong and we used         Vanessa Chien ’85, Derek Kwik ’86
    to live at the Repulse Bay Garden not too
    far away from the school. It was a beautiful
    experience when I think of the fantastic
    student-student relationship and pupil-
    teacher relationship, the tours, the sports
    time, the choirs and personal relationships
    with fellow classmates whom I cannot
    practically remember.

38 DragonTales
                                                  Tracey with her sons
                                                  Bobby, Michael and Tyler

the handover that’s why I have not ended
up coming there but really look forward
to catching up with you guys some time!

Tracey Harris ’92

I t has been a long time since I sent in an
  update. I have been living in Singapore
for the last 5 years with my husband Mark
                                                  Tracey and her                                    duce music for film and sports, as well
                                                  husband Mark
and sons Tyler (9), Bobby (7) and Michael                                                           as sing professional background vocals
(3). I recently received my MBA from the                                                            (e.g. Coco Lee) here in Los Angeles. I’m
University of Chicago Booth School of                                                               also still working on an album of original
Business and am now taking a few months                                                             songs. Last year’s highlights include our
off to spend time with my family and travel                                                         many trips (New Orleans, Boston, San
before looking for a new job. Last year I                                                           Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas), get-
caught up with quite a few people from                                                              ting pregnant, as well as buying our dream
our class including Traci Tong, Art Ber-                                                            house! Meanwhile, with the January birth
man, Liz (McCauley) Collard, and two            amazing, eye-opening experience! On the             of our precious little daughter, Elliana,
classmates from way back in 6th grade, E        way back, I got to show him around Hong             2011 is shaping up to be even more excit-
– Lynn Goh and Sanjay Natarajan. I also         Kong for the first time. We paid a visit to         ing. After 30 hours of labor, she came out
met up with Nanette Ruhter who teaches          HKIS and ran into some of my teachers:              with a full head of hair weighing 7 lbs 13oz.
at my sons’ school. I hope all of you are do-   George Coombs, Marty Schmidt, Zella                 Parenthood has been humbling and tiring
ing well, and please do get in touch if you     Talbot, Kent Ewing, Janet Taylor, and Sue           so far, but also a joy and blessing that is
come to Singapore for any reason.               Harvey. I continue to compose and pro-              worth it all. Every new day with our baby
                                                                                                    makes us more and more amazed and

                                                                                                    grateful at God’s miraculous gift to us.

Christie Chong ’95                                                                                   Susan Strebel ’95
xt_yih@yahoo.com                                                                                     susanstrebel@gmail.com

C    oming this August 2011, I will be
     married for almost 4 years to the love
of my life, Albert Chong, whom I met in
                                                                                                    I  am currently in Brooklyn, New York
                                                                                                       where I have been for the last five years.
                                                                                                    I am the Director of Special Events for New
Los Angeles. In 2009, we went on a medi-                                                            York City Center, a performing arts center
cal missions trip where Albert got to per-                                                          in Manhattan featuring musical theater
form orthopedic surgeries in rural China        Christie’s visit in 2009 pictured with George       and dance. Our resident dance compa-
to help people with deformities. What an        Coombs and Marty Schmidt                            nies include Alvin Ailey American Dance

Christie and her husband Albert Chon            Christie with her 11 weeks old         Christie’s visit in 2009 pictured with Zella Talbot and
                                                daughter Elliana                       Kent Ewing

                                                                                                                                       DragonTales   39

    Theater, Paul Taylor Dance Company and                                                          been attending Emerson College after. I’m
    American Ballet Theatre. I am engaged                                                           at the end of my second year in College
    to my boyfriend of 13 years and we will                                                         studying Communication Studies. This
    be married in July. He is the owner of                                                          past semester has been one of the best
    Calexico, a brand of restaurants and street                                                     times and experiences of my life. I am at
    carts in Brooklyn and New York City. Old         Aldrinana’s parents and sister Robbieana ’05   a study abroad program in a small town
    friends can email me.                            at the graduation ceremony                     in the Netherlands through my college.
                                                                                                    I have been living in a 14th century me-

   1997                                              2003                                           dieval castle (Kasteel Well) the last three
                                                                                                    months, and have had the privilege to
                                                     Aldrinana Leung ’03                            travel around Europe and the UK every
    Gabriel Hung ’97                                 aldrinana@yahoo.com
    gabrielhung@hotmail.com                                                                         single weekend. I will return to Boston in
                                                                                                    September to begin my final two years of

    G     abriel left HKIS in 1994 and has
          been back in Hong Kong since 1997.
                                                     I n December 2010, Aldrinana Leung
                                                       graduated from London School of Eco-
                                                     nomics (LSE) with a Masters Degree in
                                                                                                    college. Time flies!

    He studied medicine at the University of         Government Development. Previous to
    Hong Kong and worked as a psychiatrist           her masters studies, she graduated from
    in Hong Kong for 7 years, becoming a spe-        Georgetown University with a Bachelor
    cialist in 2009. He recently left his hospital   of Arts Degree. She has worked with the
    job and is now pursuing a new career as a        Clinton Global Initiative three times.
    trainee solicitor at an American law firm
    in Hong Kong. Gabriel would love to catch
    up with friends from his HKIS days.              2008
                                                     Joanne Lam ‘08
    Catriona (McGregor) Fox ’97                      JoLam@crossingcambodia.org
    cat_mcgregor@yahoo.com.au                        Http://jolam08.wordpress.com

                                                     S   ince I graduated HKIS in 2008, I have
                                                         volunteered as a 1st grade teacher as-
                                                     sistant in Cambodia for a year and have
                                                                                                    Joanne Lam in the village of Well, province of
                                                                                                    Limburg, Netherlands in January 2011

                                                         In Memoriam
                                                         As we were going to press, we received the sad news
                                                         of the passing of David Smith ’77 on 2 June after a
                                                         sudden illness that lasted a little over a month. David
                                                         and his wife had just moved from Carrollton, Georgia,
                                                         to Montgomery, Alabama, so he could work full-time
                                                         with the Army National Guard.
                                                         He was a loving husband, father and dedicated solider.
                                                         Dave faithfully served his country as a Captain and
                                                         Airborne Ranger in the United States Army and
                                                         National Guard. He is survived by his wife, Marla Rea Smith; daughters, Sara
                                                         Christine Barker and Rachel Marie Smith.
                                                         The son of Lewis and Shirley Smith, David had three sisters, all of whom attended
                                                         HKIS; Karen Smith Moore ’73, Cathy Smith Caviness ’75 and Deborah Smith ’80.

    Mongomery (Monty) Fox born on                        Memorial donations may be made to The Wounded Warriors Project or the
    January 3, 2011                                      Red Cross:
                                                         Wounded Warriors Project: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

    M      y husband Christopher and I wel-
           comed Mongomery (Monty) Fox
    into the world on 3 January 2011.
                                                         Red Cross: http://www.montgomeryarc.org/

40 DragonTales
42 DragonTales
                                          Dedicating our minds to inquiry, our hearts to compassion,
                                              and our lives to service and global understanding

                                         An American-style education grounded in the Christian faith
                                                   and respecting the spiritual lives of all

                                        Student Learning Results
                                        Academic Excellence
                                        Students will achieve their intellectual potential by striving for and
                                        attaining the highest standards of academic excellence

                                        Students will understand and respect Christianity and other religions
                                        and will identify and develop their own spiritual identity

                                        Character Development
                                        Students will demonstrate respectful and caring attitudes at school and
                                        in the community, as well as the courage to stand up for what is right

The Mission and SLRs are the North      Self-Motivated Learning
Star for HKIS, its staff, faculty and   Students willingly apply a variety of learning and motivation strategies
students. We use these as our guide     throughout their learning process
in everything we do, every day.
                                        Contributing to Society
Hong Kong International School
1 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam                Students will develop the skills they need to form genuine relationships
Hong Kong                               in our diverse society and to make contributions to our community
                                        Chinese Culture
                                        Students will gain an understanding of China and an appreciation of the
                                        Chinese Culture
Destination: Hong Kong
6 January, 2012

Mark your diary, book your
flights, call your friends and
pack your old yearbook for a
very special gathering back at
Hong Kong International School.

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