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Week ending: Friday 6th May 2011                       Summer Term 2011               Number: 27

                       SCHOOL DIARY W/B 9th May 2011 - GREEN WEEK
                                      SATs WEEK

Monday               Whole School Assembly
Friday               Whole School Assembly

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Year 7 PGL Trip to France – a Parent’s View
Fantastic! That is how we would describe the first few days. From the early start on Monday
morning everything has run smoothly, even the moderate to gale force crossing did not create too
many problems. Arriving at the chateau, the children immediately threw themselves into the
evening event, Mini Olympics, before settling down for the first night. Tuesday and Wednesday as
Parent Helpers we have watched and supported the children both in the classroom and on outings
as the children have developed their language skills as well as immersing themselves in French
culture. It is extremely rewarding to see first-hand how much the children are enjoying and
participating in all of the challenges they have faced with the support and dedication of the BHMS
teaching staff.                                                                 Mr Burke, Parent

Year 6 SATs
In case you are unaware, the Standard Assessment Tests start next week. We will all need our
sleep, food, fresh air and to be well hydrated. The school will be serving a light breakfast and all
Year 6 pupils are invited to have something to eat before they start their tests. This allows for a
calming social period before entering the hall. We wish the children good luck.

Year 7 Parents’ Evening – X side
A reminder to parents/guardians of those Year 7 pupils in Avon, Brook or Castle that there is a
Parents’ Evening scheduled for Thursday 12th May, 3.30-6.30pm. Due to the Year 7 PGL trip to
France, appointment cards will be distributed first thing Monday morning, as per our text. If you
provide your child with a list of teachers you wish to speak to when they come in on Monday, they
can then begin to arrange times as soon as possible. Thank you.                           Mr Haines

Magnificent Musician!
Many congratulations to Rosie Macdonald (8A). On Wednesday, Rosie competed in the
Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, now in its 85th year. As a saxophonist, she competed
against other wind instruments including the flute, clarinet and oboe. At 12, Rosie was one of the
youngest in the U14 category. Her jazzy piece, “Angel Eyes”, went down very well with the
adjudicator, Luan Shaw, a well known professional musician and music teacher. For her efforts,
Rosie was awarded the bronze medal. Congratulations to Rosie on this fantastic achievement; the
result of lots of hard work and practice.
Year 7 Castle Projects
A reminder to all Year 7 pupils that their Castle projects are expected by the end of the week
beginning 16th May.                                                                Mr D Arrowsmith

Year 8 Year Book Photograph Permission Slip
All Year 8 pupils should have received a letter providing information about Leavers’ Sweatshirts and
Year Book 2011. For photographs to be included in this, we must have parent/guardian permission.
If you are a parent/guardian of a Year 8 pupil and agree to your child’s photo being included in the
Year Book, please tick the relevant box on the attached slip at the bottom of the letter and return it
to school as soon as possible.

Year 8 Sweatshirts
The sweatshirts cost £14.00 and are available in various sizes and colours. If your child would like
one, we would be grateful if you could pay online and quote the receipt number in the slip provided.
Alternatively, cash or a cheque should be put in a sealed envelope marked with the pupil’s name
and form and handed in to Miss K Smith. The deadline for receipt of orders and payment is
Wednesday 11th May. We have stressed to all Year 8 pupils that they are not under any pressure to
buy either a sweatshirt or a Year Book.

Tesco Vouchers
BHMS is collecting these vouchers. Please feel free to bring in as many as possible!       MissLloyd

Second Hand Uniform Sale
There will be a second hand uniform sale in the school library during the forthcoming Year 7
Parents’ Evenings (Thursday 12th May and Tuesday 17th May). The sale has been organised by the
PTA and money taken will go to the PTA funds. There will be additional sales towards the end of
the year. If you have any uniform you would like to donate, please send it to the school office.
Thank you.

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