CURRICULUM VITAE


  Name           : - Makwana Pravinkumar Virajibhai
  Fathar’s Name: - Makwana Virajibhai Tulsibhai
  Date of Birth : - 5th May, 1982.
  Sex            : - Male
  Marital status : - Single
  Known          : - English, Hindi & Gujarati
  Address        : - C - 22 Prabhakar Tenament, G.D High School Road,
                    Saijpur Bogha, Ahmedabad – 382 345
  Phone No.      : - (M) 99798 90931
                   (R) 079 22 84 34 54
                   (O) 0288 23 11081

  E-mail ID      : -



          To work in competitive and challenging environment, so as to contribute

          the best of my ability towards the growth of an organization.

  - M.L.I.Sc. (Master of Library and Information Science) from Bhavnagar
    University with 60.50% in April 2006.

  - B.L.I.Sc. (Bachelor of Library and Information Science) from Bhavnagar
    University with 63.25% in April 2005.

  - B.Com. (Bachelor of Commarce) from Gujarat University with 47.00% in
    April 2004.

  - H.S.C. from Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board with 71.50% in
    April 2001.

  - S.S.C. from Gujarat Secondary Education Board with 35.00% in April 1999.


      Presently, I am working as a Document Controller in Reliance Industries
Ltd. The World’s largest grassroots refinery, Jamnagar on Contract base from
17th July, 2006 to till date.

 Nature of Works

       Vendor Documents receiving from Off-Shore and On-Shore Vendors
        either hand carried or received via Electronic Post-Office.

       Classifying the documents into their respective categories and allocating
        proper CAT codes, logging them into Documentum5.3, generating
        internal transmittal and sending the documents for the review to the
        respective review engineers, once reviewed the documents are then
        properly coded for construction or otherwise and are logged on to
        Documentum5.3 and an external transmittal generate after completion of
        review cycle and then the documents are sent to the construction site
        and a copy back to the Vendor.
       Document distribution as per reliance IFR and IFI document matrix
 Electronic document transfer (Uploading & Downloading) with
  Engineering Consultant like Bechtel (London), LINDE, Black & Veatch,
  Foster Wheeler (Singapore & USA), York India, L&T, Niton Valves, Enpro,
  UOP and other Equipment Vendors through FTP-VPN Server and
  Internet Sites.

 Processing of documents right receiving them from the Field Design
  Center / London - Electronic Post Office via Project Net, to populating the
  R_Docs server through Issue Plot, populating Infoworks Docbase &
  generating transmittals and having them distributed to the site.

 Digitization of Engineering & Vendor documents and large volume
  equipment final record books like Manufacturing Record Books and
  Operating & Maintenance Manual.

 Identifying the Incoming and Outgoing document, Scan Documents in
  Colour & Black n white format & make file in Tiff, PDF, and JPG format
  and instruct to scanning department to place on proper path.

 Generating Management Information Report (MIS) for Incoming and
  Outgoing document and circulate to respective Head of Department at
  every Week.

 Document Download & Upload from Infoworks3.4.1 Docbase Server like
  Jamnagar, London, 3rdparty, Mumbai, Toronto and Houston

 Online access of Documents (File , CD, Manual, E-mail, E-mail, Feed
  Packages etc.) Different Department Through Internet

 Add Content of Document in Infoworks & Documentum 5.3

 Upload Soft Copy of Document(Drawing, Datasheet, P&ID’s, Material
  Requisition, Calculation Design basis, Equipment list etc.) in Server.

 At present I am working with Receipt & Distribution Section in DCC,
  where we check & do inward entry of Vendor documents, Engineering
  documents, Isometric drawings, PP documents, DCN, PCO as well as
  other engineering document & forward them to other sections of DCC for
  generate transmittals. After generating transmittals, we receive again
  same documents with DCC transmittals & we get multiple copies of them
  as per requirement & distribute documents to the site

 Co-ordination with Engineering Contractor / Consultant, Vendors and
  Design Cells for documentation related technical matters.

    M S Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    LISA
    SOUL Software
    WINISIS 1.5
    Internet.
    Infoworks 3.4

         This is New Version of Infoworks Developed by M/s. Bechtel London
         Engineering Company.
         Maintain Softcopy as well as Hardcopy, Process in Infoworks 3.04,
         Distribute Document through E-transmittal.

    Documentum 5.3

         This Software Developed by M/s. Satyam Computers – Chennai.
         Maintain Soft Copy in Server, Add - Content, Process in Documentum
         5.3 Distribute to Site Engineers.


 “Aquisition of Books and Periodicals in L.R.Valia Arts and P.R.Mehta
 Commerce College Library Bhavnagar, Problems and Solutions : A Study”


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