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									Dear Parents/Guardians,
Your son or daughter will be taking Heath during this the 1st quarter. This is a letter designed to inform you of
a few special situation which occur during health, to provide each other with contact information, and
procedures for health class.
Here are a few special situations which makes health unique.
     NJ State Law requires all students to successfully complete and pass health.
    Any student that misses 6 or more days of health will be required to make health up.
    3 tardies/lates to class are equal to 1 day absent.
    After the 3rd late, I am required to give a teacher detention; if the tardy issue continues then I am required
     by school policy to report it to the administration for disciplinary action. Please emphasize to your child
     to be on time to class.
    If your child is sick and misses health, please check my web page for the work that must be completed.
       All projects that are assigned in health must be completed and turned in by due date to receive credit.
       Failure to submit a project could result in a failing grade for the marking period.
       Your child’s grades can be located on “Gradebook”. If you have activated your account, you can review
       his or her grades at anytime during the quarter.
       You can contact me two ways: Please do so if you feel the need arises.
       Email:                   Phone: 908-464-4700 ext 729
       If I can contact you via these methods please provide that information in the spaces provided below:

       STUDENT’S NAME                                                PLEASE PRINT

       PARENT’S NAME(S)                                              PLEASE PRINT

       CONTACT PHONE NUMBER(S)                                       PLEASE PRINT

       EMAIL ADDRESS (ES)                                            PLEASE PRINT

       By signing this paper, you acknowledge that you have read/reviewed these forms on my website.
               Health Guidelines

       PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE                                             DATE

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