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									                    Central Federal Lands Highway Division                     Statement of Work
                    12300 W Dakota Avenue
                    Lakewood Co, 80228

                                  STATEMENT OF WORK

       The narrative description of the project scope, including major deliverables,
       products and results to be supplied. The preparation of a statement of work is
       critical to project success and builds upon the major deliverables, assumptions, and
       constraints that are documented during project initiation in the scoping report.
       During planning, the project statement of work is defined and described with greater
       specificity because more information about the project is known. Stakeholder
       needs, wants, and expectations are analyzed and converted into requirements. The
       assumptions and constraints are analyzed for completeness, with additional
       assumptions and constraints added as necessary.
 Responsible Branch: Project Management
 Perform: Project Manager or Volunteer
 Review: Cross Functional Team
 Coordinate: Project Manager or Volunteer
 Assist: Cross Functional Team
      Scoping Report
      Project Agreement
 Deliverable: Statement of Work*
 Next Step in Project Initiation Process: Project Delivery Plan

*Implementation of this process is under development.
A sub-team will be tasked to develop a generic Statement of Work patterned after the existing
generic scope of work for A & E Scope of Work.

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