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									Electromagnetic Spectrum

 Identify and explain how different
    parts of the electromagnetic
         spectrum are used
Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Electromagnetic Spectrum
• Here are the different
  types of radiation in
  the EM spectrum, in
  order from lowest
  energy to highest:
                 Radio waves
• have the longest
  wavelength in the
• These waves carry the
  news, ball games, and
  music you listen to on the
• They also carry signals to
  television sets and
  cellular phones.
• Have shorter
  wavelengths than
  radio waves, which
  heat the food we eat.
• They are also used
  for radar images, like
  the Doppler radar
  used in weather
                infrared waves
• with long wavelengths
  and short wavelengths.
• Infrared waves with long
  wavelengths can be
  detected as heat.
   – Heat Lamps give off these
     long infrared waves.
   – We call these thermal
     infrared or far infrared
• The sun gives off infrared
  waves with shorter
           Visible light waves
• are the only
  electromagnetic waves
  we can see.
• We see these waves as
  the colors of the rainbow.
• Each color has a different
• Red has the longest
  wavelength and violet has
  the shortest wavelength.
• These waves combine to
  make white light.
           Ultraviolet waves
• have wavelengths
  shorter than visible
  light waves.
• These waves are
  invisible to the human
  eye, but some insects
  can see them.
• Of the sun's light, the
  ultraviolet waves are
  responsible for
  causing our sunburns.
• As wavelengths get
  smaller, the waves have
  more energy.
• X-Rays have smaller
  wavelengths and
  therefore more energy
  than the ultraviolet
• X-Rays are so powerful
  that they pass easily
  through the skin allowing
  doctors to look at our
                 Gamma Rays
• have the smallest
  wavelength and the most
  energy of the waves in
  the electromagnetic
• These waves are
  generated by radioactive
  atoms and in nuclear
• Gamma rays can kill
  living cells, but doctors
  can use gamma rays to
  kill diseased cells.
                  Cosmic Rays
• are high energy charged
  particles, originating in
  outer space, that travel at
  nearly the speed of light
  and strike the Earth from
  all directions.
• Aurora Borealis: Northern
  Lights Auroras are
  associated with the solar
  wind, a flow of ions
  continuously flowing
  outward from the Sun.
      #1Definition and Picture
• Define your part of
  the electromagnetic
  spectrum in your own
• Draw a picture or
  illustration that best
  matches your word in
  the middle
#2 Wavelength and Frequency
         #3 Describe 3 Uses
• Describe the ways we
  use this part of the
  spectrum in our lives
         #4 Draw the 3 uses
• Draw the 3 ways we
  use the
  spectrum in our lives
• Identify the most
  recognizable uses for
  us to remember.
     Electromagnetic Project #1
•    Explain to students that groups must
     work together to research the following
     information about their form of radiation:
    1. What are the characteristics of this type of
       radiation (wavelength, frequency, key
 Electromagnetic Project #2
2. Where is this type of radiation located on the
   electromagnetic spectrum in relation to other
   kinds of radiation? What properties of the
   wave define why it is found within this area
   of the spectrum?
 Electromagnetic Project #3
3. How is it used or found in our everyday lives
  or in certain industries?
– Identify and explain at least three uses.
   Electromagnetic Project #4
4. How is it used to explore outer space.
• Give at least 3 examples of where and
   how it explores other planets, stars,
   galaxies, or worlds.

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