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									Honors Project Proposal Form
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Iowa State University

Directions:   The student should write the proposal. Type or print the information requested on this
   form and attach a 2-3 page typed honors project proposal that addresses the requirements listed on
   page 2. Submit this form to the Chair of the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Honors
   Committee the semester prior to beginning your project. Proposals for spring submission should be
   submitted by the end of September, proposals for Summer or Fall should be submitted by the end of
   February. You must be a member of the Honors Program in good standing having submitted your
   Program of Study Form before submitting this proposal.

Name                                                      Phone

College Address                                           Graduation Term

Major                                                     Advisor

Second Major/Degree/Minor                                 E-mail address__________________

Title of Honors Project

Project Advisor                                           Phone

How many credits of 490H will you be receiving for this project?
(min. required: 3 credits & max. allowed: 6 credits)

Have you submitted your Honors Program of Study Form? YES / NO             Date: _____________

                                                                   Important note:
                                                                   If you are using live animals or
Student                                     Date                   human research subjects (surveys
                                                                   included) you should contact ISU
                                                                   Office of Responsible Research
Project Advisor                             Date                   and include your approval number.
                                                                   Please consult with your project
                                                                   advisor as they may be able to cover
                                                                   your research under an existing
Joan Cunnick, Honors Chair,                 Date                   approved project number.
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
384 Science 1

29 October 2010
Attach your 2-3-page project proposal to this form. Listed below is a BASIC format for your proposal.
You may need to add other information not listed as all projects do not fit the same mold. Your advisor
should provide guidance and review your proposal prior to submission.

CALS Honors Project Proposal Guidelines

I. State the Title of your project

II. Include an Introduction that provides background information on your project. Cite your references
    in the text of your introduction and methods.
    A. Be sure to include sufficient detail that someone not in your field will understand the project
        (EX: the members of the CALS Honors committee)
    B. What is the importance of your project? Or What are the long range benefits of your project?
    C. Why do you want to do this project? What will you gain from this project?

III. Include an Objective statement stating, briefly and concisely, exactly what you intend to do;
     A. For scientific research based studies, be sure to include a Hypothesis statement

IV. Include a Procedure/Methods section in describing how you will go about accomplishing your
    A. Explain your methods sufficiently that the committee will have a clear understanding how you
        will approach the problem. What are your groups and controls?
    B. How will your data be analyzed? How will you know your experiment or project worked?
    C. If your project is a creative component rather than a laboratory based scientific study: Include a
        time line (ALSO List the sections or chapters for a book or DVD; Give an example of a
        Teaching Plan)
    D. What is the Final product of your project? Ex: a paper, part of a paper, brochure; book; game;

V. List of key References including at least 3 journal citations or reference books. Use an acceptable
   reference notation. Refer to Citation Style Guides available through libraries and at:
   A. Be sure to cite your references in the text of your Introduction and/or Procedures / Methods
   B. You may also include classes you have taken that will assist you in completing your project
   C. You may include individuals besides your Project advisor who will be helping to guide you with
       a brief description of their role in the project. For example: If you are working on an off campus
       project, please identify your advisor off site and an ISU Faculty member to be your project
       advisor at ISU for 490H credits.

VI. If you are using Human Subjects or Animals in your research please list your IRB or IACUC
    approval number. If you are working on a project under an ISU advisor, they may already have this
    approval and you can list their approval number.
    A. Request that your name is added to your advisors approved protocol.
    B. If you have questions about whether your project needs human subjects approval or animal use
        approval, please consult with your project advisor or Dr. Joan Cunnick.

29 October 2010

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