Student Directed Inquiry Directions Chapter 02 by 03QBq0


									                                      Digital Photography

          SDI: Student-Directed Inquiry (“You Ask the Questions!”)
It’s back again – the exercise that puts your learning in your hands!

We’ve all been there: get a textbook assigned to you, read an assigned chapter, and answer a series of
questions from a worksheet, activity packet, or from the book’s chapter review questions. This method
works adequately for introducing new material, but after a while, it can get old. Book, read the chapter,
answer the questions. Lather, rinse, repeat. SDI is an alternate way of discovering relevant new
information on a subject or topic that puts the direction of the learning in YOUR hands while allowing for
student-led collaboration!

       Activity #3:
           o Resource: Using Your Digital Camera (in the Shared Students Drive –
               High School – Matyska - Digital Photography Folder)
           o Chapter 2: Controlling Exposure (p.31-57)

       Directions:
           o Using the designated chapter/section of the named/given resource(s),
               work with a partner and browse the reading.

            o While browsing, find what you believe to be the most critical, important
              pieces of information. From this information, ask a series of no less than
              ten (10) questions, and give the correct answer (groups of 3 – increase
              your questions and answers by 5).Create your questions and answers in a
              GOOGLE DOC.

            o Be creative – these can be short-answer, multiple-choice, essay,
              true/false, or other question format types.
                   You are limited to no more than four (4) of each type of question
                      (in other words, you are not allowed to ask 10 T/F questions)

       These will be submitted to the instructor electronically using GOOGLE DOCS,
        “SHARED” with your instructor to receive credit.

       The questions that you submit will become the basis of class discussions.

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