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					 CS603 - Wireless Communications &
           Summer II 2003

     Project Progress Presentation


       Wasim Mahmoud El-Hajj
      Hernan H. Aranda Gomez
                         What’s the problem?
 NS2 doesn’t support the implementation of both satellite and wireless
  networks at the same time. Satellite links differ from wireless links in the
  following respects:

   1. Transmit and receive interfaces must be connected to different

   2. There is no ARP implementation, which indicates that there is no
      hierarchical addressing.

   3. There is no radio propagation model.

 To attach number of wireless nodes to a base station, we have to specify
  IP addresses to each of the nodes and associate them with the base
  station. This is done using hierarchical addressing by dividing the nodes
  into domains and clusters. So if a wireless node wants to send a packet
  to another node outside its domain, it has to send the packet to its base
  station and the base station will route it to the particular destination node.
  If the destination node was part of a satellite network, then NS2 will fail to
  deliver the packet because of former reason (# 2 above).
                         What’s our goal?

 The problem can be fixed by extending the NS2 code in order to make
  the satellite network support hierarchical addressing and radio

 Also, we can take the two separate trace files and try to combine them
  using different approaches, defined later, to form a new trace file that
  shows the two networks communicating together.

 We are going to implement the second approach and generate a new
  trace file that combines the two networks.

 Our implementation will act as a bridge between the two networks and
  the new trace file will show packets traveling from one network to the
  other with transparency.

 The new trace file will not be a NS2 output, in other words, the satellite-
  wireless network will still not work in NS2. But, this trace file will be the
  closest simulation obtainable to a satellite-wireless network.
            How are we going to reach our goal?

 The receiving terminal in the satellite network and the base station in the
  wireless network will be clones of each other. That is, when the receiving
  terminal receives a message from the satellite network, the base station
  is going to route this message to the destination node in the wireless
  network. On the same hand, when the base station receives a message
  from the wireless network, the receiving terminal at the satellite network
  will send this message to its destination node.

 The former paragraph suggests that the user specifies a source node in
  the satellite network and a destination node in the wireless network, and
  vice versa. So, we ask the user to add the following lines at the
  beginning of each file:

     # application
     # “source” “destination” “start time” “interval/window” “packet size”
     # “source” “destination” “start time” “interval/window” “packet size”
                              Let’s look at an example…
# node1 node1 3.0 50.0 500
# node2 node3 10.0 60.0 500
# node4 node2 3.0 32 500
# node5 node5 10.0 32 500

                                                        terminal1                                   terminal3
                node2                                                            node1
     node3                                                           terminal2

                               base_station2             terminal4

                                                                                   node4         node5
                    WIRELESS NETWORK                     SATELLITE NETWORK
                      Generating the final trace file

 The main problem that we will face in combining the trace files is that
  both of them share same node names.

 To solve this problem we will change the node names in both trace files.

         Satellite:         n01 … n999       s01 … s999
         Wireless:          n01 … n999         w01 … w999

 We will merge both trace files and sort them according to time.

Everything will be executed from a script file, so the user will not worry about
running the source codes or our program to get the final trace file.

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