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									Digital Media 1 and 2
Photography Portfolio (200 point project grade)
      The purpose of this portfolio is to combine your photography and design skills in a practical tool
       that could be used for college or business applications. Using the Wix website, you will showcase 25
       of your best photos as part of a 5 page online portfolio.

      Based on your photo selection, you will choose a minimum of 3 appropriate themes that you can
       categorize your pictures into (such as nature, school, sports, travel, architecture, etc…) and create
       an original design that signifies your theme while displaying your photography, biography,
       titles/captions and resume. Each component for the portfolio and the timeline are detailed below.

Theme (a minimum of 3 different themes)
    The design of your online portfolio should be apparent through a clear and cohesive theme, in a
      similar manner as the yearbook. Most companies will solicit photographers with experience
      shooting nature, architecture, sports, travel, poses, and candid photos, all of which are potential
      themes you can use for your portfolio. You may choose one of these or create one of your own that
      appeals to a certain audience. The portfolio is supposed to represent you as a person, as an
      artist/photographer, and should make sense in its look and design.

    Create an original design for your portfolio website using pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, ads,
       and/or, of course, your own creativity. There are great things to get you started on Wix, as well as
       animations, behaviors and other finishing details, but you will also need to make it your own. The
       design should appeal to the audience, showcase the photos and represent the theme, and have
       elements that tie in on every page using color, shapes, patterns, etc. The design should also aid in
       navigation through your pages.

Page 1: Front page (20 points)
      Select your strongest work from your chose photos and feature it in some way on the front page of
       your site. You may also incorporate work that isn’t in the portfolio or use imagery as links to other
       pages, but make sure you incorporating important design elements from your portfolio. Include a
       title, your name and the year on this front page

Page 2: Autobiography (50 points)
      Potential schools and employers will want to know your experience with photography. Create an
       autobiography that describes you and among other things, how photography became an interest,
       your experience, inspiration, and the equipment you have used. Your autobiography must be a
       minimum of 4 paragraphs with 5 complete sentences per paragraph. These need to be well written
       with correct spelling and grammar.

Page 3: You 25 Photos (100 points)
      This is the main attraction of the portfolio. The photographs should signify your talent, artistry,
       diligence, and personality. They may be of any subject matter (within the constraints of school
       appropriateness) but they must be your own work.
      You may edit them in whatever manner you like using programs like PhotoScape, Photoshop, etc.
       dependent on what you have access to. The stronger the original photo, the less editing is needed.
           o Each photo should have a title and the year taken. Think of titles that are indicative of your
             theme, that express the tone and inspiration of each photograph. Be creative with your
             word choice.
           o After the title, you may want to provide a brief caption that details the location, method of
             photography, equipment, and method of enhancement (if any) for the photograph. (not
             required but for the more serious photographers it gives more information for reference by
             others and looks professional)
           o The organization of the photos on the page is up to you but it should make sense within the
             design and should look intentional and complete.

Page 4: Your choice (20 points)
      This page is your space to demonstrate other creative outlets you may have.
      If you are a visual artist, display some of your work.
      If you are passionate about cinematography, use this space to display some of the videos you have
      If writing is your passion, fill this space with your poetry and stories. If you are stuck, brainstorm
       with someone else on ideas. If you have an idea, run it by me so I can make sure you are on the
       right track. This is your space to show your talents but make sure it still looks like a part of your
       overall portfolio. The design and use of animations and other things on the website should tie in to
       other pages.

Page 5: Guestbook (10 points)
      Everyone will spend time at the end of the semester giving feedback to other students on the
       portfolios. To allow them to do this, you will need to have some form of contact page so people can
       leave comments and get in contact with you. Some of you may never go back to the portfolio once
       you have completed the project, but for those of you with interest, you will want this feature for
       future employment/school opportunities.

Due Date: December 8th, 2011 (Thursday)

Before Thursday, December 8th, you will be expected to choose 5 classmates’ sites, visit them using the
links, and provide quality feedback on the site using the guestbook page.

As you publish your site, you will need to post the link to your site on the Class Website discussion page

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