Smart Homes Workbook by Rf4Q0lEb


									UNIT: Mr. Coleman

About the project:

All of our homes are filled with a vast amount of technology. Most of you have televisions,
DVD players, computers, telephone answering machines, washing machines, central heating
and burglar alarm systems.

New advances are being made all the time and what is currently considered as belonging to
the realm of science fiction may soon become the gadgets of tomorrow.

In this unit, we will look at some technology which currently exists in homes, what technology
will be there in the future and what your ideal home would look like.

If you are working towards level 4 you should be able to…

   Put together different types of information (e.g. pictures of smart homes and some text).

   Use an application to draw simple plans of a two-three rooms of your Smart Home.

   Use the internet to do a basic search to find out about Smart Homes.

   Store all your work in a specific Smart Homes folder which is in My Documents.

   Name your work with appropriate names.

   Write very basically about technology and why it is used.

If you are working towards level 5c+ you should be able to…

   Think and chose carefully software to create fully detailed plans of a smart home and what
    technology would be used.

   Search the internet effectively to find information quickly by narrowing down my search.

   Finding information, and can tell whether information is accurate or not.

   Save my work in an organised folder structure within My Documents.

   Write in a detailed way about Smart Home technology and how it can be used.

   Talk about how the unit will help you in future units.

   Check my progress as I work, and make changes as I go to improve my work.

   Talk about how ICT can be used in future homes in a detailed way, discussing the benefits and
    drawbacks upon people in society.

Task 1: Existing Advanced Technology

Here are some existing technologies which are used in a home. For each one, find a picture,
say what they are used for and what benefits it brings to the people who use them. You will
need to use the internet to help you.

Device                    Picture               What is it used       Benefits to people
                                                for?                  who use them?

Nintendo Wii

DVD Recorder

Wireless Picture

Wireless Router


VOIP Phone

Windows Home Server

Task 2a: Smart Homes

What do you think a smart home is? Use Google Define to find a definition (e.g. “Define

A Smart Home is…

Task 2b: Smart Home Pictures

Using an appropriate Picture Search Engine, find some pictures of some Smart Homes and
paste them below.

Some pictures of Smart Homes are…

Task 3: Smart Home Research:

Undertake some research to find out what the home of tomorrow may be like. In the table
below, find five different pieces of technology which could be in a Smart Home and say what
they would be used for.

Device                         Picture (paste one            What is it used   Benefits to people
                               in)                           for?              who use them?





Here are a few links to get you started (hold CTRL+ CLICK)

Task 4: Your Smart Home

What if you were buying your own Smart Home? What would you put in it?

Using software of your choice, design a plan of what each room in your house would have in
it. Remember, to have the best Smart Home Technology.

An example is below:

      Self cleaning       Electronic Window (digital views)      Auto-open
      oven                                                       draws and
      Computerised                                               when
      Fridge                                                     approach

                                     Auto-raise from
      Video Phone
                                     the floor table             Plasma TV
                                     and chairs.

      Washer /
      Dryer and
                                                                 draws and
                               Also in the room:                 cupboards
      Auto-open                   - Wireless music               when
      draws and                                                  approach
                                  - Mood lights
      cupboards                                                  Auto-Dog
      when                                                       feeder

Software you could use…
Serif DrawPlus                Microsoft Word                  Microsoft Publisher
Serif PagePlus                Microsoft Paint                 Any other software

Task 5 – Extended Report: Assessment

By now you have looked at a range of different pieces of technology which could be used in
society. You now need to pick one and write a short report about them.

   What the piece of technology is you are writing about.
   What is it used for.
   Who would use it
   How much would is cost (estimated)
   What the benefits would be of using the piece of technology.
   What the drawbacks would be of using the piece of technology.
   When do you think the technology would be made available.
   Your overall opinion of the technology and whether you see it taking off (WITH

Your report should be one page or more. Remember to acknowledge your sources and
you can use pictures if needed. You cannot copy and paste text off the internet.


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