historical lense partner project1 by Rf4Q0lEb


									                                      Historical Lens Partner Project

Objective: Explain and provide examples of challenges film-makers face when adapting historical events
and novels for film.

Procedure: Get paired up with a partner and pull up the following site http://www.asjournal.org/168.html

Briefly review each section of the essay and choose which THREE sections you would like to focus your
presentation around.

Section ONE

Items dealing with challenges in historical adaptation: property, cultural history, authenticity, epic space,
word-image-technology and class.

Section TWO

Items dealing with types of adaptations: loose adaptation, faithful adaptation, literal adaptation, and

Section THREE

Items dealing with the parts of adaptations: words, cans and cannots: genres, texture, voice and narrator,
and screenwriting-collaboration.

After you have chosen one item from each section, organize a Power Point presentation with TEN slides
TWO intro slides, SIX slides summarizing information from the sections that you chose, TWO slides with
examples of historical adaptations matching your combination of elements.

For example, property, loose adaptation and genres in the movie Troy (with Brad Pitt)

Take quotes from the article and integrate them into your slides. Include any pictures or outside
information you identify within the body of the article. ie. Titles, actor and producer names etc.

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