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                         2012 — A year full of highlights
                         Exciting tasks await the newly formed
                         management team.

                         Bar code readers — make no
                         compromises when it comes
                         to modularity
                         The BCL 300i modular bar code reader
                         sets new standards in flexibility
                         and cost effectiveness.

Edition No. 08   04/12
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                                                       The year 2012 and the change in
                                                       company management

                                                       In the public perception, the turmoil of the sovereign debt crisis
                                                       drowns out reporting of positive developments on the consumer
                                                       and capital goods markets. The mechanical engineering markets
                                                       in the USA have picked up steam; in China and India the demand
                                                       for mechanical engineering components continues to grow. In
                                                       Germany, the mechanical engineering sector has made a brilliant
                                                       recovery from a serious crisis and has nearly returned to its old
                                                       market volume. This unbridled growth calmed somewhat in the
                                                       second half of 2011, giving companies time to catch their breath.
                                                       From today’s perspective, we expect that this “rest phase” will
                                                       end by the middle of 2012 and that growth will resume.

Contents                                               Mr. Karsten Just, my colleague on the management team,
                                                       led our management organization and expanded it significantly.
04 Bar code readers—make no compromises
     when it comes to modularity                       Mr. Just has left our company and will be assuming an executive
                                                       position with a large, well-known automation specialist in the
     The BCL 300i series of bar code readers
                                                       second quarter. All of us at Leuze electronic thank him for his
05 Detection tasks efficiently solved                   outstanding work and wish him much success in his new role.
     LPS, LES and LRS Light Section Sensors
06 Smart installation of photoelectric sensors         We succeeded in recruiting Dr. Matthias Kirchherr as the succes-
                                                       sor to Mr. Just. Dr. Kirchherr has many years of experience in
     The new 318B Series
                                                       business management in the automation technology industry.
07 Set in place, connect—done!                         With his extensive market- and methodology knowledge in the
     Modular muting system solutions                   development and leadership of sales organizations, he was an
08 Sensor solutions for your applications              ideal choice for us. The entire Leuze team is pleased to have him
     Product highlights                                on board and wishes him every success in his new duties.

10 Mega logisitics at high speed                       The year 2012 will be a “logistics” year. With the BCL 300i bar
     Gigantic luggage logistics at the fastest         code reader and the AMS 300i laser distance measurement
     hub airport in the world
                                                       system, we have positioned new highlight products on the
12 Safely switched vehicle assembly                    market in which we have integrated the user knowledge of our
     Safety sensors on PROFIsafe basis at              customers and service staff. Both offer functions not available
     MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik in Graz               in any device on the market that can be so quickly and easily
14 Error rate nearly zero                              integrated in a machine structure. Just as you would expect from
                                                       the “sensor people”.
     Automated screw logistics at Reyher
16 Gentle and efficient handling of thirst
     Mineral water being transported from filling                                                Dr. Harald Grübel
     to palletizing with Schaefer systems
                                                                                                Managing Director
18 Welcome to Brazil!
     Interview with Mr. Edimilson Mario, Managing
     Director of our subsidiary in São Paulo, Brazil
                                                                                                                     Page 03

                                                            “Working together as an
                                                                international team”

A discussion with                      Manufacturing Engi-
Dr. Matthias Kirchherr, the            neering and Automa-
new managing director of               tion. I then gathered
Leuze electronic GmbH & Co. KG.        experiences in various
                                       sales and management
contact Dr. Kirchherr, You             functions in drive and
 have been the managing director       automation technology.
 of Leuze electronic since             Particularly exciting
 mid-February 2012. What are           for me was working
 your first impressions of the         together with international project        continued expansion of our product
 “sensor people”?                      teams, especially when it involved         portfolio and the penetration of key
                                       supporting larger customers.               markets.
Dr. Kirchherr  .   I have long been
aware of Leuze electronic as an                  .
                                       contact Are you able to utilize                      .
                                                                                  contact What characteristics of
agile and customer-oriented             your collected experiences in your         the ‘sensor people’ will contribute
company that possesses good             new duties at Leuze electronic in a        most significantly to the realization
technology know-how. These              special way?                               of these ambitious goals?
impressions have been confirmed.
I am very impressed with what has      Dr. Kirchherr    .   In the coming         Dr. Kirchherr   .  Above all, a
been achieved up to now and with       years, Leuze electronic will, above        good understanding of our
Leuze electronic’s successes of the    all, orient itself more internationally,   customers’ problems, from the
past years.                            more intensively support know-how          technology to the processes and
                                       transfer, and win and support large        their challenges. But also a close
contact So, you have been              customers in a more targeted               cooperation between all areas of
 involved with Leuze electronic in     manner. This can only succeed if           the company with the common goal
 the past?                             we work together as an interna-            of winning satisfied and successful
                                       tional team. I would like to make my       customers. Team spirit and
Dr. Kirchherr  .   Yes, I actually     contribution in these areas.               dynamism are the characteristics
did have contact with customers                                                   of our employees that we need.
from our target industries of                    .
                                       contact What do you see as
conveyor and storage systems,           your goals and the joint goals in                   .
                                                                                  contact How do you spend your
packaging technology, and               the company?                               free time?
mounting and handling technology.
                                       Dr. Kirchherr    .  We have good           Dr. Kirchherr   .  Having grown up
contact When you speak of              prospects for the future and are           in the same area where I now live
 prior duties: where were your         pursuing a clear strategy. This            with my wife and two daughters,
 areas of focus?                       certainly includes focusing on             aged 14 and 16, I am closely linked
                                       industries, offering more solutions        to nature. Thus, you are likely to
Dr. Kirchherr  .    After completing   and international expansion—par-           find me running, bicycle riding or
my mechanical engineering studies      ticularly in the growth markets of         climbing.
in Stuttgart in 1987, I initially      India and China—but also winning
worked as a research assistant at      more international customers. Of           Thank you for the interview.
the Fraunhofer Institute for           course, this also includes a
          Page 04

                   Bar code readers — make no compromises
                   when it comes to modularity

                                                                                               m o d u la r
                                                                                                  ind ivid ua l se ns
                                                                                                                      or so lut ion s

                   The bar code readers of the BCL 300i series
                   set new standards in equipment options.

                                                The modular concept of the new          wide transport systems. Deflection
                                    Pallet ID   BCL 300i bar code readers enables       mirror and oscillating mirror models
                                                users to select optimally-suited        as well as full code reconstruction
                                                equipment features, thereby             technology (full CRT) for reading
                                                making use of highly flexible and       damaged or soiled codes also
                                                economical solutions.
                                                                                        increase flexibility. The connection
                                                                                        technology does not leave anything
                                                The compact design of the               to be desired—terminals are even
                                                BCL 300i allows the device to be        available in the device hood if
Container identification with variable heights
                                                placed close to the transport           required. The devices can be used
                                                system. Four optionally heatable        as Ethernet switches. Configuration
                                                optics (high, medium, low and ultra     is done in the fieldbus directly via
                                                low density) with high depth of field   the control or outside the fieldbus
                                                and large opening angles guarantee      through the integrated webConfig
                                                reliable detection, especially for      via USB or Ethernet.

                           Tray identification

                                                       Optics / read fields
                                                         High Density (N)
                                                         Medium Density (M)                 Display elements
                     Container identification
                                                         Low Density (F)                      Graphical display
                                                         Ultra Low Density (L)                LED display

                                                                                                                                Oscillating mirror
                                                                                                                                Deflection mirror
                                                                                                                                Front scanner
       Container identification from the side                                                                                    Line scanner
                                                                                                                                Raster scanner

                                                                                                                            Mounting systems

    Container identification with autoReflAct                                                      Interfaces
                                                         Connection technology
                                                           Modular connector hood                   Ethernet TCP/IP
                                                           Modular terminal hood                    multiNet
                                                           Modular terminal box                     RS 232 / 422 / 485
                                                           Connection cable
                                                                                                                      Page 05

                         Detection tasks efficiently solved

New LES 36 light section sensor for simultaneously
capturing geometry and position data

With the LES 36, Leuze electronic       projects a light beam by means of        facilitate flexible customi-
now makes possible the simulta-         laser line lighting. Both the laser as   zation to applications
neous measurement of an object’s        well as the receiver are housed in a     without complicated
height, width and position with just    compact, easy-to-install unit. With      programming. The
one sensor.
                                        the LES 36, the user has in his or       preprocessed
                                        her hands a balanced system for          measurement values
Previously, two sensor pairs and        object measurement in the millime-       are output directly in
complex software programming            ter range. It offers an exceptionally    millimeters via
were typically necessary to accom-      large measurement range extending        Ethernet, PROFIBUS
plish this. Now, just a single LES 36   up to 800 mm in depth and up to          or analog interface.
Line Edge Sensor suffices. This         600 mm in width. Four measure-
sensor does not operate using           ment windows and 16, predefined,
individual light spots. Instead, it     freely configurable inspection tasks

Our LPS, LES and LRS light section sensor family—
unrivaled in cost-effectiveness!

Discover new, economical solutions for your application needs with proven light section
sensor technology. Everywhere objects must be measured in three dimensions or detected
in a larger area, our light section sensors offer a cost-effective alternative to complex
multi-sensor systems.

At home in all dimensions.                 This wide, this tall.                       Present or not present.
LPS Line Profile Sensor                    LES Line Edge Sensor                        LRS Line Range Sensor
  Position, contour and volume               Determination of the position of            Scanning object detection on
  measurement of moving or static            objects via their edges                     a laser line, e.g. for multiple track
  objects                                    Determination of width, height and          transport
  Creation of 3D data via encoder            diameter                                    Presence and absence monitoring
  connection, independent of speed           Web edge control                            in up to 16 windows
  Measurement range: 200 – 800 mm            Measurement range: 200 – 800 mm             Detection area: 200 – 800 mm
  Resolution: 1 – 3 mm                       Resolution: 2 – 5 mm                        Resolution: 2 – 10 mm
                                                                                         Minimum object size: 2 – 6 mm
Page 06

     Smart installation of photoelectric sensors

     The new 318B series is the economical alternative
     when you simply need a photoelectric sensor.

     With the “omni-mount” from Leuze
     electronic, photoelectric sensors
     can be mounted and adjusted
     quicker and more easily.                                                            One device—many

     The new 318B series is not only the                                                      Robust plastic housing in IP 67 for use
     easiest and most economical                                                              in difficult industrial conditions.
     alternative when you need a                                                              2 complementary switching outputs
     photoelectric sensor for your
                                                                                              for light/dark switching operation.
     application. It will also win you over
     with its patented “omni-mount”                                                           Highly visible yellow/green status
     fastening concept. Thanks to its                                                         displays for operation, signal and
     specially-developed mounting nuts,                                                       performance reserve.
     it is a clever mounting concept
                                                        h mo                                  Patented, flexible omni-mount fastening
     and an easy fine adjustment                               untin
                                                                       g                      concept for easy mounting and
     feature in one—and it doesn’t
     cost a cent more.
                                                                                              A2LS active suppression of extraneous
                                                                                              light for low susceptibility to ambient
                                                                                              and stray light.

                                                                                              Easy alignment with the highly visible
                                                                                              brightVision® light spot.

                                                                                              Large operating temperature range
                                                                                              from –40 °C to +60 °C.

             Standard mounting                Fine adjustment

      Object detection                                                 Wood plate detection
                                                                                                                            Page 07

                                      Set in place, connect — done!

                                                                                            m o d u la r
                                                                                               ind ivid ua l se ns
                                                                                                                   or so lut ion s

Flexibly choose modular muting system solutions
and mount them quickly and easily

System manufacturers wishing            access guarding with muting: the       With its spring-mounted foot, the
to implement access guarding            modular system set. An MLD type        UDC Device Column enables easy
with muting are often confronted        Multiple Light Beam Safety Device      and free-standing mounting with
with the problem that numerous          with integrated muting function        automatic resetting after mecha-
individual components need to be
                                        was used as the central element in     nical impacts. All cables are
selected, ordered, installed and
                                        a new UDC Device Column. Great         protected under neutral-colored
matched to one another. All this is
                                        importance was attached to high        covers and laid so they are not
much quicker and easier with the
versatile, pre-mounted Light Beam       availability and freedom from inter-   visible. The Light Beam Safety
Safety Device systems from the          ference, meaning adjustment of the     Device Sets therefore fulfill the
Leuze electronic modular system         system to the safety technology is     requirements for a modern, appeal-
set.                                    not necessary.                         ing and robust system design.

                                                                               All in one
                                                                               The Light Beam Safety Device Set
                                                                               with all its components can be
                                                                               ordered by specifying just a single
                                                                               part no.—instead of many individual
Access guarding with                    Solution                               items. This simplifies the ordering
optical protective                      With the new MLDSET Light              process and everything needed
devices with muting                     Beam Safety Device Sets,               arrives on the same day—pre-
function consists of numerous           Leuze electronic provides well-        mounted and ready for use. If
components that must be electri-        thought-through solutions that         desired, all components contained
cally and mechanically harmonized       incorporate these requirements.        in the modular system can be
with one another to guarantee both      With MLDSET, access guarding           combined in any way. This means
safety and availability.                based on 2- or 3-beam transceiver      a flexible and individual solution
                                        systems with 2- and 4-sensor           can be found for nearly any
Problem areas                           muting can be implemented more         application.
With such protective devices, this is   quickly, easily and consequently
accomplished by ordering various        more cost-effectively. Alongside the
components—in some cases, even          Multiple Light Beam Safety Device
from different suppliers—and then,      with integrated muting indicator,
with great effort, connecting them      they also contain the Deflecting
to create a safety system. That’s       Mirror and the new UDC Device
why it can be difficult to select the   Column which the pre-aligned
right components as early as in the     Muting Sensor Sets can be screwed
planning phase of a system. In          on in any way or connected easily
addition, it is often not until work    to the MLD Light Beam Safety
begins at the setup site that the       Device via an internal local
installation, alignment and commis-     connection box. These
sioning of a muting system are          Muting Sensor Sets are
determined to be critical.              lateral, pre-mounted and
                                        aligned mounting arms
Task                                    that have been equipped with
All of this prompted us to develop      muting Light Beam Devices from
an improved universal concept for       the Leuze electronic 25B series.
      Page 08

              Sensor solutions
              for your applications

Muting Sensor Sets                                 Photoelectric Sensors
Set-AC                                             5 Series

Sets with pre-mounted sensors for quick            Powerful and sturdy photoelectric sensor
and simple muting installation                     for restricted installation situations

 Set variants for 2 and 4 sensor muting             High performance reserve enables reliable
 (parallel, sequential)                             detection even in extreme situations and
 Pre-mounted and aligned muting sensors             reduces the risk of a system standstill
 with complete configuration                         Simple alignment by means of optimized beam
 Ready-to-use design facilitates                    geometry
 mounting                                           Transmitter deactivation for testing and networking
 Immediately ready for operation through optimal    Simple mounting by means of metal threaded sleeves
 mechanical and electrical calibration              integrated in the housing

RFID                                               Bar Code Reader
UHF read/write systems                             BCL 5xxi

RFID solutions for an economically attractive,     Simple handling and wide variety of integrated
practical solution in industrial environments      fieldbus interfaces

 Time-optimized writing to the transponder          Integrated fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet
 while moving past through pre-trans-               connectivity: PROFIBUS, ProfiNet,
 mission of the data to the write unit              Ethernet and multiNet
 Maximum connectivity with all common               Code-Fragment-Technologie (CRT):
 interfaces and fieldbus systems                     enables identification of soiled or
 Depending on the system requirements,              damaged codes
 systems with different ranges                      High depth of field and large opening angle:
 and frequencies can be chosen from                 For wide transport systems
                                                                                                   Page 09

                                                             Sensor solutions
                                                          for your applications

Smart Camera Family                                         Programmable Safety Controllers
LSIS 400i                                                   MSI 200

Flexible, high-performance and easy-to-operate              Simple and convenient monitoring of
smart camera for many applications                          up to 140 safe inputs

 Safe object detection—test for presence,                    Up to 10 safe connectable
 completeness, type, position and                            MSI-EM I/O extensions modules
 orientation                                                 Transfers diagnostic data to the
 Omnidirectional reading of printed and                      PLC via optional MSI-FB fieldbus
 directly marked 1D- and 2D-codes                            modules
 Compact device with electronic focus adjustment             Screw terminal blocks or spring-
 and integrated illumination (white, infrared or color)      cage terminal blocks, freely interchangeable
 Flexible C-mount models by free choice of lens focal
 length and external illumination

Forked Sensors                                              Mounting solutions for sensors
(I)GSU 14C                                                  Intelligent fastening concepts

Precise detection of labels or                              Installation systems and protective covers—
reliable detection of splices                               Install quickly and protect reliably

 Detection of paper, transparent and metal-                  Universal sensor fastening on rods
 lic labels at conveyor speeds of up to 4 m/s                Precisely align sensor in all three
 Simple adjustment via teach-in by pressing                  planes and secure
 a button or remote calibration                              Sturdy metal cover protects the
 Detection of splices in paper                               sensor
 or plastic webs at conveyor speeds of                       Sensor is aligned and secured
 up to 40 m/s                                                independent of the protective cover
                                                             (easily accessed)
Page 10

     Mega logisitics at high speed

     Gigantic luggage logistics at the fastest hub airport in the world
     have been equipped with Leuze electronic sensors

                                                                     at the Frankfurt         High reliability with
                                                                     Airport. Fraport AG,     Leuze electronic sensors
                                                                     the operating com-
                                                                     pany of the Frankfurt    The highly complex logistic system
                                                                     Airport international    is a high-speed sorting center which
                                                                     air traffic hub, guar-   manages up to 120,000 pieces of
                                                                     antees connection        luggage a day at peak times—even
                                                                     times of a minimum       with all the security regulations.
                                                                     of 45 minutes in         “Thousands of sensors control the
                                                                     which the transfer       branches of the currently over
                                                                     luggage is unloaded,     77 kilometer-long transport system
                                                                     sorted, transported      to bring suitcases and bags
                                                                     and reloaded. In         between Terminal 1 and 2 as well
                                                                     this time span,          as the airport ramp station to their
                                                                     multi-stage automatic    destinations,” reports Regner,
                                                                     luggage screening        Graduate Engineer at Fraport AG.
                                                                     is performed. With          With the newest version of
                                                                     the short connecting     the KA 973 readers from Leuze
                                                                     times for passengers     electronic (Figures 2+3), he works
     The luggage logistics for check-in              and luggage, the gigantic Frankfurt      on optimizing the reliability rate
     and transfer luggage at the Frank-              Airport (FRA) is one of the fastest      which, with an impressive 99.83%,
     furt Airport is a highly complex                hub airports in the world. When          has already almost reached 100%.
     system that spans the airport.                  you consider that an arriving flight     The readers are part of a sophisti-
     Readers from Leuze electronic                   contains passengers for up to            cated container recognition system
     on the branches of the transport
                                                     85 connecting flights, it really is a    and consist of three PRK 3B
     systems contribute significantly to
                                                     one-of-a-kind logistical achieve-        Reflection Light Beam Devices with
     the passengers’ luggage reaching
     its destination quickly and reliably.           ment to uphold the minimum con-          polarization filters and an additional
                                                     nection time for all simultaneous        HRTR 3B reflection light scanner
     The luggage conveyor system (LCS)               connections spread throughout the        with background suppression.
     is at the heart of luggage handling             entire airport (Figure 1).

                                                                                              Reading binary code at
                                                                                              high speeds
          Figure 1: Fail-safe container detection with Leuze electronic sensors in
                          the high-speed logistics system at the Frankfurt Airport.           With their technical specifications,
                                                                                              such as the switching frequency
                                                                                              or required light-spot size, the
                                                                                              retro-reflective photoelectric
                                                                                              sensors from Leuze electronic meet
                                                                                              the requirements for high-speed
                                                                                              container recognition.
                                                                                              A total of 18,000 containers are
                                                                                              constantly in circulation. Affixed
                                                                                              to the side of each container is
                                                                                              an encoding strip which contains
                                                                                              a binary code over a length of
                                                                                                                          Page 11

                                                                                                               Figure 3: Read stations
                                                                                                               from Leuze electronic
                                                                                                               regulate the branches in
                                                                                                               the conveyor paths of the
                                                                                                               luggage conveyor system
                                                                                                               at the Frankfurt Airport.

Figure 2: On the back of the read stations, operating
states such as voltage supply, warning signal, pre-clock
signal, clock signal, and info signal are displayed via LED.

780 mm. Their reflection fields are
20 mm (high signal) and the dark
fields (low signal) in-between are                            Figure 4: In some areas, containers move at speeds of up to 10 m/s.
18 mm wide. If these are put into
the context of the conveyor speeds
(Figure 4), immense reading               Leuze electronic is 1,000 Hz—this          even when damage or soiling is
frequencies result.                       requirement is therefore fulfilled.        present. “The new readers with
   “In some areas, such as through           Even in regard to the required          polarization filter Light Beam
long, straight tunnel paths, the          light-spot size as well as the             Devices and light scanners from
containers move at speeds of 5 m/s, compact design, the PRK 3B is                    Leuze electronic contribute
sometimes even at 10 m/s test             optimal. Franz Regner specified            significantly to that fact that we
speeds,” states Regner. Because           a size of 5 to 6 mm so that the            can successfully manage the most
the speeds are reduced for changes respective contact surface is                     intensive hub luggage handling
in direction due to the enormous          covered to the greatest possible           system worldwide,” sums up
centrifugal forces, the reading loca-     extent to ensure reliable detection        Franz Regner.
tions with the Leuze
electronic sensors are
designed for 5 m/s.
                               Extensive sensor competence for you
4 milliseconds
remain for reading
                                                                                                                     ROD 4plus
a bit at 5 m/s. The             LPS 36
                                                                                                                     Area scanning
switching frequen-              light section sensors
                                                                                                                     distance sensor
cy of the PRK 3B
Reflection Light
Beam Devices from

                                                                        MSPi systems
                                                                        Modular scanner portals
 Page 12

           Safely switched vehicle assembly

           Safety sensors on PROFIsafe basis
           at MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik in Graz

           The flexible, advanced production                                                     Figure 2: During rear floor
           systems at MAGNA STEYR in Graz                                                        assembly of the RCZ, the robot
           are characterized by robots in                                                        cell with movable carriage is
           assembly cells which practically                                                      protected by the COMPACTplus
           work hand in hand with their                                                          Safety Light Curtain on the sides
           human colleagues. Safety at work                                                      and ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser
           is the top priority here. System                                                      Scanners from Leuze electronic on
           manufacturer EBZ has created a                                                        the floor horizontally and vertically
           perfect safety concept based on                                                       from above.
           PROFIsafe with safety sensors
           from Leuze electronic for the
           construction of Peugeot RCZ
           vehicle bodies.

           MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik
           AG & Co KG, located in Graz, with            of services with highly-flexible
           its Engineering and Vehicle Contract         development and manufacturing
           Manufacturing divisions, belongs to          strategies—from sub-systems such
           the MAGNA STEYR Group and                    as door modules, tank or roof
           thereby to one of the largest and            systems to the entire vehicle, from
           most highly diversified automotive           small series to peak load coverage
           suppliers in the world. OEMs                 and high-volume production.
           (Original Equipment Manufacturers)              The flexible production lines allow
           and VMs (Vehicle Manufacturers)              MAGNA STEYR to manufacture
           provide solutions for a wide range           several different types of vehicles in
                                                        one line. This not only requires that
                                                        personal, but also robots and tools,
                                                        are highly adaptable. The combina-
                                                        tion of manual activities with auto-
                                                        mated processes creates a spatially
                                                        close working area for humans and
                                                        machines which demands a very
                                                        sophisticated safety concept
                                                        (Figure 1). A typical area in which
                                                        robots work almost hand in hand
                                                        with their human colleagues in
                                                        assembly cells is the manufacture
                                                        of vehicle bodies, or more spe-
                                                        cifically, the construction of the
                                                        Peugeot RCZ sport coupé. “The
                                                        Peugeot RCZ is the first entire
Figure 1: Insertion of vehicle body parts into the
holders of the robot cells is done manually. This is    vehicle that PSA Peugeot Citroën
why the access area has to be reliably protected in     has assigned to MAGNA STEYR,”
both vertical and horizontal directions. To the left,   explains Raimund Linortner from
the COMPACTplus Safety Light Curtain from               the System Project Management
Leuze electronic.                                       department in Graz.
                                                                                                                 Page 13

 Figure 3: Side wall assembly of                                              Curtains and the ROTOSCAN RS4
   the Peugeot RCZ sport coupé                                                Safety Laser Scanners feature an
at MAGNA STEYR, during which                                                  integrated PROFIBUS DP connector
      the left and right car wings
                                                                              unit. The functional extension
    are placed at the ready by an
                                                                              of PROFIsafe enables the entire
employee, makes the need for a
                                                                              operation of non-safe standard
  safe access system very clear.
                                                                              automation devices and safety
                                                                              devices on the PROFIBUS DP.
                                                                                 “We do not need separate
                                                                              terminal boxes for the Leuze
                                                                              electronic safety sensors. They are
                                                                              directly connected to the bus,”
                                                                              Kollmann is happy to say. The
                                                                              PROFIsafe sensors do not require
                                                                              any modifications in the existing
                                                                              hardware components and can be
                                                                              integrated easily into existing
 Safety in the assembly cell         service provider in the vehicle body     systems. The PROFIsafe communi-
 feeding-in area                     construction sector, executes all        cation standard presents a consid-
                                     work from the development of             erable potential for savings due to
 In total, there are 23              components to the commissioning          wiring and the diversity of parts;
 industrial robots linked to         and optimization of the system.          furthermore, it offers the advantage
 one another in this                    Both requirements set are             of retrofitability, which then helps
 production section. They            fulfilled by the combination of          create the flexibility demanded at
 handle in a highly dynamic          COMPACTplus Safety Light                 MAGNA STEYR.
 manner vehicle body parts           Curtains and ROTOSCAN RS4
 and welding tools. There            Safety Laser Scanners from
 are also 16 insertion points        Leuze electronic (Figure 2). While
 where employees enter the           the COMPACTplus Light Curtains
 robot working areas in              protect the vertical access area,          This may be interesting
 order to place new                  meaning disabling the respective           to you as well
 components into the                 system when the Safety Light
 system. In each of these            Curtain is crossed, the
 points, it must be ensured          ROTOSCAN RS4 Laser Scanners
 that no person or object            guard the so-called stepping-                           SOLID-4E
                                                                                             Safety Light
 can enter the area while            behind area. The Safety Laser                           Curtains
 the robots are working.             Scanners are area scanners. This
 “In addition, no one can be         type 3 electro-sensitive protective
 in one of these areas when,         equipment reliably detects bodies,
 after new components have           legs, arms or hands in protected
 been fed in, the assembly           field contours which can be config-
 cell has been re-enabled,”          ured in any dimensions (Figure 3).
 adds Josef Kollmann from
 EBZ SysTec GmbH,
                                                                                                            MSI 100/200
 Ravensburg. The project             PROFIsafe in connection                                                Programmable
 leader responsible for the                                                                                 Safety Controllers
 electronics of the assembly         What Kollmann particularly empha-
 system belongs to the EBZ           sizes is the application profile. Both
 Group team which, as a              the COMPACTplus Safety Light
                                                                                                       MLD 500
                                                                                                       Multiple Light Beam
                                                                                                       Safety Devices
Page 14

     Error rate nearly zero

     Sensors for error-free, automated screw logistics at Reyher

                                                               With regard to the           Optimized compressor workplaces
                                                            issue of absence of
                                                            errors, Klaus Mundt also        Throughout the entire Reyher
                                                            explains why he prefers         logistics center, the picking of the
                                                            the sensors from Leuze          customer orders is handled based
                                                            electronic in the various       on 60,000 pallets and 120,000
                                                            storage and logistics areas     container locations in three storage
                                                            (Figures 1+2): “Delivering      areas (Figure 4). Here, customer
                                                            more than 15,000 differ-        orders, possibly with multiple
                                                            ent products each day           containers from different storage
                                                            means moving over 15,000        areas, are merged into so-called
                                                            containers, boxes or pal-       sorters. From there, the collected
                                                            lets—often many times.          containers go to “compressor
                                                            To identify these, we work      workplaces” where the products are
                                                            with roughly 100 bar code       manually repacked into their final
                                                            readers. Manufacturers          shipment packaging.
                                                            usually offer such devices        During the course of the capacity
                                                            with a very high error resis-   expansion in hall 12, with a work-
                                                            tance. Yet, even with an        space of 7,500 m2, the section of
     Figure 1: Warehousing and removal in one               error rate that appears to
     of three high-bay warehouses for pallets.              be quite low—two percent,
                                                            for instance—this means         Figure 2: Container handling technology
                                                            that there would still be       in the package shipping area.
     Reyher is one of the largest                several hundred faulty packages
     trading firms for innovative                in transit each day. With bar code
     connecting components and                   readers from Leuze electronic,
     mounting technology. Klaus                  our rate of erroneous readings is
     Mundt, head of technology at                nearly zero”.
     Reyher, has for many years now                 These devices are stationary
     consistently utilized sensors               installed bar code readers
     from Leuze electronic in Reyher’s           (e.g., BCL 34, Figure 3) and
     highly-automated logistics. This            bar code positioning systems
     is also true of their newest project        (BPS). “We use the latter along
     at present, that is again being             with other systems from Leuze
     carried out in cooperation with             electronic; for example, AMS laser
     plant automation firm                       distance measurement systems,
     U.C.S Industrieelektronik.                  for the precise positioning of
                                                 high-bay storage devices,” adds
     “Automation makes our processes             Thomas Ludwig, the responsible
     more efficient and error-free,”             project manager from U.C.S.
     stresses Klaus Mundt, who gauges            Industrieelektronik GmbH. The
     performance of automated screw              innovative partner for system
     logistics with regard to material           control and automation, located
     handling based on quickness,                in Wedel/Holstein, Germany,
     delivery flexibility, delivery quality      implements the warehouse and
     and the absence of errors.                  logistics automation for Reyher.
                                                                                                                         Page 15

the shipping area performed with         fully-automatic Kanban containers          of high-bay storage devices and
Kanban containers was separated          from the shelves is handled by two         optical, high-performance data
and recreated. What is essential         high-bay storage devices. They             transmission systems (DDLS) from
in conjunction with this is that         travel over a 60 meter long track—         Leuze are employed for flexible
the empty Kanban containers are          equipped with a bar code position-         data transmission from the moving
supplied automatically and at            ing system from Leuze electronic.          vehicles.
the right time to the compressor            AMS laser distance measurement
workplaces via three respective          systems from Leuze electronic
pallet storage spaces. Provision of      are used for the exact positioning         Matched safety components
                                                                                    within a set

                                                                                    As the pallets with the empty
                                                                                    Kanban containers are supplied
                                                                                    directly to the compressor work-
                                                                                    places, and therefore moving
                                                                                    components automatically arrive
                                                                                    directly in the workplaces, these
                                                                                    must be protected with the appro-
                                                                                    priate safety devices. With the
                                                                                    muting function, the pallets with the
                                                                                    containers can travel out of the
                                                                                    areas protected by light barriers
                                                                                    without triggering a switching signal
                                                                                    when traversing a light barrier
                          Figure 3: Bar code reading with BCL 34 and                protected field. “Together with all
                          contour inspections with photoelectric sensor             of the sensor tasks in logistics
                          of the 46 series in goods receiving.                      automation, at Reyher we have also
                                                                                    implemented the muting applica-
                                                                                    tions quickly, simply and economi-
                                                                                    cally in this way, with CPSET Light
                                                                                    Beam Safety Device Sets and
                                                                                    top-quality and reliable optoelec-
                                                                                    tronics from Leuze electronic—
                                                                                    ergo everything from a single
                                                                                    source,” notes U.C.S. project
                                                                                    manager Thomas Ludwig with
                          Figure 4: Workplace in the container picking area.        satisfaction.

                             You have the application—we have the right sensor

                                                                                                    MLD 500
                                                IT 1300g                                            Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices
                                                Hand-held readers                                   with integrated muting
                                                for bar codes

                                                                 HRTR 25B
                                                                 Diffuse reflection light scanner
                                                                 with background suppression
     Page 16

              Gentle and efficient handling of
              thirst quenchers

              Mineral water being transported from filling to palletizing with
              Schaefer systems and Leuze electronic sensors

              BUQ is one of the leading
              producers of mineral water in
              Germany and primarily supplies
              discount stores. In several filling
              systems for mineral water and soft
              drinks, containers are transported,
              grouped and palletized in a
              particularly economic manner with
              Schaefer systems in Baruth
              (Figure 1). Extraordinary mechan-
              ics, also regarding the Schaefer
              pallet transport system, is comple-
              mented by the excellent sensor
              systems from Leuze electronic.

                 Schaefer has trusted the reliability                                Figure 1: Schaefer system with Light Beam Device Sets.
                 of Leuze electronic products for
                 many years. A particular advan-
                 tage for the installation in Baruth       everyday operations. Leuze
                 was that everything needed was            electronic sensors fulfill these
                                        found in the       requirements easily (Figure 2).
                                        product range        A special feature in the area of
                                        of the “sensor     safety at work are the new MLD
Water from Baruth                       people” from       complete systems with Multiple
                                        Owen—from          Light Beam Safety Devices from the
In 1994, a spring was drilled in
Baruth, south of Berlin, and a          scanners (in       MLD 500 series. They allow access
filling system was built. Since this    metal/plastic      guarding systems with muting to be
system was started up, mineral          housing) to        built in the shortest possible time.
water has bubbled out of the            light barriers     An MLD complete system contains
spring which is not only sold as        and complete       a safety sensor with muting indica-
such, but is also used in carbon-
ated soft drinks. Back then,            systems as well    tor in addition to Device Columns,
disposable glass bottles were           as sensors with    Deflecting Mirrors, Muting Mount-
filled; starting at the beginning       special func-      ing Systems, muting Light Beam
of 2000, Brandenburger                  tions, e.g. sen-   Devices, reflectors, terminal boxes,
Urstromquelle (BUQ) GmbH                sitivity adjust-   cabling accessories and the            Figure 2: Sensors during pallet transfer.
changed to PET bottles. These are
predominantly sold by German,           ment and quick     MSI-RM2 Safety Relay—all in one
but also Austrian and French,           alignment. The     set, pre-mounted in accordance
discount stores under different         high functional    with requirements (Figure 3). Thanks
brand names, for example as             reliability of     to the industry-standard M12 plug
Brandenburger Urstromquelle or          sensors for        and pre-configuration, the compo-        The conveyor systems from
Baruther Johannesbrunnen.
                                        depolarizing       nents can nearly be installed com-     Schaefer begin after the filling
                                        media is an        pletely via Plug & Play. This allows   system and the following shrink
                 additional benefit; after all, see-       optimal fulfillment of the demands     packer with the so-called handle
                 through PET bottles, clear liquids        on short start-up times, simplifies    applicator—the device that applies
                 and transparent foils are part of         mounting and reduces costs.            the practical carrying straps to the
                                                                                                                         Page 17

   containers wrapped in foil. Thomas       optimal operation, i.e. impact-
   Weber, head of control technology        free transport and gentle                           Figure 3: Complete systems contain all
   at Schaefer, highlights the impor-       buffering with the highest                      components—including displays and control
   tance of the sensor systems used:        possible product and transport                           units with reset buttons (on fence).
   “Both in the container transport and     stability. In addition, the
   distortion monitoring systems, the       layer formation process is
   Leuze electronic sensor systems          becoming increasingly
   have proven themselves without           dynamic, yet it remains
   a doubt.” This is why the sensors        just as precise. Therefore,
   from this manufacturer are found         the sensors that are used
   throughout the entire system to ful-     must meet these require-
   fill detection, measuring, positioning   ments. At Schaefer, the
   and safety at work tasks (Figure 4).     functionality and reliabil-
       All scanners and Reflection Light    ity of the products from
   Beam Devices in the conveyor line        Leuze electronic have
   ensure that the signals necessary        proven themselves time
   for a smooth material flow which         and time again.
   can be set reliably are created.            PatternBUILDER and
   State-oriented, Profibus-based           RoboTURN together with
   control technology guarantees            the MultiROB highS pallet-
                                            izing robot create a logical               Figure 4: Pallets before driving to the rotary table.
                                            concept for palletizing
                                            with simple interfaces to foreign
                                            systems. As soon as the containers
Still more sensor                           enter the RoboTURN machine
solutions for you                           area, parallel process steps are
                                            performed in MultiROB highS.
                                            A special handling device, the
         LPS 36
         light section sensors              so-called cardboard swivel
                                            machine, supplies stacked cartons
                                            in the machine for the surface and
                                            intermediate layers in a manner
                                            optimal for the required processes
                                            and stacks them in layers.
                                               Michael Koch, head of construc-
                                            tion at Schaefer, had this to say
                                            about the complete solution:
                                            “We achieve high performance with
               LSIS 4xxi                    our systems in a small amount of     available to them.” The equipment
               Smart Camera                 space, meaning we provide high       of the Baruth system with sensors
               Series                       performance density at good energy   from Leuze electronic is the
                                            efficiency. A few years ago, two     guarantee for high system
                                            machines were necessary to           availability since the combination
                                            manage this performance require-     of the robust machine con-
Vario B                                     ment. Now this performance is        struction from Schaefer and
Measuring and switching                     accomplished with just one           the sensor technology from
light curtains                              machine. This means that custom-     Leuze electronic creates the
                                            ers have more valuable space         optimum technical solution.
Page 18

     Welcome to Bra zil!

                            Edimilson Mario is managing director of our subsidiary in Brazil.
                            Born in São Paulo and with many years of experience in the
                            electronics industry, he knows the rapidly growing machine
                            market back to front. Naturally, he can also best tell us what
                            we can’t miss on our next visit to Brazil.

     contact Could you please                           .
                                             contact How has Leuze                  team of engineers distributes to
      briefly introduce yourself to our       electronic developed in Brazil        the entire organization the infor-
      readers and tell us how you came        until now?                            mation gleaned in regular training
      to Leuze electronic?                                                          courses in Germany as well as new
                                             Mario  .   Leuze electronic Brazil     applications that we discover in our
     Mario  .   Bom dia! I was born in       was established in 1994. From          markets.
     São Paulo in 1965 and earned my         São Paulo, we, along with the
     degree in electronics engineering       regional managers in Porto Alegre                 .
                                                                                    contact Do you also produce
     at the FEI engineering school in the    and Campinas, support an ever-          safety sensor systems locally for
     city of São Bernardo do Campo in        growing distribution network that       the South American market?
     1987. I completed my practical          covers even distant places such as
     training in the Passive Components      Manaus or the rain forest region at    Mario  .   Yes, we have been install-
     division of Siemens Brazil. In 1995     the border to Argentina in southern    ing safety light curtains since 2000.
     I decided to try my luck with a new     South America. We have estab-          As a result, we are able to offer
     start outside of the electronics        lished a very efficient supply chain   products with short delivery times
     industry and joined Norton, an          with the advantage of very short        at competitive prices. Our pro-
     abrasives manufacturer which            delivery times. At the same time,        duction site is subject to periodic
     belongs to Saint-Gobain Abrasives,      our location in São Paulo is also a      quality audits as we must satisfy
     as a marketing manager. This            hub for know-how: from here, our          the exact same quality stan-
     turned out to be a very good                                                      dards as our parent company.
     decision, as I was able to learn a                                                 Because we install systems
     great deal there about sales,
     marketing and distribution strate-
     gies. In 1997 “home sickness”
     drove me back to the electronics
     industry to the newly founded
     Brazilian subsidiary of the German
     company HARTING. For me, this
     was an opportunity to be involved
     with the establishment of a
     company right from the start. In
     2009 I switched to Leuze electronic
     Brazil, where I have since felt quite
     at home.

                                                                                        M an au s, Am                    C ar neva l co
                                                                                                        azon                              st ume,
                                                     Igua zú wa terfa
                                                                                                                                                    Page 19

                                                                                                                         IN SIDER TIP
                                                                                                                          S ão Pau lo

                       on-site, we can also perform main-                    of the future. Then—during the
                       tenance work on our safety light                      difficult times of the 80s—hope-
                       curtains on very short notice.                        lessness became widespread
                                                                             among the populace and almost
                       contact What are the most                             no one believed that the situation
                        important industries for your                        would again improve. Today, Brazil
                        business?                                            offers an interesting combination of
                                                                             a giant domestic market, a massive      Sightseeing in downtown São Paulo.
                       Mario  .    The automotive indus-                     food production industry, large         Why? Normally, people come to São
                       try is, without a doubt, of great                     energy resources, social peace and      Paulo for meetings and are always in a
                       importance—here, Brazil has a                         a stable democracy. As a result,        hurry. As a result, they completely forget
                       production volume approaching                         Brazil was able to develop into one     that the city also has a great deal to
                       4 million units per year. Our                         of the five largest economies.          offer from a touristic point of view.
                       success in this industry is based
                       on our international presence, our                               .
                                                                             contact Since the start of 2011,        São Paulo was founded 457 years ago
                       range of products and our team’s                       new regulations have been in place     by the Jesuits, and you can still visit the
                       excellent qualifications.                              for safety products in Brazil. What    place where everything began, the Pátio
                                                                                                                     do Colégio. Located just a short distance
                       The food and beverages industry                        special services do you offer your
                                                                                                                     away is the Dom Catedral da Sé, an im-
                       is also an important sector if one                     customers?                             pressive building that is certainly worthy
                       considers the 194 million residents                                                           of an extended
                       alone. In addition to this, Brazilian                 Mario  .   We realized that it is not   visit. Afterward,
                       companies are among the heavy-                        enough to simply offer products         you should take
                                                                                                                     a stroll along
                       weights of the food industry on an                    in order to effectively support our
                                                                                                                     Rua Direita,
                       international level as well.                          customers. We are, therefore,           which leads to
                                                                             also active as safety consultants       Vale do Anhaga-
                       contact Brazil is considered to                       who assess the current state of         baú, and then
                        be South America’s growth engine.                    machines with respect to safety         on to Rua Barão
                                                                                                                     de Itapetininga
                        How do you asses the economic                        and prepare reports with the steps
                                                                                                                     to the República
                        development of the country in the                    that must be taken to satisfy the       Plaza. A market
                        coming years?                                        relevant safety standards. Our          is held here
                                                                             networked distributors and system       on Sundays at
                                            Mario        .
                                                       In the                integrators are able to install all     which arts and
                                                                                                                     crafts are sold.
                                           past, the general                 necessary equipment and can
                                                                                                                     The entire sight-
                                           consensus was that                thereby ensure that all safety          seeing trip lasts
                                           Brazil is the country             inspections are passed.                 two hours. And,
                                                                                                                     if you then are hungry for a hearty meat
                                                                                               Welcome to            dish, you are certain to satisfy your craving
                                                                                                                     with a “churrascaria”.
                                                                                                                     Bom apetite!

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