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									           TRIG1-PT    JULY 2007

Terrain Rainwater Systems
               Installation Guide
Distinctive shapes.
Exceptional performance.
Quality product, innovation and outstanding service – the combined promise
that ensures every one of the Terrain five rainwater drainage systems will
surpass your requirements, whatever the installation you’re specifying.

Large or small; residential or commercial; in the public sector or as part of an
industrial development, in terms of both capacity and design aesthetics the
Terrain range of products is impossible to beat.

Each Terrain system comprises fully integrated gutter and downpipe assemblies
as well as outlets for balconies and flat roofs, and includes all the fittings and
accessories needed for easy installation.

Features and benefits

■   Captive seals in all gutter systems
■   Combination clipping system for quick reliable installation
■   Fixing locations positioned outside the wet areas
■   Expansion markings on ALL gutter fixings
■   Dry jointed spigot-socket downpipe system
■   EN607/EN12200/EN1462 Approved

                          True half-round profile
                          Ideal for houses, smaller commercial buildings
                          and offices. Can drain roof areas up to 122m2
                          with a single downpipe. Capacity per outlet
                          2.54 litres/sec.*

                          Square profile
                          A popular, modern system suiting domestic houses,
                          bungalows and conservatories. Can
                          drain roof areas up to 149m2 with a single downpipe.
                          Capacity per outlet 3.11 litres/sec.*

                          Large square profile
                          A high capacity system ideal for commercial
                          properties and larger houses. Can drain roof
                          areas up to 294m2 with a single downpipe. Capacity
                          per outlet 6.11 litres/sec.*

                          Deep elliptical profile
                          A high capacity system suiting all styles of property.
                          Ideal for large roof areas or areas with higher than
                          normal rainfall. Can drain roof areas
                          up to 266m2 with a single downpipe. Capacity per
                          outlet 5.53 litres/sec.*

                          Ogee profile
                          Ideal for the more distinctive house, also suiting
                          bungalows and conservatories. Can drain roof areas
                          up to 242m2 with a single downpipe. Capacity per
                          outlet 5.04 litres/sec.*

                          Roof and Balcony Outlets
                          Outlets available for all flat roof and balcony
                          structures and drain vent systems
                          (For large roof areas use Terrain Siphonics –
                          see separate catalogue)

*For full capacity specifications please see System Planning on
page 5.

■   FIXING AND CONNECTIONS                                            4
                             Fixing centres and expansion joints      4

■   SYSTEM PLANNING                                                   5
                             Design principles                        5
                             Flow load calculations                   5

■   GUTTER FITTING                                                   6-8
                             Handling                                  6
                             Gutter installation                       6
                             Fixing principles                         7
                             Fixing brackets                           7
                             Support strap                             8
                             Drive-in brackets                         8

■   DOWNPIPE FITTING                                                9-10
                             Offsets                                   9
                             Adjustable pipe clips                     9
                             Outlet guard                              9
                             Rainwater shoes                           9
                             Rainwater heads                          10
                             Connection to buried pipes               10
                             Outlet adaptor                           10

■   DOWNPIPE FIXING                                                  11
                             Jointing                                11

■   BALCONY OUTLETS                                                  12

■   SMALL ROOF OUTLETS                                               12

■   LARGE ROOF OUTLETS                                             13-14
                             Grid options                             13

                                     Fixing and connections
                                        Fixing and connections
    FIXING CENTRES AND                                         The purpose of the sight holes is to allow    For roof outlets
                                                               sight of the top of the pipe
    EXPANSION JOINTS                                           being fitted from below. When this            APPLICATION RANGE:
                                                               pipe end obscures half of the aperture you
    Thermal movement                                           have the correct expansion gap.                                  Downpipe          82
                                                               The maximum distance between
    When fixing gutter, allowance must be                      expansion joints should not exceed
    made for thermal movement and all                          5.5 metres/18ft.                                                 Downpipe          110

    Terrain outlets, angles and joint brackets
    are engraved with the appropriate                          Applicable to: all Terrain gutter systems     Applicable to: 82mm and 110mm
    expansion gaps. It is important that the                   and downpipe assemblies                       round pipework used with roof outlets
    gutter is correctly fitted into these fittings
    taking due care to place the cut end of                    Maximum distance between:                     Maximum distance between:
    the gutter on the line marked. It is                       Gutter support brackets*:        1 metre*     Vertical pipe fixing clips: 2 metres
    important that the expansion gaps are                      Gutter expansion joints:         4 metres     Pipe expansion joints:      4 metres†
    maintained when gutter is fitted and must                  Pipe fixing clips:               2 metres
    not be spaced to exceed 4 metres/13ft                      Pipe expansion joints:           5.5 metres   †NOTE: Anchor expansion couplings with
    centres.                                                                                                 140 Pipe Fixing Clip to prevent thermal
                                                               *NOTE: Support centres for gutters subject    expansion upthrust from rupturing joint
    In the case of dry jointing downpipe each                  to risk of heavy snow fall should be          between roof outlet and finish
    fitting clip has a sight hole provided on                  reduced to 800mm (max)
    the front of it. (2113.25C, 2216.23 and
    the 82mm and 110mm fitting clips do not
    have sight holes.)
                                                          Maximum 4.0 metres                                                                            line
                                                          between expansion Joints

                                                                                     11mm gap
                                                                                                                                           11 mm gap


                                                1 metre


                     10 mm                                                                                              Sight               Moulded
                  expansion                                                                                                                               10mm
                        gap                                                                                                                               expansion

                                     Maximum                                                                                                 Pipe & Fitting Clip
                                     2.0 m pipe
                                     supports                                                                Fig.3

                                                          5.5 m

                                                                                                             Fit expansion            12mm
                                                                                                             coupling immediatly      expansion
                                                                                                             under roof outlet        gap
    Fig.1                                                                                                                               140 Pipe Fixing Clip
                                                                                                             111 Expansion
                                                                                                             Anchor coupling         2.0m
                                                                                                             with 140 Pipe           between
                                                                                                             Fixing Clip to          supports
                                                                                                             prevent upthrust                     Maximum 4.0m
                                                                                                             due to thermal                       between expansion
                                                                                                             expansion from          12mm
                                                                                                             breaking joint          Expansion
                                                                                                             between outlet          coupling
                                                                                                             and roof finish


                                            System planning
                                              System planning
Design principles                          This is allowed for in the ‘BS EN          Flow load calculations
                                           12056-3:2000’ calculation method
Sizing of rainwater installations          by adding half the rise to the roof
There is an approved BS EN method          span.                                                   Downpipe                 Level          Gutter
for the calculation of roof flow load,                                                                                      gutter        1:350 fall
and the following general guidelines       Roof Flow Load:                                         Size/Type (mm)        Area Flow       Area Flow
and assumptions on sizing of               How to calculate it                                                           (m2)    (l/s)   (m2)   (l/s)
rainwater installations are based on       There are two factors to consider          Position A   2100 crescent
this. For detailed guidance on a           when calculating flow. Firstly the area                 68 round               46      0.96    61        1.27
particular project, please refer to ‘BS    to be drained, or ‘effective roof area’;                2200 corniche
EN 12056-3:2000 Gravity Drainage           and the intensity of rainfall.                          62 square              53      1.10    72        1.50
Systems Inside Buildings – Roof            For the intensity of rainfall you should                2300 streamline
Drainage, Layout and Calculations’, or     assume 75mm/hr except for enclosed                      75 square
contact Terrain Technical Services on      areas such as lightwells and flat roofs.                82 and 110 round      123      2.56   147        3.06
01622 795200.
                                           Effective Roof Area                                     2400 rapidflow
Rainfall                                   Effective Roof Area can be calculated                   68 and 82 round       105      2.19   133        2.77
In the UK, it is generally satisfactory    using the following formula, as                         2500 omega
for eaves gutters to be designed for       illustrated in Fig.5.                                   62 square
a rainfall intensity of 75mm/hr. The                                                               68 round               96      2.00   121        2.52
predicted frequency of storms              ERA(m2) =(W + H/2) x L (Fig.5)
producing intensities of 75mm/hr is        KEY:
low, with just one 2 minute duration       ERA =       Effective Roof Area
fall of such intensity anticipated each
                                                                                      Position B   2100 crescent
                                                       (square metres)                             68 round               37      0.77    49        1.02
year.                                      W       =   horizontal distance from
                                                                                                   2200 corniche
A good factor of safety is therefore                   eaves to point directly
                                                                                                   62 square              42      0.87    58        1.21
built into any design using these                      below ridge
                                           H       =   vertical rise between
                                                                                                   2300 streamline
values. However, when designing for
                                                       eaves and ridge (metres)                    75 square
closed areas such as lightwells, flat
                                           L       =   gutter length (metres)                      82 and 110 round      103      2.14   123        2.56
roofs or similar the rainfall intensity
value allowed for should be                                                                        2400 rapidflow
                                           Calculating the actual flow                             68 and 82 round        86      1.79   109        2.27
increased. Again, please refer to          Once you have calculated the ERA,
‘BS EN 12056-3:2000’.                                                                              2500 omega
                                           for 75mm/hr rainfall intensity
                                                                                                   62 square
Snow                                       FLOW (litres/second) =                                  68 round               77      1.60    97        2.02
‘BS EN 12056-3:2000’ sets out              ERA (m2) x 0.0208
(Section NB4) design requirements
for snow which should be taken             For other rainfall intensities
into account. In areas where high                                                     Position C   2100 crescent
                                           FLOW = ERA (m2) x rainfall intensity                    68 round               92      1.91   122        2.54
snow loads are common, or where            (mm/hr)/3600 = litres/second
smooth roofing surfaces are used,                                                                  2200 corniche
gutter support brackets should be                                                                  62 square             113      2.36   149        3.11
fixed at a maximum of 800mm                                                                        2300 streamline
centres.                                       H                                                   75 square             241      5.02   286        5.96

Wind                                                                                               82 round              242      5.04   286        5.96

There is no requirement to allow for                                                               110 round             242      5.04   294        6.11
the effect of wind when designing a                                                                2400 rapidflow
rainwater system for flat roofs or                                                                 68 and 82 round       210      4.38   266        5.53
roofs protected from the wind by                                                                   2500 omega
adjacent buildings. However, the                                                                   62 square
wind and the roof slope can have the       Fig.5                                                   68 round              192      4.00   242        5.04
effect of increasing the roof flow
load for unprotected pitched roofs.

Roof outlet flow load: calculation method                                                Roof      Size                   Flow capacity
For a flat roof (i.e. a roof with a pitch less than 10°),                                outlet                litres/sec Head of water at outlet
the effective roof area = the plan area of the relevant part of the roof.
                                                                                        part no.              30mm          50mm           100mm
To calculate flow in litres/second for 75mm/hr rainfall intensity:                      2180.2      50         0.88             1.18         1.78
firstly measure plan area of roof served by each outlet (square metres)                 2180.3      82         2.12             2.52         3.21
and then multiply area by 0.0208 to obtain flow (litres/second)                         2181.2      50         2.00             2.27         2.69
NOTE: See Code of Practice BS EN 12056-3:2000 for full details
                                                                                        2181.3      82         2.10             4.89         7.22
                                                                                        2170.3      82         9.18            11.08        13.67
Roof outlets flow data
The flow rates listed have been established by independent testing carried out          2170.4     110         9.29            14.11        18.22
by the Rainwater Drainage Design Company using facilities at the Hydraulics             2171.3      82         4.94             9.24        16.64
laboratory of Salford University.                                                       2171.4     110         5.17             9.95        24.18
                                                                                                   Note: Figures based on 75mm/hr rainfall intensity
                                                             Gutter fitting
                                                            Gutter fitting
    HANDLING                                                    GUTTER INSTALLATION                                      Connecting to other gutter
    ■   Take all reasonable care when                           General principle
        handling PVC-u, particularly in very                                                                             APPLICATION RANGE:
        cold conditions                                         Applicable to: all Terrain gutter systems
    ■   Load and unload loose pipes by hand
                                                                ■       Lock back clips of fittings in position
    ■   In case of mechanical handling, avoid                           and screw fitting to fascia where
        the use of chains and hooks                                     applicable                                                   Rapidflow
                                                                ■       Locate back of gutter under rear clip
                                                                        ensuring that the expansion gap is               Applicable to: 2100 CRESCENT and
    On site storage                                                                                                      2400 RAPIDFLOW
                                                                        correct (see page 2)
    ■   Stack pipe lengths:                                                                                              ■   Gutter Adaptor Clips (2167.4 for
                                                                ■       Pull front of gutter down and push
        –   either on a flat base                                       front clip into position. To release                 2100 CRESCENT, 2467.5 for 2400
                                                                        gutter for adjustment, pull on tab at                RAPIDFLOW) permit connection
        –   or on level ground                                                                                               between Terrain systems and PVC-u
                                                                        front of fitting
        –   or on 75mm x 75mm timber at                                                                                      guttering of a similar design from
            1m maximum centres.                                                                                              other manufacturers
                                                                                                1. Lock back clips in

    ■   Provide side support with                                                                                        ■   Remove front locking clip from the
        75mm wide battens at 1m centres                                                                                      side of Terrain fitting which is to take
        (see Fig.6)                                                                                                          the connection, BUT DO NOT
    ■   Maximum stack: seven layers high
                                                                                                                         ■   Lay the other manufacturer’s gutter
    ■   Ideally, stacks should contain one                                                    2. Locate back of gutter
                                                                                                                             into the fitting, ensuring that it sits
        diameter pipe size only. Where this is                                                                               correctly within the fitting and that
        not possible, stack largest diameter                                                                                 the expansion gap is correct
        pipes at base of stack. Small pipes                                                                                  (see page 2)
        may be nested inside larger pipes
                                                                                                                         ■   Insert one end of the Adaptor Clip
    ■   If stored in the open for long periods                                                                               under the back locking clip
        or exposed to strong sunlight, cover                                                   3. Pull front of gutter
        the stack with opaque sheeting                           Pull to                       down and push front       ■   Holding the adaptor clip in position,
                                                                 release                       clip into position.           re-insert the front locking clip
    ■   Store fittings under cover.                              gutter.

        Do not remove from cartons or                                                                                    ■   Check that the gutter is fully seated
        packaging until required                                                                                             within the fixing clip
                                                                Push to
    ■   Gutters should be kept under similar                    locate
                                                                gutter in
                                                                                                                         ■   Push the front of the Adaptor Clip
        storage conditions, but additional                                                                                   down onto the locking clip seat
        care should be taken to protect the
        profile                                                 Fig.7
    ■   Store solvent cement and cleaning
        fluid in a cool place out of direct
        sunlight and away from any heat

                                                      Maximum Centres

                     110mm                                              1m
                                 160mm with       75mm                  Centres                                          Fig.8 2400 RAPIDFLOW system
                                 110mm Inserted   Minimum

                                                             Gutter fitting
                                                            Gutter fitting
FIXING PRINCIPLES                                           ■   Generally, Terrain gutter fittings       FIXING BRACKETS
                                                                (brackets, outlets, angles) are
                                                                designed with:
Secure fixing: screw                                                                                     Fixing adjustable rafter
                                                                –    EITHER integral fixing lugs
specification                                                        (Fig.9a)
Applicable to: all Terrain gutter systems                       –    OR recess(es) (Fig.9b) which        Applicable to: all Terrain gutter systems
                                                                     accept a standard support
■   All Terrain gutter systems are                                                                       ■   For fixing gutter systems to open-
    designed to withstand maximum                                                                            ended rafters where no fascia exists
    anticipated loading (e.g. heavy snow)
                                                            IMPORTANT NOTE: Whichever method is              NOTE: Only suitable for rafters in
    without breaking
                                                            used, ALL fittings must be anchored              sound condition
■   Any method of fixing the gutter
                                                            ■   In some cases, Terrain gutter fittings   ■   Choice of brackets (all adjustable):
    system to the building fabric
                                                                are designed with screw fixing holes         Side (2160 and 2360)
    MUST be equally capable of bearing
                                                                behind the seal, eg gutter angle             Top (2161 and 2361)
    such loading
                                                                2354.6.90. If it is not possible to
                                                                                                         ■   Fixing to rafter using (minimum)
■   Assuming fixing to nominal 25mm                             secure gutter angles through the
                                                                                                             2 x No.10 roundhead zinc-plated
    thick softwood, fascia screws should                        screw fixing holes, then support
    be:                                                         brackets must be fitted to the gutter
                                                                within 150mm of the angle on both        ■   Support bracket secured by single
    –       Size: No.10 roundhead*
                                                                sides                                        bolt
                                                                                                         ■   Pegs on rafter bracket locate in screw
    –       Length: penetrating wood by
                                                            Spacer blocks                                    holes of support bracket
            minimum 19mm
                                                            APPLICATION RANGE:
*Some fittings are manufactured with
countersunk holes (Omega). In such cases
countersunk screws may be used                                           Crescent

Fixing methods                                                           Corniche

Applicable to: all Terrain gutter systems                   Applicable to: 2100 CRESCENT and
                                                            2200 CORNICHE systems

                                                            Designed to enable 2100 and 2200
                                                            systems to accommodate large tile
                                                            overhangs, placing the gutter centrally
                                                            beneath the tile edge. Avoids the need to
                                                            use a larger gutter system. 2166 Spacer                (A)
                                                            (rectangular): Steps out gutters by 16mm
Fig.9a 2200 CORNICHE system                                 2166.22 Spacer (triangular): Allows
                                                            gutters to be fixed to 221/2° sloping
                      Recess                                                                             Fig.12
                                                            ■   Screw fix spacer to fascia through
                                                                fixing holes provided
                                                            ■   Fix bracket THROUGH spacer, solidly               System        Adjustment Range
                                                                into fascia                                                            (A)
Fig.9b                                                                                                    2100, 2200                  65mm

                                                                                                          2300, 2400, 2500            75mm
                               Screw holes for internal
                                 angle behind seal



                                                          Gutter fitting
                                                         Gutter fitting
    SUPPORT STRAP                                        DRIVE-IN BRACKETS

    Gutter fitting support strap                         Fixing drive-in brackets
    Applicable to: all Terrain gutter systems            Applicable to: all Terrain gutter systems
    ■   For use with joint brackets and                  ■   For fixing gutters where no fascia
        running outlets when used with any                   board or rafters exist
        rafter bracket
                                                         ■   Standard version: 2162 (for 2100
    ■   Discard PVC-u back plate from rafter                 CRESCENT and 2200 CORNICHE
        bracket: retain nut and bolt to fix                  systems)
        support strap to brackets
                                                         ■   Heavy duty version: 2362 (for 2300
    ■   Studs prevent support strap                          STREAMLINE, 2400 RAPIDFLOW
        from twisting                                        and 2500 OMEGA systems)
                                                         ■   Drive spike into mortar at appropriate
                                   Rafter Bracket            height to allow fitting of gutter
                                                             support bracket (or drill suitable hole
                                                             and mortar spike in)                      Fig.14
                                                         ■   Support bracket held in position by
                  Studs                                      nut and bolt                              NOTE: If used on corbelled brickwork,
                                    2265 Support Strap                                                 ensure sufficient penetration of spike into
                                                         ■   Adjust height by slackening locking       mortar to support potential gutter loading
                                                             nuts on threaded stud


                                             Downpipe fitting
                                            Downpipe fitting
OFFSETS                                                                                        OUTLET GUARD
■   Form an offset (or ‘swan neck’) using
    2 x 112.5° standard bends and a cut                                                        Gutter outlet guard (9915.25)
    length of plain ended pipe
                                                                                               APPLICATION RANGE:
Small offsets
                                                                                                           Downpipe           68

                                                                                                           Downpipe           62

            Downpipe            62
                                                                                               Applicable to: 68mm round and
            Downpipe            75
                                                                                               62mm square downpipe
                                                                                               ■   Flexible polyethylene fitting designed
Applicable to: 62mm and 75mm square                                  Adjustment Range              to prevent leaves etc. entering the
downpipe systems                                                                                   downpipe
                                                                     A               B
■   For 62mm square downpipe,                                  min       max   min       max   ■   Push-fit into Stop End or Running
    2214.23 Wall Offset provides                               63        73    29        39        Outlet
    25mm offset
■   For 75mm square downpipe,
    2314.33 Wall Offset provides
    57mm offset

                                                 Fig.16                                        Fig.18

                                                 Adjustable pipe fitting clip
                                                                                               RAINWATER SHOES

                                                 APPLICATION RANGE:                            Fixing and locking rainwater
                                                                                               APPLICATION RANGE:
                                                                                                           Downpipe           68

ADJUSTABLE PIPE CLIPS                                         Downpipe         62
                                                                                               Applicable to: 68mm round downpipe
Adjustable pipe fitting clip                     Applicable to: 2200 CORNICHE and
(2112.25.T)                                      2500 OMEGA, 62mm square downpipe              ■   Locate the moulded nib on retaining
                                                                                                   grooves of shoes in one of the five
                                                 ■   Screw back plate to wall using No.10          retaining notches on 2112 or 2113
                                                     roundhead screws                              Fixing Clip
             Crescent                            ■   Locate body over back plate. Ensure       ■   Five different positions are possible.
                                                     fixing nuts and screws are loosely            Each ensures both shoe and pipe
                                                     fitted onto clip body (the screw              above it are fully supported
            Rapidflow                                thread should not fully penetrate the
              Omega                              ■   Grip the screw heads firmly and                Retaining
                                                     locate onto the back plate
            Downpipe           68
                                                 ■   Tighten fixing screws at required
                                                     distance from wall
Applicable to: 2100 CRESCENT,                                                                                      Nib
2400 RAPIDFLOW and 2500 OMEGA,
68mm round downpipe
■   Screw back plate to wall using No.10
    roundhead screws
■   Snap clip body around pipe or fitting.
    If around fitting, ensure it is located in
    the moulded groove
■   Locate assembly over back plate and
    secure with nut and screw provided at
    required distance from wall
                                                  Downpipe fitting
                                                 Downpipe fitting
     RAINWATER HEADS                               CONNECTION TO BURIED                    OUTLET ADAPTOR
     Applicable to: all Terrain Downpipes
                                                                                           Screwed outlet adaptor (2368)
     ■   Direct push-fit connection at correct     APPLICATION RANGE:
         distance from wall (Fig.20a)                                                      APPLICATION RANGE:
         2111.25 to suit 68mm round                           Downpipe             68

         2211.23 to suit 62mm square                                                                  Streamline
         2111.3 to suit 82mm round                            Downpipe             62

         2111.4 to suit 110mm round                                                                   Downpipe          75

     ■   Requires 25mm Offset Bend                            Downpipe             75

         F2314.33.25 for connection to 75mm                                                Applicable to: 2300 STREAMLINE with
         square downpipe at correct distance                                               75mm square downpipe
                                                   Applicable to: 68mm round and 62mm
         from wall (Fig.20b)
                                                   or 75mm square downpipe systems         ■   Enables downpipe to be positioned
         2311.33 to suit 75mm square                                                           anywhere along a gutter length
                                                   ■   Use EPDM rubber drain adaptors to
                                                       connect downpipes to 82mm and       ■   Using Terrain Hole Cutter 2105.3
                                                       110mm buried drains                     drill 76mm diameter hole in centre of
                                                                                               base of gutter
                                                                  Rainwater pipe
                                                                                           ■   Unscrew the two parts of the adaptor
                                                                  EPDM                         and push top part with screw thread
                                                                                               through hole in gutter outlet guard
                                                                  110 mm                   ■   Screw the two parts of the adaptor
                                                                  UPVC                         together so that the gutter is clamped

                                                                  Rainwater pipe

     Fig.20a              Fig.20b                                 EPDM




                                                Downpipe fixing
                                               Downpipe fixing
JOINTING                                         Solvent cement jointing                        ■   Withdraw pipe until mark is 12mm
                                                                                                    from socket to provide required
                                                 APPLICATION RANGE:                                 expansion gap
Dry jointing
                                                                                                ■   Anchor the expansion joint with a
APPLICATION RANGE:                                            Downpipe         110
                                                                               mm                   pipe fixing clip OR (if not practical)
                                                                                                    anchor a fitting within 1 metre of
                                                 Applicable to: Terrain 110mm round                 the joint
            Downpipe           62
                                                 downpipe assemblies

            Downpipe           75
                               mm                NOTE: The 2100.3 is a dry joint system for
                                                 external use. If used internally, it must be
            Downpipe           68
                                                 solvent welded to make an air-tight
                                                 system. Alternatively, the 100.3 soil system
                                                 can be used.
            Downpipe           82
                                                 ■    Cut pipe square, deburr and clean
                                                      mating surfaces with 9101 Cleaning
Applicable to: Terrain 62mm/75mm                      Fluid
square downpipe assemblies and
68mm/82mm round downpipe                         ■    Coat mating surfaces with 9100
assemblies                                            Liquid Weld, using a clean brush

■   Fully support all downpipe and joint         ■    Assemble joint immediately, removing      Fig.25
    fittings with fixing clips positioned at          any excess cement with a clean rag
    correct intervals
                                                 Initial set: 3-4 minutes                       Conversion of solvent weld
■   Install fittings with the socket facing
                                                 Final set: 12 hours                            socket to ring seal joint
    NOTE: All downpipe fittings – except                                                        APPLICATION RANGE:
    shoes – are socket/spigot
■   Ensure pipe ends are cut square and                                                                     Downpipe           82

    deburred before connection to fitting
■   Position pipe and fitting clip in                                                                       Downpipe           110

    moulded groove on fitting
                                                                                                Applicable to: 82mm and 110mm
■   Check clip is correctly positioned, by
                                                                                                round solvent cemented downpipe
    ensuring that the expansion gap is
                                                                                                assemblies, using 109.3/109.4 Seal Ring
■   Use the sight hole in the front of the
    clip to achieve the correct expansion                                                       Under normal use fit 109 Adaptor to
    gap                                          Fig.24                                         upstream socket only
                                                                                                ■   Clean mating surfaces with 9101
                                                 CAUTION: Closely follow directions for use         Cleaning Fluid
                                                 of solvent cement as printed on the
                                                                                                ■   Fit ring seal into 109 Collar
                                                 container label
                                                                                                ■   Carefully apply solvent cement to
                                                                                                    mating surfaces
                                                 Seal ring jointing
                                                                                                ■   Assemble immediately, applying firm
                                                 APPLICATION RANGE:                                 even pressure until collar is correctly
                                                              Downpipe         110

                                                 Applicable to: Terrain 110mm round
             gap                                 downpipe assemblies

                                                 REQUIREMENT: To create a 12mm
Fig.23 2200 CORNICHE system                      expansion gap at a pipe joint to allow
                                                 pipes to expand without distorting the
                                                 ■    File square cut pipe to provide
                                                      45° chamfer. (Do not chamfer to a
                                                      knife edge.) Lubricate rubber seal
                                                      with 9136 Lubricant
                                                 ■    Push pipe fully into socket.
                                                      Mark pipe as shown (Fig.25)               Fig.26

                                                      Balcony outlets
                                                     Balcony outlets
     Installing screed finish                         Installing asphalt finish                     Connection to downpipes
     balcony outlet                                   balcony outlet
                                                                                                    Applicable to: 2172 and 2174 Balcony
     Applicable to: 2172 Balcony Outlet               Applicable to: 2174 Balcony Outlet            Outlets

     ■   Remove grid                                  ■    Remove grid                              ■      For 68mm round downpipe (2100):
                                                                                                           use 2173.3.25 Socket Adaptor
     ■   Position spacer on locating pegs             ■    Temporarily replace screws to prevent
                                                           ingress of asphalt                       ■      For 62mm square downpipe (2200):
     ■   Replace screws temporarily to prevent                                                             use 2273.3.23 Socket Adaptor
         ingress of concrete                          ■    Apply a suitable primer or bonding
                                                           agent up to engraved line on outlet      ■      For 82mm round downpipe (2100.3):
     ■   Lay screed to the level of the top                body                                            connect direct to balcony outlet
         edge of the spacer                                                                                socket
                                                      ■    Apply asphalt layer: dress over outer
     ■   Remove screws and replace grid                    rim and down to engraved line on         ■      Solvent-weld all joints (see page 9)
     ■   Dress flashing over the rear upstand              outlet body
                                                      ■    Remove screws
     ■   Tuck flashing into brickwork, joint and
         point                                        ■    Offer up grid and check correct angle                                         2172 or 2174

                                                           of dressing
                                                      ■    Fit washer and grid, and secure with
                                                                                                    2273.3.23                                           2173.3.25
                                                      NOTE: The polypropylene washer allows
                                                      the grid to be easily removed for

                                                                                                                 2200.23   2100.3         2100.25



                                                 Small roof outlets
                                                Small roof outlets
     Fixing small roof outlet to                      ■    Dress second and third layers over the   Connecting spigot/socket
                                                           flange to the edge of the opening
     proprietary plastic finish                                                                     bends (small roof outlets)
                                                      ■    Secure the flat or domed grid with
     Applicable to: all 2180 and                           the brass screw supplied, lightly        Applicable to: all small diameter roof
     2181 Roof Outlets                                     clamping the edge of the second and      outlets
                                                           third layers of felt
     ■   Apply recommended adhesive to
         flange of outlet body
                                                      NOTE: 2180 and 2181 outlets are not
     ■   Dress plastic material over flange to        suitable for use with hot asphalt
         the edge of opening                                                                               A

     ■   Secure the flat or domed grid with
         brass screw supplied, lightly clamping
         the roof finish material in position
                                                                                                    Fig.31 2181.2 Domed Outlet
     Fixing small roof outlet to                          2180                           2181
                                                                                                    (small diameter)
     mineral felt finish                                  Bond felt to
                                                          UPVC flange                                                          outlet dimension
                                                                                                                Fittings        size   A (mm)
     Applicable to: all 2180 and
                                                                                       Screw to                                (mm) min max
     2181 Roof Outlets                                                                 roof deck

     ■   Apply suitable bitumastic primer to                                                        2180.2 + 207.2.92               55   73             118
         flange of outlet body                                                                      2181.2 + 207.2.92               55   73             118
     ■   Apply liquid bitumen or activator to                                                       2180.3 + 107.3.92               82   89             168
                                                                               Solvent weld
         roof and prepared area of flange                                      pipe

                                                                                                    2181.3 + 107.3.92               82   89             168
     ■   Lay first layer of felt to edge of flange    Fig.30
                                           Large roof outlets
                                         Large roof outlets
GRID OPTIONS                                                                                        Fixing to proprietary plastic
                                                                                                    Applicable to: all 2170 and
                                                                                                    2171 Roof Outlets
                                                                                                    ■    Apply recommended adhesive to
                                                                                                         bowl and flange of outlet body
                                                                                                    ■    Lay plastic material over roof outlet
                                                                                                    ■    Dress over flange and bowl to the
            2170.4                  2171.4                   2171.4A                  2171.44            level of the upstand
                                                                                                    ■    Secure grid and washer with screws
                                                                                                         supplied (see Fig.32 for alternative

                                                                                                    NOTE: The polypropylene washer allows
                                                                                                    the grid to be easily removed for


NOTE: 2170 flat roof outlet is not suitable for vehicular traffic

Fixing to asphalt finish                            Fixing to mineral felt finish
                                                                                                    Fig.35 2171.4 Domed Outlet
Applicable to: all 2170 and                         Applicable to: all 2170 and
2171 Roof Outlets                                   2171 Roof Outlets
                                                                                                    Anchoring on thin or uneven
■   Apply suitable bitumastic primer or             ■   Apply suitable bitumastic primer or
    bonding agent to bowl and flange of                 bonding agent to bowl and flange of         roof structures
    outlet body                                         outlet body
                                                                                                    Applicable to: all 2170 and
■   Dress a 19mm layer of asphalt over              ■   Apply liquid bitumen or activator to        2171 Roof Outlets
    flange and bowl to level of upstand                 roof and prepared areas of outlet
■   Offer up selected grid (see Fig.32 for
    alternative grids) check correct angle          ■   Lay first layer of felt to edge of flange
    of dressing and engagement of
                                                    ■   Lay second and third layers over roof
■   Secure grid and washer in position
                                                    ■   Dress down into bowl to the upstand
    with screws supplied
                                                    ■   Secure grid and washer in position
NOTE: The polypropylene washer allows                   with screws supplied
the grid to be easily removed for                                                                       Three-layer felt on insulation material
maintenance/clearing                                NOTE: The polypropylene washer allows                    over profiled metal decking
                                                    the grid to be easily removed for

                                                                                                                  Three-layer felt on
Fig.33 2171.4 Domed Outlet                                                                                       thin timber decking
                                                                                                    Fig.36 2171.4 Domed Outlet
                                                    Fig.34 2171.4 Domed Outlet

                                                 Large roof outlets
                                               Large roof outlets
     Connecting spigot/socket                                                  outlet dimension          General fixing details
     bends (large roof outlets)                                  Fittings       size   A (mm)
                                                                               (mm) min max              Applicable to: balcony and roof outlets
     Applicable to: all large roof outlets                 2170.3 + 107.3.92    82    140    219         ■   Solvent weld pipe-end, or spigot of
                                                                                                             bend, to roof outlet (for jointing
                                                           2171.3 + 107.3.92    82    140    219             techniques, see page 9)
                                                           2170.4 + 107.4.92   110    146    257         ■   Locate outlet body in roof structure
                                                                                                             and check that a suitable rigid fixing
                                                           2171.4 + 107.4.92   110    146    257
                                                                                                             can be made
                                                                                                         ■   Screw down outlet firmly to roof
     A                                                                                                       structure
                                                                                                         ■   Remove grid
     Fig.37 2171.4 Domed Outlet
                                                                                                         ■   Apply selected roof finish

     Terrain products are backed by a comprehensive Technical Advisory           The Terrain Fabrication Service helps specifiers and contractors
     Service, which is here to provide you with advice and design                overcome problems both at the design stage, and on site. The
     guidance on all aspects of above and below ground drainage.                 Service can provide solutions to even the most demanding problems
     Telephone 01622 795200 Fax 01622 792564.                                    by fabricating special components to order.

     Planning and development stage                                              Quality and assurance
     The technical services available to help you at this stage include:         Terrain is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Management Systems.
                                                                                 All systems are manufactured to the relevant European Standard
     –   Drainage system design, including detailed drawings
                                                                                 and where applicable certified to British Standard.
     –   Specification, product scheduling and estimating
                                                                                 –   EN 607 Eaves Gutters and Fittings made from PVC-u
     –   Design and production of bespoke fittings to meet specific
                                                                                 –   EN 1462 Brackets for Eaves Gutters
         application requirements
                                                                                 –   EN 12200 Plastic rainwater piping for above ground external
     –   NBS Specification clauses available
                                                                                     use PVC-u

                                      Commercial Piping and
                                          Sanitary Systems

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