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                                Myrtle Roets
Personal Details
                        Nationality      : South African
                        Gender           : Female
                        Address                  : 55 Louis Trichardt Street,
Parktown, Pretoria
                        Mobile number : 082 857 3817
                        Email            :
                        Own Transportation and Drivers license

                        Diploma in Hospitality Management
                        Diploma in Project Management
                        Certificate in Events Management
                        Certificate in Wedding Planning
                        Cape Wine Academy
                                 First Aid Level 1

Work Experience

Event Management:
Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC): Event Server/ Coordinator (07 Dec
2009 – 30 April 2009)
Winter Olympic Games 2010
Responsibility: Planning and managing the spectator experience at 21 competition
and non-competition venues
Main Focus: Crowd management and access control
Duties included:
Ensure the greeting and giving directions to spectators
Assisting spectators through pedestrian screening areas
Providing logistical and communications support to spectators
Assisting with emergency situations
Verifying accreditation at access points

Wedding Coordination: ( July 2009- Nov 2009)

Coordinate and planned four weddings in 2009 (two included planning friends
and family weddings and the other two clients were obtain through word of

LJR Civil Consultant: Event Coordinator ( Jan 2009 – Nov 2009)
Responsibility: Planning and Coordinate all Events and Projects
Duties and Tasks included:
      Talk with clients about events and offer suggestions to make sure their
       requests can be met
      Negotiate the type of cost of services to be provided, within a budget
      Organize the venue and make sure that it is appropriately set up. With
       regard to seating and décor
      Consult with management to make sure adequate staff members are
       schedule for duty and with catering staff to plan the menu
      Consult with service providers such as entertainers and transport
      Coordinate staff to make sure that the program of events occurs on time,
       for example, the serving of food and refreshments
      Oversee work by contractors and report on variations to work orders
      Find solutions to any problems that arise concerning services or programs
      Advise senior management on matters requiring their attention and
       implement their decisions
      Follow up with the client to arrange payment and, after the event, to
       evaluate the service provided
      Collect and analyze data on projects undertaken, and report on project

Hospitality Management (Student Assistant)
Sheraton Hotel( Oct 2008 – Dec 2008)l/Capital Protea (Feb 2009- Mar 2009):
Banqueting Coordinator
Events – Conferences and Meetings
Duties included: Setting up function areas, ensure all audio equipment were setup
and working and all coffee stations were setup and clean.

Sheraton Hotel(June 2008 –Aug 2008)/Kievits Kroon Country Estate(Jan 2008 –
May 2008): Front Office
Duties included: Welcoming guest to the hotel, checking guest in and out of the
hotel ,handling the account and handling complaints.
I also worked on Opera 4.3

Housekeeping Supervisor
Ensure al housekeepers receive the allocated rooms for the day.
Did key check control and give keys to housekeepers for the room they are
allocated to.
Check all room, before check in of guest.
Assist in cleaning of rooms.
Report all problems etc to the Executive Housekeeper at the end of every day.

Interests & activities

Languages: Afrikaans, English
Computer Literate in MS Word, MS Project, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Power
Point, Opera 4.3
Interest: Scuba Diving, Hiking, Skiing, Dancing

Target & Process driven
People skills, Enjoy working with people, Good interpersonal and supervisory skills
Good communication skills
Problem solving abilities
Passion for industry, Attention to detail
Good organizational skills
Good grooming and presentation
Able to negotiate, organize, delegate and work under pressure

References are available on request.

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