WBI has noted the street work activities which we know will effect by HC12110723176


									Updated September 2010

       Construction Contingency Plan – Spaulding Hospital, Charlestown Navy Yard

If an activity is expected to have an impact on the utility services to an adjacent property, Walsh
Brothers will indicate this on its Project Work Plan for Street Work, which is distributed weekly
to all interested parties. Underground street work however can have unavoidable uncertainties,
and there is always a risk of unanticipated utility interruption or extended interruption when this
work is being performed. In order to prepare for these unexpected situations Spaulding and
Walsh Brothers have arranged for the following:

Drinking Water
A reserve of bottled drinking water will be stored on the construction site. In the event of a
planned or unplanned shut down of water service to the adjacent buildings a supply of bottled
water will be delivered to a central location within the affected building, so it may be distributed
to the tenants/residents by the buildings’ management staff or a designee of Partners/Walsh

Sanitary Facilities
Portable toilet units, including at least one accessible unit, will be provided outside the affected
buildings in sufficient numbers to satisfy those who wish to use them. In addition, arrangements
have been made with the Charlestown YMCA/Constitution Inn to allow for the use of bathrooms
and bathing facilities during these shutdown periods.

If a shutdown is more than 12 hours, or extends longer than anticipated Spaulding has made
arrangements to provide food vouchers and/or prepared meals, in consultation with the impacted
buildings’ management staff.

During any utility shut down, designated representatives of Spaulding and Walsh Brothers will
keep the impacted neighbors informed as to the current status on a minimum of an hourly basis.
This communication will be by email to an agreed upon group of contacts who will forward the
information to their buildings’ tenants/residents, and written notices will be displayed in the
impacted buildings’ common areas.

The following individuals will serve as Emergency Contacts. They will be responsible for
organizing communication to the impacted buildings, tenants and residents, and serve as the
liaisons to Spaulding management, Walsh Brothers, and the affected community:

Rebecca Kaiser         cell: (617) 314-3664           email: rkkaiser@partners.org
David Burson           cell: (617) 504-0287           email: dburson@partners.org
Nelson Dupuis          cell: (617) 719-4249           email: ndupuis@walshbrothers.com
David Whelan           cell: (617) 201-3802           email: whelan.dm@gmail.com

Back-Up Emergency Contacts:
Oswald Mondejar    cell: (617) 459-3767               email: omondejar@partners.org
Tim Sullivan       cell: (617) 501-5985               email: tsullivan11@partners.org

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