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									  Medieval Africa Mini-Project Options!
         Name: _____________________________________________ Period: _________

Over the next few weeks, you will be asked to work on a project that shows off some of what
you have learned about the different African cultures we have talked about! You will have a
choice between two mini-projects: a Medieval African Myth Poster, or an African Mask.

                               African Myth Posters
On a piece of poster board, you will design a collage of information on one topic. Your collage
will include a hand-drawn and colored picture of whatever myth you are discussing (you MAY
NOT just print off something from the Internet and color it!), a three paragraph explanation
(minimum) of your myth: what/who it is, why it is important, what story does it tell/what does
in explain, and what interesting facts did you find out about it? Your paragraphs must be in full

Here is a list of possible myths to choose from (if you chose another, see Mr. Parsons)

                          “How Things Came to Be” (Dogon)
                           Sunjata: The Warrior King” (Mali)
                          The Poor-Minded Servant (Ashante)
                     How People Came to Be Different (Yoruba)
                        Tortoise Cracks His Shell (Universal)
                          Brother Spider Gets Stuck (Hausa)
                         How Lightning Came to Be (Nigeria)

                   Others at:
Your poster must have:

   1. A colorful, hand-drawn illustration of your myth. You can use other things as
      well, such as paint or other craft items found around the house or from pat
      Catan’s if you wish (in fact, you may get extra credit depending on what you
      come up with! 40 Pts.
   2. A summary of your myth/legend. It must be TYPED, must be 3 PARAGRAPHS AT
      LEAST (5 sentences each), and must explain Who, What, Where, Why, How. You
      must use descriptive words (adjectives) to describe. Tell me all about what you
      found as well as other interesting facts! (We will be going to the media center to
      research) 20 Pts.)
   3. Extra Credit: Adding extra illustrations and demonstrations of your myth
      (example: objects that represent your myth, using different craft-items to
      decorate, adding more than minimum to your summary, drawing an extra comic
      strip that helps explain your myth. Extra work receives extra credit!!!!

Illustration, colored, on poster board:                             40 Pts.

Myth Summary (3 paragraphs, 5 sentences each)
                                                                    20 Pts.
                                                                    60 Pts. Total
                             African Masks
Masks are an ancient part of African culture, and some even go back as far as 8,000
years ago! They are made for many different purposes, such as religious ceremonies,
ritual dances or entertainment. They are made out of many kinds of materials; wood,
metal, cloth, leaves and grasses. There are thousands of types and sizes! Even when
they aren’t being used, African masks are treated with respect and are often hung up
on walls or in special rooms made just for that purpose.

      On this mini project, you will be following the instructions in this packet. Using
       the internet to find examples of African masks, you will be designing and
       creating your own with materials found at home. You may design them however
       you like, using any materials (school appropriate) that you feel like using!
       African masks are all unique, so be creative! If you want to use a mask design
       that you find on the Internet or in other pictures, that is alright too.

 In addition, you will be writing a three paragraph summary on your creation. What to
include? In one paragraph, you may describe your creation and tell what materials you
 used to design it and put it together. In the second paragraph, compare your mask to
others you saw as you did you research. How is it different? How is it the same? Finally,
    in the third paragraph, tell what you learned about African mask making in your
research. Give interesting facts about what they are used for in Africa. Remember, each
paragraph must be five sentences long, must be typed, and MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK!
                                   No cutting or pasting!

                             Turn this paper over for your rubric!
    Name: ________________________________________ Period: ________

            African Mask Rubric

Mask completed, must be at least 12 inches tall
and 4 inches wide, instructions followed:
                                  30 Pts. ______
3 paragraph summary, typed
(5 complete sentences each!)
                                                 15 Pts. ______
Used different materials and colors to
decorate mask:                   10 Pts. ______
Provided a loop or way to hang the mask in the
back:                           5 Pts. ______

Total Points:                                             60 Pts.
Your grade:               _______

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