MARKETING RESEARCH PROJECT

You will conduct a blind product test experiment and analyze the results.

Items to Consider:
1. Work in groups of 3-4 students.
2. You may choose any set of products - this project does not necessarily have to involve a
"taste test". You are responsible for supplying sufficient quantities of whatever product you
choose. Please be aware that you may be able to acquire donations!
3. Test AT LEAST 2 (more would be better) major competing brands that are generally the
same basic product. (i.e. cookies, pizza, Head phones etc.). These will be at a first come first
serve basis. Product must be approved by the Teacher and must be legal for minors.

Part 1: Blind Product Taste Test:
1.Determine what products you plan to use and determine what your hypothesis will be.
Example: Hypothesis - More people prefer the taste of Tim Hortons donuts than Country Style
1. They have a nicer appearance.
2. They are larger.
3. They are fresher.
4. They are not as greasy.
5. The donuts have a better texture.

2. You must conduct your survey on a minimum of 30 people. The more people you survey,
the better your results. Develop a questionnaire that includes AT LEAST 5 questions to be
completed by the respondent after completing the taste test. The questions may deal with
the product taste/appearance/smell or may deal with the packaging. You must decide on
the focus of your own test.

3. You will be responsible for setting up an attractive booth that will also be able to efficiently
deal with a large group of people. You will probably want to arrange your group members
to perform different parts of the test. (i.e. tasting, questionnaires etc.)

4. It is important to remember that during the test, the respondent must NOT know the
identity of each of the products.

5. Following the research, you will be required to CLEAN UP all garbage and must tear down
your display area. We must have the classroom back into tiptop shape by the end of the
Part 2: Market Research Report

1. Follow the 5-step Marketing Research Plan discussed in class. It is especially important to
set one or more hypotheses that your blind product test can prove or disprove. It is the
hypothesis that provides the entire focus for your project. This should be typed and
professional looking.

2. Also included in the report will be a brief synopsis on each of the companies you have
chosen. This should include history, products, ad campaigns or anything you feel should be
included. (logo etc.)

3. You will have the week ending _____________________________________to work on this
project. The use of class time is very essential in your grading.


The project will consist of the following due dates:
Part                                              Due Date
Problem Statement & at least 5

Hypotheses for approval.
The actual display, set-up and organization of

*This is an absolute deadline, you must be
in class this day because we will be inviting
other classes over for the exhibit.
The written research report.


Application                                  40 Marks
Communication                                25 Marks
Thinking/Inquiry                             25 Marks
Group Members: ____________________________________________________

                        Market Research Report Evaluation

Presentation/Appearance                                               /3

Spelling/Grammar                                                      /2

Introduction:                                                         /3

Problem Statement                                                     /2

Hypothesis                                                            /2

(What, Where, Who, How, When)                                         /5

Sample Identification                                                 /1

-- Master Survey                                                      /2
-- Graphs/Charts                                                      /5

Total Communication Mark                                  /25 Communication

Data Analysis                                                         /10

Recommendations                                                       /5

Company History                                                       /10

Total Thinking/Inquiry Mark
                                                          /25 Thinking/Inquiry

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