SAE Project Outline by 233dKuz


									                                       SAE Project Outline 8th Grade
                                     (Supervised Agricultural Experience)

Name _________________ Plan Due: 2/11/11              Research Paper Due: May 6th           Project Due: May 17th

What is a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)?
       A project designed to encourage students to learn more about an area of interest to them in agriculture.


1. Complete the SAE plan and turn it in for approval.
2. Pick a topic/project that is of interest to you and will be enjoyable to complete!
3. A minimum of 10 hours outside of class must be spent on this project.
4. This project will make up 15% of your grade.
5. Present the project to the class. You must have a visual aid and present for approximately 3 minutes.
6. All projects must include a project summary, record of hours, and a list of skills learned.
7. All projects must include an Informational/Research paper. The paper should be a minimum of 2 pages
   (typed, double spaced, 12pt font) and include 3 sources (1 source from the suggested source list) and a works
   cited page.
8. Pictures of the project are required for any projects that involve construction. Please take pictures during
   construction, not just at the end.

      Potential SAE topic areas
Animal Health               Animal Science
Ag. Mechanics               Biotechnology
Floriculture                Landscaping
Natural Resources           Plant Science
Wildlife                    And any other topic related to Agriculture!

       SAE Project Idea Suggestions

     1. Start your own business
            example: build and sell bird feeders, make and sell corsages, plant and sell blueberries, etc.
                a.     Develop a business plan
                   - What are you going to sell? How are you going to get started? What is your timeline for
                   completion of each step? How are you going to market your product? Who is your target
            b. Explain how your business has grown and developed.
     2. Conduct an Experiment
            examples: research plant fertilizers, alternative fuels, etc.
                a.     Hypothesis – What do you expect to find out doing this experiment?
                b.     List of supplies needed.
                c.     Keep a journal/log of the experiment data and results.
                d.     Results – What did you find out?
                e.     Why do you think the experiment turned out the way it did?
                f.     What would you change about the experiment if you were to do it again?
3. Build/Design a Product
      examples: floral arrangements, sawhorse, design and plant a flower garden, landscapes, etc.
      a. Turn in what you built/designed and/or pictures of the final product and its construction. A
             video tape or power point presentation are also options.

4. Teach a topic or procedure to a group.
      examples: teach a 4-H group how to use parliamentary procedure, set up and guide a field trip to a
      greenhouse or dairy farm, etc.
      a. A videotape, power point presentation or pictures of the experience with captions.

5. Raise and care for an animal or plant.
          a.     Explain the basic needs of the animal or plant.
          b.     What are the signs of health both good and bad?
          c.     What are the common illnesses or diseases?
          d.     What are the costs associated with raising the animal or plant?

6. Informational Document
       examples: compare different colleges and choose one, types of dogs, how to care for a salt water
       aquarium, etc.
          a. A 5 page paper, typed and double-spaced, 12 pt. font
          b. At least 3 different sources, one source must come from the list of suggested sources
       PowerPoint Presentation
              a. Must contain 20 slides, 75% of slides must be content based.
              b. at least 3 different sources, one source must come from the list of suggested sources

7. Volunteer or Job Shadow
      examples: Volunteer at a humane society, animal shelter or other business. Job shadow at an
      agricultural business, horse barn, etc.
          a.      Keep a journal of the experience.
          b.      Provide information about the institution/business.
          Ex: create a videotape, power point presentation, or gather information into a binder.

8. Any other agriculture related project, talk to the teacher about your plan.
                                                            Scoring Rubric

    Grading Criteria               Exemplary (10)                Proficient (7)             Apprentice (4)                Novice (1)
                                 Student submitted a
A   Project Plan
                               project plan that clearly                                The student submitted a
E                                                           The student submitted a                                 The student submitted a
                               explained the goals and                                    project plan, but the
    Failing to submit a                                     project plan, but it was                                project plan description,
                               purposes of the project.                                 goals or purposes of the
P   project plan will result                                 not completed by the                                     but had no goals or
                                  The plan was also                                     project were not clearly
l   in an incomplete on the                                        due date.                                                purposes.
                                   approved by the                                             explained.
a   assignment!
    SAE Topic Research
    (Points x 3 = 30                                                See Attached Scoring Criteria
P                              The student documented       The student documented      The student documented      The student documented
r                              at least 10 SAE hours of          7-9 SAE hours               4-6 SAE hours           less than 4 SAE hours
o                                   challenging and             challenging and             challenging and             challenging and
g   Project Hours                meaningful activities        meaningful activities       meaningful activities       meaningful activities
r                               that are educational in      that are educational in     that are educational in     that are educational in
a                                    nature & NOT                nature & NOT                nature & NOT                nature & NOT
m                                     recreational                 recreational                recreational                recreational

o                                                           The student submitted a     The student submitted a
                               The student submitted a
c                                                           typed, 1 page summary       typed, 1 page summary
                               typed, 1 page summary                                                                The student submitted a
u                                                           of the SAE project, but     of the SAE project, but
                               of the SAE project. The                                                               un-typed summary of
m                                                            the summary failed to       the summary failed to
    Project Summary               summary included                                                                  the SAE project and/or
e                                                              describe one of the      describe one or more of
                               current project progress,                                                            was less than 1 page in
n                                                              following: project        the following: project
                                application, and future                                                                     length
t                                                           progress, application, or   progress, application, or
i                                                                  future goals                future goals
P                              The student completed a
r                              visual summary of their       The student created a       The student created a
                                                                                                                     The student created a
e                                  SAE program that           display that did not        visual display, but it
                                                                                                                     visual display that did
s   Visual Display              contained pictures and       clearly explain their           was not neatly
                                                                                                                      not show any visual
e                                   evidence of their         project and did not        organized and did not
n                                 involvement which            include captions         enhance the presentation
t                                  included captions
a                                 The student clearly          The student verbally       The student verbally          The student did not
t                                explained their SAE        explained the SAE for at     explained the SAE, but      delivered a verbal SAE
i   Verbal Explanation          program and what they        least 3 minutes, but did    did not clearly describe      explanation that was
o                              had learned for at least 3      not explain learned       their project & learned      less than 2 minutes in
n                                       minutes                        skills                      skills                     length
                                 The student supplied         The student supplied        The student supplied         The student supplied
C   Project Checks               records for all of the     records for 3 of the SAE    records for 2 of the SAE    records for 1 of the SAE
o                                     SAE checks                      checks                      checks                      checks
n                               The student completed
                                                             The student completed
f                               at least 10 NEW skills                                                                The student did not
                                                             7-9 NEW skills on the      The student completed
e                                    on the skills &                                                                 completed less than 5
                                                              skills & competency       5-7 NEW skills on the
r                               competency page. The                                                                NEW skills on the skills
                                                             page. The student also      skills & competency
e   Final Check                student also documented                                                              & competency page and
                                                                 documented any         page. The student also
n                                     any financial                                                                   is missing required
                                                              financial investments     did not complete all of
c                                   investments and                                                                  pages from the record
                                                            and complete all require    the record book pages
e                                 complete all require                                                                       book.
                                                            pages of the record book
s                              pages of the record book
                            SAE Research Paper Scoring Rubric
    Grading Criteria         Exemplary (3)                  Proficient (2)               Apprentice (1)            Score
F                                                      Typed, 1-1 ½ pages in
                        Typed, at least 2 pages in
o                                                      length and/or does not        The student completes a
                         length, 12pt font (Arial
r Length/Appearance                                  utilize 12pt font (Arial or    paper, but it is less than 1
                         or Times New Roman).
m (x2)                                               Times New Roman). May           page in length and/or is
                         1 inch margins, double
a                                                      also contain excessive,        not word processed.
t                                                       inappropriate spacing

u                           Has AT LEAST 3           Has AT LEAST 3 reliable
                                                                                        Has AT LEAST 1
i                           reliable sources (ie       sources (ie Proquest,
                                                                                        reliable source (ie
d                       Proquest, MCIS, Google        MCIS, Google Scholar,
                                                                                    Proquest, MCIS, Google
e Works Cited                Scholar, website        website containing a .gov,
                                                                                         Scholar, website
l (x2)                   containing a .gov, .edu,       .edu, or a university
                                                                                     containing a .gov, .edu,
i                       or a university extension)    extension) cited, but did
                                                                                    or a university extension)
n                        cited utilizing MLA or      NOT use the appropriate
e                               APA format.            MLA or APA format.

6                       Focused, clear, specific.
                                                       Some really good parts,      Just beginning to figure
+    Ideas & Content     It keeps the reader’s
                                                      some ideas not there yet.         out what to say.
1                              attention.
                                                          The words get the
W                       Extremely clear, visual,     message across, but don’t
r                          and accurate. Used            capture the reader’s
                                                                                 Confusing. The readers
i                         vocabulary relevant to     attention. Words might be
  Word Choice                                                                   is often asking “What did
t                        the topic. Attempted to           used that are not
                                                                                    they mean by this?”
i                       utilize new and engaging          consistent with the
n                                 words.             vocabulary defined by the
g                                                               topic.
                                                      About halfway there. A
T                                                       number of bothersome     Numerous grammar and
r    Conventions         Mostly correct. There
                                                     mistakes need cleaning up. spelling mistakes, which
a    (Grammar)            are very few errors.
                                                          Should have been           distract the reader.
i                                                             proofread.
t                                                                                  Not shaped yet. The
s                                                        Paper does not flow
                                                                                   paper is jumbled and
                         Clear and compelling.            smoothly. Seems
                                                                                    confused. Does not
     Organization       Contains an introduction,    segmented. Lacks a clear
                                                                                       contain a clear
                         body, and conclusion.         introduction, body, and
                                                                                   introduction, body or
                         The tone of the paper is
                         consistent with the topic    The reader loses interest       The author does not
                         (ie technical, emotional,   due to a lack of credibility    understand the topic of
                               powerful) and         by the author. The author       the paper and does not
                        demonstrates knowledge          did not convince the        provide evidence of their
                           and credibility. The      reader of their knowledge         knowledge through
                        voice is compelling to the          of the topic.              appropriate writing.
                         Varied and natural. The       Routine and function.           Paper needs work
                          sentences are close and       Some sentences are             because there isn’t
     Sentence Fluency
                           delightful to read out    choppy and awkward, but         enough sentence sense
                                   loud.                  most are clear.                     yet.
                                                      SAE Project Plan
    Name                                   Hour(s)                              Teacher(s)

1. Select a project area. (check one)
  Production (MN animals, diseases/management)                   Production (plants, diseases/management)
  Placement (employment/work experience)                         Entrepreneurship (business ownership)
  Research (experiments, surveys, etc.)                          Improvement (environment, repair, construction)
  Communications (video, radio, brochures)                       Horticulture (Landscape, Lawn or Gardening)
  Exploration (Skill development, interviews)                    Natural Resources (Wildlife, Forestry, Soils, etc.)
2. Describe your SAE project. (you may continue on the back if needed)

3. Outline the steps involved in completing your SAE.





4. Describe 3 goals you would like to achieve as a result of your SAE project.



5. The final SAE project will include the following: (Check all that apply)
  Power Point Slide Show                        Science Fair Project                         Model
  FFA Proficiency Application                   FFA State Degree Application                 Web Page
  Video & Script                                Business Plan                                Handbook
  Invention/New Product                         Surveys & Results                            Charts & Graphs
  Display                                       Construction Plan & Project                  Research Paper
  Other (describe)

I have read the school academic dishonesty policy and understand plagiarism.
(Student’s signature)
                                           SAE Hours Sheet
Name                                                                  Date

                                                                                      $ Spent/
Date      What did you do and/or learn?                                                Earned      #Hours

                                                                                        Total $   Total Hours

How do you feel about your progress these past couple weeks? Do you feel you are ahead, behind or right on
track with your work? List 2 reasons why you think this is so.


What is the next step you need to complete for your SAE?

What percentage of your SAE do you have completed? (check one)
 0%             1-25%               26-50%               51%-75%               76-99%                100%

What questions do you have for the teacher about your SAE project?

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