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									ELVIA Incoming Health Insurance
Product and Consumer Information
This information sheet serves to provide you with a brief              Scale of Fees for Dentists (GOZ) at the maximum in accordance
overview of our insurance products. A description is only              with § 2 AVB RK; medical services mainly of a technical nature
given of essential contents. The insurance cover including             are paid at the 1.3 fold rate at the maximum, laboratory services      Right to revoke contracts valid for a term exceeding
the sums insured and provisions on deductibles are                     at 1.15 fold rate at the maximum. The costs of inpatient               30 days:
exhaustively described in your documents to the insurance              treatment in accordance with § 2 No. 1 and 2 AVB RK are                The insurance contract is deemed concluded based on the terms
policy and in the General Policy Conditions.                           reimbursed based on the standard rate applied by the Local             of contract, Terms and Conditions of Insurance and consumer
                                                                       Health Insurance Fund (AOK) responsible for the locality.              information, unless the policyholder or insured person revokes
                                                                       • Patient repatriation transportation, if necessary also an air        his contractual declaration within 14 days of receipt of this
                                                                       ambulance if medically advisable.                                      insurance certificate. This deadline is deemed met if the
Foreign Travel Health Insurance reimburses                             • Repatriation of the mortal remains in the event of death or          revocation is dispatched in good time.
                                                                       alternatively the direct costs of a funeral at the place of death up   Notice of revocation must be given in writing (by letter, fax, e-
                                                                       to the amount of the repatriation costs at the maximum.                mail) and the reasons for the revocation are not required to be
Expenditures for all necessary medical assistance abroad in the                                                                               stated.
event of acute illness and accidental injuries which occur during                                                                             It must be sent to:
travel abroad:                                                         No insurance cover is provided, among other things, for:               Mondial Assistance International AG,
• Medical treatment and hospital care                                  • Benefits in countries in which the insured person has a              Ludmillastraße 26,
• Medication                                                           permanent place of residence.                                          81543 Munich, Germany,
• Search, rescue and recovery costs in case of accidents               • Treatment which the insured person knew to be necessary              fax + 49 (0) 89 6 24 24 - 244,
                                                                       before departure or which he or she must have expected in the          e-mail: service@elvia.de
                                                                       circumstances of which he or she was aware.
The Assistance recommends the physician or the hospital with           Further exclusions in §§ 4 AVB RK, 5 AVB AB.
the highest medical standards that is located closest in each                                                                                 The contract is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of
case. If the insured person follows the recommendation given by                                                                               Germany, unless this conflicts with international law. Legal action
the Assistance, the following additional benefits are provided         Please contact the Assistance immediately in case of serious           based on the insurance contract can be brought by the
notwithstanding §§ 1 and 2 AVB RK:                                     injuries or illnesses, especially prior to hospitalisation, so that    policyholder or the insured person before the court with
                                                                       adequate treatment can be ensured and, if necessary,                   jurisdiction over the principal place of business or the branch of
• Assumption of the documented, necessary telephone costs.
                                                                       repatriation transportation can be arranged.                           the insurer. If the policyholder or the insured person is a natural
• Assumption of the documented travelling expenses to the
                                                                                                                                              person, legal action can also be brought before the court in the
recommended contact point.
                                                                                                                                              district of which the policyholder or the insured person has his
• Accommodation of one accompanying relative in the hospital                                                                                  place of residence when the legal action is brought or, if he does
or close to the hospital if his or her constant presence is required                                                                          not have a place of residence, his habitual place of abode.
during the full inpatient treatment of the insured person or,
alternatively, the assumption of the documented expenses
incurred for visits by an accompanying relative at the location at
                                                                       Travel Assistance
the amount agreed.
• Costs of treatment are not reimbursed for travel within              Provides assistance worldwide in an emergency in a foreign
Germany and in countries in which the insured person has a             country: in case of illness, accident, death, loss of payment
permanent residence or in which he or she usually stays for            media or in the event of criminal prosecution. It organises patient
longer than three months per year. Instead the insured persons         repatriation transportation with medically adequate means of
will receive a hospital per diem payment for a maximum of 45           transport as soon as medically advisable and appropriate. The
days in case of medically necessary full inpatient treatment at the    Assistance is there for you 24 hours a day under a central phone
holiday destination due to an acute illness or injury occurring        number.
during travel. Patient repatriation transportation and repatriation
of the insured person's mortal remains are included in the
                                                                       Travel Liability Insurance
No insurance cover is provided, among other things, for
treatment which the insured person knew was necessary before
departure or which he or she could have expected based on the          Insurance cover against legal claims for damages asserted by
circumstances of which he or she was aware. Further exclusions         third parties based on personal injury and damage to property up
in §§ 4 AVB RK, 5 AVB AB.                                              to the amount of the agreed sum insured.

                                                                       No insurance cover is provided, among other things, for
                                                                       damage caused through the use of motor-driven vehicles or due
                                                                       to hunting and as a basic principle for items taken charge of
                                                                       (exception: rented premises). Nor is insurance cover provided for
Patient Repatriation Transportation                                    liability damage based on occupational activities, cf. § 3 AVB
ELVIA reimburses the costs of the medically advisable and
appropriate return transportation of the insured person to the         Please notify ELVIA of the insured event in writing immediately
nearest suitable hospital to the insured person's place of             and note all your duties and obligations in § 4 AVB RH. If any
residence and, in the event of death, the repatriation of the          duties or obligations are not complied with, the insurance
insured person's mortal remains.                                       payment may be reduced or forfeited, cf. § 9 AVB AB in this
No insurance cover is provided, among other things, for return
transportation due to medical treatment which the insured person
knew was necessary before departure or which he or she could
have expected in the circumstances of which he or she was
aware. Further exclusions are specified in §§ 3 AVB RT, 5 AVB          For all classes of insurance, the Federal Insurance Supervisory
AB.                                                                    Authority, Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
                                                                       (BAFin), Graurheindorfer Straße 108, 53117 Bonn, Germany, is
                                                                       responsible for complaints.
Please contact the Assistance immediately in case of serious
injuries or illnesses.
                                                                       Data protection:
                                                                       In accordance with the provisions of the German Federal Data
                                                                       Protection Act, we hereby inform you that if a claim is filed your
                                                                       personal data which is required to implement the insurance
                                                                       contract will be stored. To check the application or the damage,
ELVIA Incoming Health Insurance:                                       inquiries will also be sent to other insurers and inquiries by other
Travel Health Insurance                                                insurers will be answered. Moreover, data will be sent to the re-
                                                                       We draw your attention to the fact that your consent in this
Reimburses the costs of urgently necessary medical treatment in        connection is valid beyond the end of the insurance contract. By
Germany and the Schengen states:                                       rejecting an application to conclude a contract, your consent
• Medication, physician and hospital costs; within Germany,            ends. The addresses of each recipient of data will be provided
medical and dental treatment as an outpatient is reimbursed at         upon request.
the 1.8 fold rate of the Scale of Medical Fees (GOÄ) or of the


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