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									Connie Umbenhower                          408-476-3286        


Experienced, successful project management skills directing multiple teams through all project phases
from conception to execution. Experienced in full life cycle of the project process. Ability to clearly
understand customer requirements and guide project teams to deliver to required scope.

Successfully maintained customer relationships with multiple clients and different projects at a time.
Ability to get up to speed and take over a project midway through life cycle if needed.

Experience working in a dynamic, fast-paced, high turnover environment.

Effective in improving processes, identify strengths and weaknesses, and implementing changes to
increase efficiency and optimize productivity. Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

                           SENIOR POSITIONS – PROJECT MANAGEMENT

CenterBeam | San Jose, CA | 3 Month Sr. Project Manager Consulting Position
    Successfully managed and completed complex customer project, recognizing significant
      revenue generation for company’s largest customer.
    Coordinated internal department and client deliverables to complete project to scope and within
      project deadlines.
    Managed different aspects of projects which included development and QA testing of new
      product rollout to customer.
    Tracked action items, project plan deliverables and risk management.

FusionOne | San Jose, CA | 2007 -2008
    Personally managed company’s largest customer with extensive revenue model
    Worked with different departments to implement project processes and procedures
    Addressed internal and customer escalations and/or concerns on project deliverables
    Reviewed existing processes including automations for efficiency improvements
    Created documentation for team training purposes
    Built a core project management team responsible for multiple customer projects
    Initiated improvement in long distance inter-departmental relationships
    Prepared master project roadmaps, project reports and presentations for executive

CenterBeam | San Jose, CA | 2000 – 2007
    Built a core implementations engineering team of 12+ reports delivering effective and efficient IT
      services to customers
    Responsible for training teams on effective project planning, and efficient processes for
      controlling project scope including schedule and execution
    Responsible for facilitating project related training documentation
    Acted as an escalation point for customers. Responsible for root cause analysis and reporting to
      leadership team on issues.
    Effectively tracked team responsibilities and time management per project resulting in
      identification of trouble spots and areas for efficiency improvements. Provided reports and
      recommendations to executive management
    Created over 20 process documents and best practices for implementation teams
      Facilitated the Improvement of communication and cooperation between interdepartmental
       organizations due to better understanding of process for delivery of services
      Led teams to design innovative solutions for more efficient server migrations
      Led the creation of strategic automation of tools for increased efficiency in delivery of desktop
       services to customers which shortened the billing cycle from 90 to 30 days.
      Improved organizational efficiency and individual team member performance through one on
       one focused mentoring and coaching.
      Implemented tools and processes such as cross directional team surveys with other
       departments for monitoring and managing performance and needed improvements.
      Responsible for managing multiple large scale projects from project initiation thru execution through
       handoff phase. Infrastructure services included all aspect of operations such as Network, Server,
       Messaging and Desktop Management through Helpdesk and turnover to Account Management
      Prepared detailed strategy and project management plans to customers and technical project
       teams for each project
      Managed internal and external teams by coordinating meetings, setting milestones, tracking
       statuses, risks, and issues, and delegating tasks and deliverables to appropriate roles
      Effectively managed customer business as well as technical relationships throughout the
       timeline of a project
      Led project risk management efforts to identify and document issues and mitigation plan to
       ensure risk exposure is decreased or eliminated
      Acted as the single point of contact during all aspects of the project to ensure a strong and
       seamless implementation with good communication and information flow among all team
      Provided updates to senior management and obtained phase gate approvals during key
       milestone steps.
      Worked closely with different departments in defining cross-departmental workflow processes to
       facilitate and monitor expedient and seamless implementation of projects.
      Successfully managed the implementation of an enterprise class datacenter in an EDS hosted
       facility. Tasks included but not limited to:
        Managing of personnel and resources across multiple departments and groups.
        Coordinating data center design proposal and bill of materials for server and network
        Responsibility matrixes for both CenterBeam and EDS teams
      Worked closely with the technical publications group in coordinating the authoring of documents
       across development phases, including customer requirements, project specifications, and
       support documentation.
      Ensured efficient documented handoff of project upon completion to Support and Operations
      Ensured completion of done well - do better meetings and documentation of feedback and
       ownership of next steps for improvements.

Technical Services Engineer | BackWEB Technologies | San Jose, CA | 1997 - 2000
    Small startup company environment which allowed for multiple roles and responsibilities within
      the company.
    Managed customer relationships. Worked with US professional services as well as with
      overseas teams across multiple time zones to ensure that projects and issues were followed up
      and customer deployments were successful.
    Provided technical support as needed to corporate customers on setup and installation of
      BackWeb’s client/server software.
    Analysis of product related issues encountered by customers and communicated information to
      R&D team (in Israel) as needed for future changes and/or enhancements.
      Performed in-house testing on customer issues as needed. Managed customer issues that were
       not resolved via in-house support (Tier II), and escalations to R&D team as well as resolution
       process and communication back to customer.
      Responsible for monitoring changes in HTML code for content delivery to over 180,000 users.
       Performed maintenance on 200 scripts which included debugging to push correct web content
       to end users.
      Provided consulting on new custom scripts per specific customer requirements. Additionally
       provided custom modifications of existing scripts initially created by corporate customers.
      Utilized Remedy system for lookup, documenting, and processing of customer problems and
       resolutions, as well as for knowledge base updates.
      Created documentation for improved processes and efficiencies.

Project Manager (Investment Group) | Law Offices Carl T. Windell | San Jose, CA | 1994 - 1997
    Supervised key personnel in multi million dollar rehab projects. Concurrently managed teams of
       about 35 people.
    Prepared detailed business plans and analysis of returns on investment properties for potential
    Managed budget and reporting to investors on project progress.
    Responsible for getting estimates from vendors and participated in decision making for hiring
       personnel and vendor contracts.
    Prepared detailed project management plans which included costing, tasks, timelines and
       resources required. Identified risks on projects and escalated accordingly.
    Maintained constant coordination between different teams on all aspects throughout the
       project(s). Acted as the liaison between teams and attorneys (investors).
    Dealt with Santa Clara County Housing Authority personnel on Section 8 tenant process after
       completion of rehab project through 100% occupation on units and turnover to Management
    Prepared closing reports and accounting detail upon completion.

                               AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS
       2006 Presidents Circle Award
       2005 Presidents Circle Award
       2005 Employee of the Quarter – Passion & Customer First Award
       2004 Employee of the Quarter – Customer First Award
       2003 Employee of the Quarter – Customer First Award

   BackWeb Technologies
       1999 Employee of the Year CEO Award


B.Sc., Computer Science, Cal State University, Hayward, CA, 1985.

References: Available upon request.

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