Students are also required to make at least 2 journal entries a week

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					Bell's Bulletin
October 22-26, 2012

Unified Arts’ Classes from 9:05-9:55 every morning:
    A Art (& Spanish @ 1:55)
    B P.E.
    C Spanish
    D Music
Lunch & Recess are from 11:40-12:20 every day.
Band & Orchestra are on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Math – Unit 2 will be given Monday, Oct. 22. The review and study links have been
given to your child.

MEAPs are finished!

Science presentations are due Nov. 1st. See Science below.

Students will not have school on Tues. Nov. 6

Unit 3 focuses on Angles, Triangles, Polygons, and using tools (compass, protractor, and
geometric template).

Some websites you may want to try:
We will continue to work on self editing and organizing a piece of writing.

Students are also required to make at least 2 journal entries a week, in their
“home notebook”, for writing class. This writing should be done at home, not

Our focus will be on plot and conflict in fiction.

***** The students should be filling out their reading log every night so that they
have a minimum total of 400 minutes per month. *****

Students will be given a new sort on Monday Oct. 22. I will send home a half sheet with some
homework assignments to work on the words for the 2 week period. Please have your child
put the WTW homework assignments in their WTW notebook and return to school no later
than Fri. Nov. 2.

Social Studies:
The students will take all of the information that they have learned about and create a group presentation on
the Native American Cultural Region that they have been assigned. When finished the presentations will be
found on my Wiki page.

Your student has been given an assigned project idea, a project plan sheet (project proposal)
and a presentation guidelines sheet. The final project is due on Thurs. Nov. 1st. Thank you for
your support at home. I hope your child enjoys this project!

You can always reach me by e-mail at:

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