Pre-Calculus Graphing Projects by zvRb07l



Sting by: Josh McGill
   and Daniel Taylor
Speedy by:
Kaleigh Stirling
Under the Sea by: Sarah Bligh
Tower of Power by:
Stephanie Dixon, Leah Hamilton and Caitlin Singleton
Brian Griffin by: Ben Morse
             and Mike Miller
Iginla by:
Garret McLeod, Daniel Kenny and Leigh Kellock
Mathematical Mickey by:
Jenna Stirling and Alyssa teBogt
i-Graph by:
Andrew Dalziel, Lauren Williams and Lori Milne
Link by: Brandon Copeland
Blue Hailstones by: Adam Roy
Sharky McSharkton by:
Kale Levy and Sean Wiseman
San Jose Sharks Logo sans
 Stick by: Daniel Draper
Watch by: Emily Feltmate and David Hockley
Horton Griffin by:
 Jonathan Sharpe
Innocent Cat by: Najwa Zebian
’07 Chevrolet Silverado Grille
  by: Jostenn Herritt
“I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat!” by:
Jane Snyder and Katrian Winslade
Hawaii by: Blake MacDonald
Jammin’ With Pre-Cal
  by: Alex Draper
Toronto by: Alasdair Bishop
 and Tyler Lewis
St. Patrick by: Emma Duinker,
Nina Frampton and Rebekah Wheadon
The South Park Ladz by:
  Justyn Crisp and Josh Fris
Super Kitty by: NaRae Lee
Horton Volleyball by:
Daniel Rogers and Nabil Moussa
The Houston Astrodome
  by: Zack MacIssac
Snoopy’s Adventure by:
 Tanner Redden
• The pictures shown above were made up
  by graphing equations and restricting the
• The drawings used between 40 and 290
  equations. Most used between 90 and 110

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