Does your project fit with the Southern Oxfordshire LEADER Scheme by HC121107224743


									Does your project fit with the Southern Oxfordshire LEADER Scheme’s strategic

The Southern Oxfordshire Local Action Group's themes (or priorities) are:
     Encouraging enterprise and business innovation.
     Improving tourism in rural locations and enhancing heritage and
     Addressing social exclusion.
     Skills development for rural areas.
     Addressing climate change is a cross cutting theme which has also been
Any project supported will need to fit within one or more of these themes.

The Rural Development Programme for England, which funds the LEADER initiative also
has a set of measures that act as a criteria for potential projects, these include:
     Modernisation of agricultural holdings (eligible beneficiaries include farmers
        and other landowners, and eligible activities include small on farm renewable
        activity, alternative agriculture, and improved crop storage).
     Adding value to agricultural and forestry products (eligible activities include
        processing and marketing of certain agricultural and forestry products, the
        development of new products, processes and technologies).
     Diversification into non-agricultural activities (eligible beneficiaries include
        farmers or members of a farm household, diversification activities could include
        retailing, manufacturing, equestrian, creative industries, environmental services
     Support for the creation and development of micro-businesses (eligible
        applicants include existing or establishing micro-businesses).
     Encouragement of tourism activities (eligible applicants include tourism
        businesses and tourism related organisations located or operating in the
        LEADER area).
     Basic services for the economy and rural population (This measure
        supports the setting up of basic setting up of basic services in rural areas to
        meet the needs of the local population. Eligible activities include cultural and
        leisure, community buildings, community enterprises, community ICT).
     Village renewal and development (This measure supports integrated village
        initiatives which promote cross-community development and regeneration.
        Eligible activities include small scale infrastructure, networking social
        enterprises, functionality of community buildings).
     Conservation and upgrading of the rural heritage (eligible activities include
        environmental awareness actions, investments in maintenance, restoration and
        upgrading of the natural heritage, small scale infrastructure improvements).
     Training and information for economic actors (eligible activities include
        training and information for rural micro-businesses and rural tourism
Your project would have to deliver or fit within one or more of these measures to be
appropriate for funding.

In addition to this the Local Action Group also encourages collaborative working, and
will support projects that demonstrate this.

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