Questions on Chapter One by zvRb07l


									                              Lab Questions for Chapter 9

1. Why is the First Law of System Engineering true? Provide specific examples for each of the four
   fundamental reasons for change.
2. What are the four elements that exist when an effective SCM system is implemented? Discuss
   each briefly.
3. Discuss the reasons for baselines in your own words.
4. Assume that you’re the manager of a small project. What baselines would you define for the
   project and how would you control them?
5. Measurement theory is an advanced topic that has a strong bearing on software metrics. Using
   [Zus97], [Fen91], [Zus90], or Web-based sources, write a brief paper that outlines the main tenets
   of measurement theory. Individual project: Develop a presentation on the subject and present it to
   your class.
6. Why is it that a single, all-encompassing metric cannot be developed for program complexity or
   program quality? Try to come up with a measure or metric from everyday life that violates the
   attributes of effective software metrics defined in Section 23.1.5.

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