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									Hi Catrina..

Sorry that this is so last minute. I will be out of the
office on Wednesday and Thursday, but I was wondering
if you could work on a web page that we could get up
and running by this Friday or Monday. It is the same
web page that we set up the web address for a week ago.
I will take the info from this attached e-mail and
share it with Shahla at the meeting in San Jose
tomorrow and give you a call to discuss the project.

The following is just an idea of what I was thinking

The title of the project, which should appear on the
cover (initial) web page is: Line Leak Detection and
Automatic Tank Gauge Equipment Field Evaluation Study

A basic statement about the project should probably
appear on this page. Such as:

The purpose of the Line Leak Detection and Automatic
Tank Gauge Equipment Field Evaluation Study is to
simulate artificial leaks in operating UST systems
(without actual releases to the environment) and
evaluate the equipment's ability to quantitatively
detect the simulated leak. The purpose of LLD and ATG
leak detection equipment is to identify the presence of
a leak in an UST system at an early stage, so the UST
system can be repaired before extensive contamination
of the environment or the need for extensive corrective
action. Field-testing is necessary to determine if
these leak detection methods are performing properly
under operating conditions. Leak detection methods
most often associated with single-wall UST systems are
to be evaluated in this study because leaks from
single-wall UST systems are more likely to impact the
environment. Recent legislation (Senate Bill [SB] 989)
calls for more stringent standards in the area of leak
prevention (e.g., under dispenser containment, enhanced
leak detection methods, etc.). Further evaluation of
the ability of currently accepted LLD and ATG equipment
to function in the field will help determine if
additional requirements are necessary.

Evaluation of LLD and ATG   equipment in the field will
test the effectiveness of   the various types of LLD and
ATG equipment after years   of operation under field
conditions. Based on the    data collected as part of
this study, following issues should be addressed to
arrive at conclusions and recommendations:

1. Are the LLD and ATG equipment currently in use in
UST systems detecting leaks at the rates specified in
the California UST Regulations?

2. Are the LLD and ATG leak detection systems
performing consistent with the results of third party
certification testing?

3. What are the typical problems encountered in the
field that may contribute to the failure of these leak
detection systems to perform adequately during the
field evaluation study (e.g., improper installation,
programming, maintenance, durability, etc.)?

4. What improvements or changes can be made to existing
standards and/or regulations to improve the
effectiveness of these leak detection systems?

For more information on ATG and LLD equipment, please
visit our website at:

For additional information about this project, please
contact Erin Ragazzi by phone at (916) 341-5863 or by
e-mail at ragazzie@cwp.swrcb.ca.gov

From the main page we should have links to:

Request for Proposal Information
Notice of Intent to Award

Please let me know what you think.

Erin :)

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