AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project by HC121107224743


									                              Watershed Stewards Project
                            Individual Service Project Summary

The Individual Service Project (ISP) Summary form must be completed by each member following their
ISP. If the ISP was a partnership between two members, then only one member needs to submit this
Completed ISP Summaries are to be emailed by the 10 of the month following the ISP date to your
Team Leader.

 Member(s) Name(s):
    Placement Site:
      Project Name:
  Date(s) of Project:                                Date Submitted:
Number of Volunteers:                               Hours Event Ran:

Project Description:
(What did volunteers
do and why)

Please list three skills you developed or utilized in the planning and completion of the




What worked well about the project planning or implementation?

What were some of the challenges you encountered? Ex. Unanticipated problems, safety
hazards, etc.

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                           Watershed Stewards Project
                         Individual Service Project Summary

Please list any community partners you worked with during the course of the project,
please include their contact info.

           Name                      Organization               Contact Information

Please list each of the media outlets you contacted for publicity and indicate whether or
not they used your info. This information will be added to our Media Contact List. Please
create a hyperlink and shorten the web address for the link to coverage.

                                               Date   Info Used?   Date        Link to
   Media Source        Contact Information
                                               Sent      (Y/N)   Published    Coverage

What do you recommend for others considering a similar project?

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