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                   Bank Project Worker
Covering Letter

Dear Applicant,

Application For:       Bank Project Worker
                       Ref: BCDP/09/W

Closing Date:          This is an ongoing recruitment exercise. Applications
                       are welcome at all times.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Blenheim CDP.

I enclose the following information about the organisation and the role:

     About Blenheim CDP
     Organisation Chart
     Job Description
     Person Specification
     Guidance for Applicants
     Terms & Conditions of Service
     Copy of advertisement
     Application Form
     Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form
     Declaration of Offences Form

Please take time to read all the information before completing the Application
Form. Once completed your form should be sent to us by one of the following
three methods:

    Post           HR Department
                   Blenheim CDP
                   66 Bolton Crescent
                   SE5 0SE
    Fax            020 7582 2211

This is an ongoing recruitment exercise and there is no closing date. Interviews
will be held on a rolling basis throughout the year and it may be some time
before we respond to your application. Due to the high level of response to our
advertisements and our need to keep costs as low as possible I regret that we are
unable to inform people if they have not been short-listed.

If you would like to find out more about Blenheim CDP’s services please check our
website at Again, thank you for your interest and I look
forward to receiving your completed application form.

Yours sincerely

D Clough
Diana Clough
HR Manager

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About Blenheim CDP

Blenheim CDP has been providing services to people with drug problems in
London for over 40 years. We have been and remain a pioneer in developing
services to address the wide range of issues facing communities from problematic
drug use.

We continue to innovate and influence best practice. We have developed a
practical skills approach to service delivery which enables us to be realistic about
what we can provide, responsive to emerging need and creative in our outlook.

An accessible, non-judgemental, client-focussed and proactive approach is central
to our philosophy. We work alongside offenders, communities, partner providers
and local commissioners in striving to improve public health, community safety
and social inclusion. We aim to play a full role within the health and community
safety agendas of the areas in which we work.

We currently provide a range of evidence based initiatives that reflect the
multicultural and diverse needs of the communities we work in. These currently

     Structured Day Programmes
     Specialist Stimulant Services
     Direct Access Services
     GP Shared Care
     Needle Exchange
     Criminal Justice Services
     DRR Day Programmes
     Volunteer and Trainee Programmes
     Training & Consultancy

Our History

Blenheim CDP was created in 2007 from the merger of two leading London-
based drug services – The Blenheim and The Community Drug Project (CDP)
– both with a long history of providing quality services in this sector.

The Blenheim was founded in 1964 by a group of local people in Kensington
and Chelsea responding to concern over the number of itinerant young people
converging on the area in West London around Portobello Road. By the
1980’s the project was well funded and purchased a permanent property to
operate from.

In 2002, in response to continued growth in the activities and services
offered, major works were carried out on the property to improve facilities
and add extra space. More recently the Blenheim established day
programmes in the boroughs of Lambeth and Hackney.

CDP was established in 1968 in Southwark by a group of parents, supported
by the church, to address the rise in drug related problems in the local
community. CDP remained a small organisation until the mid 90’s when it
developed other initiatives to serve the boroughs of Lambeth and Lewisham.

Investment in the infrastructure of the organisation ensured that the quality
of service delivery remained high during a period of further steady growth
that encompassed the development of new projects in the boroughs of
Wandsworth, Greenwich and more recently Harrow and Hillingdon.

For more information about Blenheim CDP please visit our website at

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                                                   MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE

                                                           Board of Trustees
                                                               Chair – Eric Feltin

                                                               Chief Executive

                                                                   John Jolly

                                                                Chief Operating

                                                                 Debbie Lindsey

Client Services   Client Services     Client Services                                            Director of     Director (Learning     Director of
    Director          Director            Director                                               Resources        & Development)         Finance
                   (Performance)          (Quality)
  Jan Jenkins       Brian Dalton       Martin Brown                                              Simon Lincoln       Jo Palmieri         Sylvia Hill

                   Information                         Business                 Office & Comms   HR Manager        LAD Manager        Finance Officer
                   Services Mgr                    Development Mgr                  Manager
                  Gareth Packham                    Cathy Devincenzi             Helen Deeson    Diana Clough       Laraine Start      Serena Joseph

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                                                              CLIENT SERVICES STUCTURE
                                                                                    Debbie Lindsey
  Client                                      Client                                                                      Client
 Services                                   Services                                                                    Services
 Director                                   Director                                                                    Director
Jan Jenkins                                Martin Brown                                                                Brian Dalton
          Area Manager                              Area Manager                     Area Manager                                 Area Manager
            H&F/K&C                                    Lambeth                            K&C                                       Southwark
            Liz Barter                               Angela Small                   Brendan McGrath                                  Liz Legge

                          The Old Coach                          Lambeth Harbour                 Portobello Road                                         RISE Day
                              House                                                                  Project                                            Programme
                           Alyson Henry                                                            Amit Kumar                                           Yvonne Jones

                             Bridges                                  Latch House                     Insight K&C                                     Evolve Project
                          Chris Campbell
                           Denell Dema                                                                Sarah Cahn                                      Maggie Boreham

          Area Manager                                                               Area Manager
             Haringey                                IDAS Battersea                      CASA                                     Southwark DIP
          Janice Gittens                                                              Hazel Jordan
                                                        Rob Calder                                                                Renee Brotzman

                                 Eban                                                               Islington                         Kappa Project
                                                    IDAS Garratt Lane
                                                                                                Community Alcohol
                            Lisa Davis                                                             Eric Holmes                          Nick Wilson
                                                        Rob Calder

                        Insight Haringey                                                               CASA Family
                                                       IDAS CJIS                                         Service                 Insight Southwark
                                 Jo Choi                                                              Ben Kandelaars
                                                        Parul Patel                                                                   Alison Campbell

                  Nexus                                 Directions

              Michelle Francis                        Katy Bradbury


              Riccardo Woods

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                        JOB DESCRIPTION
 PROJECT:                 Blenheim CDP

 POST:                    Bank Project Worker

 HOURS:                   As and when required

 RESPONSIBLE TO:          Service Manager


The postholder will work in any Blenheim CDP Project to cover vacancies
or busy periods as required. They will work as part of that team to provide
the services specific to that project, which will generally include receiving
referrals, conducting assessments, groupwork, keywork, care planning,
outreach, and referral onto other services.


1.    Client Work

1.1   Conduct brief or full assessments as appropriate with service users
      coming into the service ensuring that the process includes the
      giving as well as gathering information.

1.2   To work on a one to one basis with service users to ensure that
      care planning and outcome monitoring is conducted on an individual
      basis according to the specific needs of the service user. The post
      holder should employ a range of theories and methods to ensure
      that the needs are met.

1.3   Make referrals to relevant treatment services based on the needs of
      the service user and encourage the uptake of treatment, e.g. by
      offering a ‘handholding’ service – meeting with and providing
      support to service users.

1.4   To work with other team members to plan, facilitate and deliver a
      comprehensive groupwork programme including relapse prevention
      and harm reduction etc.

1.5   To provide shared care arrangements for service users and work
      from GP satellite prescribing clinics as required.

1.6   Operate a busy needle exchange and ensure that exchanges are
      carried out in line with health and safety procedures.

1.7   Provide and facilitate a busy drop-in service and provide support
      and effective harm minimisation advice to service users.

1.8   To work in police custody suites and courts to provide assessment,
      referral and harm minimisation information to detainees.

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1.9    To work within a cultural competent framework to ensure that the
       needs of various cultures are met.

1.10   To work with the other members of the team to ensure a holistic
       programme of care is maintained addressing the physical,
       psychological and spiritual needs of the service users are

2.     Networking and Liaison

2.1    Maintain professional links with related organisations to ensure
       elements of continuity of care, up to date profiling of the project,
       referral links, and general information sharing.

2.2    To work in partnership with other agencies (statutory and non-
       statutory) in relation to the quality delivery of the programme and
       to maintain appropriate information sharing systems. To attend
       relevant forum meetings as required.

2.4    To write reports for service users with guidance from Manager for
       purposes of referral, courts, probation, housing etc.

3.     Recording, Monitoring and Evaluating

3.1    To maintain client records in such a way that conforms to Blenheim
       CDP policies and procedures and complies with medical and legal

3.2    To assist the Service Manager and Administrator in the provision of
       information that enable data collection, input and retrieval.

3.3    To conduct regular outcome monitoring to ensure that the
       programme meets the identified need of the service users and
       contractual requirements.

3.4    To keep all client information in a neat and accessible manner
       ensuring that service users can access the information kept on
       them, and that the information is able to be used by all members of
       the team.

3.5    To keep all client information in a secure area to ensure that
       confidentiality is maintained at all times.

3.6    To ensure that all interventions are underpinned by sound
       theoretical methods and ensure that outcomes are positive and

4.     General duties and responsibilities

4.1    To maintain the building environment in line with health and safety
       requirements as well as ensuring that it is a positive physical
       environment that enhances the therapeutic atmosphere for other
       staff and service users.

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4.2    To ensure that the premises are safe and secure.

4.3    To assist in the process of review.

4.5    To attend supervision, appraisal and other meetings as directed by
       Line Manager.

4.6    To represent Blenheim CDP in a professional manner at all times.

4.7    To treat all colleagues and service users with respect and dignity.

4.8    To contribute to the strategic development of Blenheim CDP by
       identifying  skill sharing    opportunities, training provision,
       information exchange etc.

4.9    To work within a team context, recognising the dynamics and

4.10   To undertake any task in line with role and responsibilities as
       directed by Line Manager.

DANOS Units Relevant to this Role:

AA2    Relate to, and interact with individuals

AA4    Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of individuals

AA6    Promote choice, well-being and the protection of individuals

AB2    Support individuals who are substance users

AC1    Reflect on and develop your practice

AC2    Make use of supervision

AD1    Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects

AF2    Carry out assessment to identify and prioritise needs

AG1    Develop, implement and review care plans for individuals

AG3    Assist in the transfer of individuals between agencies and services

AI3    Counsel groups of individuals about their substance use using recognized
       theoretical models
BD4    Promote, monitor & maintain health, safety & security in the working
BI5    Promote effective communication for and about individuals

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                   PERSON SPECIFICATION

PROJECT:                Blenheim CDP

POST:                   Bank Project Worker

RESPONSIBLE TO:         Service Manager

Job Criteria                                                  Appli-   Interview
                                                              cation   /test
1. A minimum 12 months experience of working with
   people with drugs and alcohol problems (adults and/or         
   young people).
2. NVQ Level 3 in Health & Social Care or equivalent
   qualification.                                                
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
3. A good understanding of the complex needs and
   problems that confront those with a history of                        
   problematic drug and alcohol misuse

4. A good understanding of harm minimisation and how
   it can be used as an intervention to reduce the risk of               
   harm to individuals and communities

5. Able to effectively engage with clients about their drug
   and alcohol use through good verbal and non-verbal                    
   communication whilst maintaining boundaries.

6. Knowledge of the types of services available to people
   who have drug and alcohol issues and how they are                     
   accessed or referred into.

7. Able to build and maintain positive and productive
   working relationships with both work colleagues and                   
   people from partner agencies.

8. Good written communication skills with ability to write
   clear concise case notes, care plans, letters and                     
   prepare reports (including use of relevant IT).

9. Able to reflect on own working practice to identify
   appropriate learning and development. Make effective                   
   use of supervision.

10.Demonstrates respect for the diversity, culture, values
   and choices of clients. Promotes equal opportunities                   
   and challenges discriminatory practice.

11.Able to assess the complex needs of drug and alcohol
   users, identify risks and formulate action plans to                    

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Job Criteria                                                Appli-   Interview
                                                            cation   /test
   identify how these can best be addressed.

Stimulant Services
12.Knowledge of the specific interventions required for
   crack/cocaine users and the ability to apply these.                  
Criminal Justice Services
13.An understanding of the criminal justice system and of
   working with offenders to address their offending                    

Day Programme Services
14.Knowledge and ability to plan, deliver and evaluate
   group work with substance users.                                     
GP Shared Care Services
15.Knowledge of GP shared care arrangements in relation
   to substitute prescribing for opiate dependency, with                
   specific knowledge around methadone and other
   opiate substitute medications.

Needle Exchange Services
16.A good understanding of needle exchange procedures
   and the ability to put these into effective practice.                
Young People’s Services
17.Knowledge of safeguarding issues and the ability to
   effectively engage with young people.                                

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Guidance For Job Applicants

Please read the information below carefully before completing your
application as it will help you complete your form as effectively as

1. Please do not send a CV. To ensure equal opportunities in recruitment we ask
   that all applicants complete all parts of the Application Form.

2. When completing the form please type or write clearly in black ink.

3. The job description describes the main purpose and responsibilities of the job
   you are applying for. You should take time to read the job description so that
   you get a good understanding of what is required.

4. The person specification sets out the experience, knowledge, skills and
   abilities we think you need to do this job.

5. The Relevant Skills and Experience part of the application form is very
   important as it is used to determine who will be short-listed for interview.

6. Please address each heading in this section thinking carefully about how your
   skills, and experience match those shown. Then, where possible, give clear
   examples of how you have demonstrated this in your current or previous job.

7. Do not make assumptions that we will know about your skills and experience
   from your employment history.

8. You should also consider any experience you have gained outside work, ie
   through voluntary experience or community activities.

9. The referees you give should, where possible, be your current or previous
   manager (or HR Department) and cover your three most recent jobs. If these
   cover a period less than 3 years we may ask for additional referees.

10. To ensure that our Equality and Diversity Policy is effective, all candidates are
    asked to complete the Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form. This will be
    treated as confidential and removed before the short-listing process.

11. When, completed please read through your application form carefully checking
    for any errors or omissions.

12. As there is no closing date for these posts, applications will be short-listed
    periodically by an interview panel of designated managers who will make an
    assessment as to how each applicant meets the criteria on the person
    specification. Those who sufficiently meet the requirements will then be
    invited for interview on one of the scheduled dates.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact
the HR Department on 020 7582 2200.

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                          Main terms & conditions

Pay:           Bank Workers are only paid for hours worked. Pay is normally an
               hourly rate based on the lowest point of the appropriate full time
               salary scale. Salaries are paid on the 20th of each month and Bank
               Workers are paid for correctly authorised time sheets that are
               submitted by the 15th of the month.

Hours of       Bank Workers are engaged on an ‘as and when required’ basis and
work:          may work between 0 – 35 hours per week, but may not work in
               excess of 35 hours in any one week. The standard working week is
               35 hours (excluding breaks for lunch). Normal office hours are
               9.30am to 5.30pm however some services are open on one or more
               evenings a week and/or the weekend.

Holiday:       You will be entitled to 5.6 weeks' paid leave per annum. This is
               equivalent to 2.3 days per month if you work a five-day week, or a
               pro-rata of this if you work part-time.

               This entitlement is inclusive of all bank holiday entitlements, for which
               no additional payment is therefore due.

Sick Pay:      There is no occupational sick pay for Bank Workers. You may be
               entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) according to the Statutory Sick Pay
               rules that apply at the time. Please note that the first three qualifying
               days of a period of entitlement will be waiting days and will not attract
               payment of SSP. It is unlikely, therefore, that casual work for a week
               or less will entitle the worker to SSP.

   Please note that not all of the above are contractual entitlements and may
   be varied or withdrawn in the future.

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                          Bank staff required
   From £14.28 per hour (with NVQ3 in Health & Social Care or

We are looking to build our bank of casual staff to cover Project Worker
positions in any of our services across London on an “as and when
required” basis.

The roles require the ability to carry out a range of tasks, from delivering
Tier 2 and structured interventions to group work and open
access/outreach work, depending on the project.

It is essential that you already have experience of working in the drug and
alcohol field and are able to work professionally and effectively with a
wide range of service users (adults and/or young people). Ideally you
should have a Level 3 NVQ in Health & Social Care or equivalent.

All bank staff will undergo full reference checks and be required to apply
for an Enhanced CRB Disclosure, the cost of which will be re-imbursed on
completion of the first period of employment.

This is an ongoing recruitment exercise and there is no closing date.
Interviews will be held on a rolling basis throughout the year. For details
of how to apply or to download an application pack please visit our

You may also request a pack by phoning 020 7840 0099 (answerphone)
and leaving your contact details.

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