Appendix A: Summary Assessment Report by HC121107225222


									                                    Appendix 3: Summary Assessment Report
Summary Report
Grovesnor & Regency Management                          Ward: Vincent Square

2001/2002 Revenue Funding:                  Nil

2002/2003 Revenue Funding                   Nil
2002/2003 Other WCC Grants:                 Nil

2003/2004 Funding Requested:                £14,277

2003/2004 Funding Recommended:              Nil
WCC revenue funding as % of                 n/a

Services Provided and Activities for which Funding is Requested
The application states that the organisation is a friendly society and a registered
charity. The Grosvenor and Regency Management Organisation exists to provide
certain services to their residents, and is managed by our residents. Their intentions
are to identify that needs are met. The Grosvenor and Regency Management
Organisation (GRETA) is committed to working in partnership with local people and
their various communities to achieve this.

Greta Hall Youth Point (GHYP) is a community based youth project providing a
range of educational and recreational activities for young people aged 7-25yrs.
Provision is available to young people living in South Westminster.

The organisation is requesting funding towards the staffing costs.

Adherence to Criteria and Conditions
Funding Category: Investing in your Education
Priority Area: Youth Work

1. Support Westminster Youth Service’s Mission Statement
The application states that the organisation actively implements the overall mission
statement for the Youth Service, by planning and developing a range of activities for
young people. GHYP aims to ensure that these programmes motivate, challenge
and provide enjoyable opportunities for young people.

2. Work with the 13-19 age group
The project works with 7-19 year olds. There are no figures given to establish the
number of 13-19 year olds attending

3. Support work with priority groups
The catchment area of the organisation is south Westminster. There are ethnic
minority groups are accessing the project and the project also works with Positive
4. Provide generic and or specialist youth work
The project provides a one day, one night service that addresses the curriculum
framework. Additional to this there are other courses on offer.
All activities aim to encourage educational input with the young people participating.
All planned work is recorded using the Westminster format looking at outcomes for

5. Support provision at times requested by young people
The criteria was not directly addressed in the application.

6. Targets communities identified in the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy
The criteria was not directly addressed in the application.

7. Promotes self-help & active citizenship
The criteria was not directly addressed in the application.

Ward Member Comments

Officer Assessment
The organisation failed to address criteria 5 to 7 and only partially met one of the
other criteria, therefore it did not meet most of the criteria. Although it was clear
from the application that the organisation is implementing systems suggested by the
youth service, but the information included did not give enough details on the
project. It would have been beneficial to get an idea of how long the project had
been running, and the number of young people attending.

In addition to this there is a concern that the Charity registration number given does
not exist, there is a possibility that the friendly society number has been given in its
place. After checking the Charity Commission Website an organisation who
originally ran the Greta Youth Project was found. Although it is not clear if this is the
same charity as the Grosvenor and Regency Management Organisation. They state
in their application they were established in 1998, where as the previous charity on
the Website was registered in 1975 and has not returned its accounts since 1997/98.

Based on the above information it is not recommended that the organisation is
Funded. However, this work is part of the strategy for development in the South of
the Borough. The Head of Youth Service recommends that Pimlico Village Youth
Project, which meets the criteria, could effectively manage the project, and deliver a
needed service. It is therefore recommended that this be considered as part of the
Pimlico Village bid.

Recommendation: Nil – See Pimlico Village Youth Project Summary Report

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