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									Creating a Colony in the New World

Hear ye! Hear ye! Know ye that His Royal Highness, King John, has hereby
offered his approval to a venture establishing a colony across the seas. This
privilege has been extended to thy group contingent upon thou available
knowledge. Ye must ensure the success of the colony and the health and
welfare of the King’s subjects.

The Task

Ye have been assigned the task of creating a new colony. This work is to be
very comprehensive because an error on thy part may cost the lives of many

Ye need to provide to His Majesty a detailed presentation of thy planned
colony. His majesty requires a visual of the proposed settlement, and thou
needest to participate in its construction. Since there is only one visual of the
colony, ye will cooperate with thy team in creating this. If yourn ideas are
different from thy team members, ye must work out any differences. At the
request of the His Majesty, ye shall present thy proposal to the other
members of the Royal Commission (your class).

The Products

Ye proposal should consist of the following products:
   a written compact or law document of the colony
   documentation (the answers to the worksheet questions)
   a map of the region showing geographical features and resources
   a visual of the settlement
   the colony flag or banner
   an edition from thy colony’s newspaper (each of the group members will
     have a section to write)
   an oral presentation


1.) Create and choose a geographical location for your colony on a fictitious
regional map, include various physical features.      Consider the features
necessary for survival and future development. Display these features on
thy map (poster).

2.) Make a list of no less than 12 of the most important items that ye could
bring from yourn own country to this new colony. Display these items on
thy poster and make sure you give the reason ye chose each item.

3.) Design the construction of the first community shelters or village. Think
about the size of the population and stockades for defense. Research and look
at other early English colonies such as Jamestown for ideas. This should be
displayed as a visual drawing or 3-D creation. Be creative!

4.) Write a compact or law document for the colony. Include the rights and
responsibilities of the colonists, the laws that govern the colony, and the type
of government that the colony will have. Answer the worksheet questions
and review other compacts before you begin.

5.) Design a flag or banner to represent the colony. Consider basic designs and
symbolism of your flags shapes and figures. Use creative materials to display
this on ye poster.

6.) Create a colonial newspaper based on the examples previewed in class.
Follow the attached directions to create your newspaper.

7.) Share thy work with the class by displaying ye poster in the class room
and introducing the colony to the other colonists.

8.) Students work will be graded on content, individuality, creativity and

The Process
Each group will focus on political, economical, technological, and societal
aspects for your colony. After doing research separately, work within thy
group to design yourn part of the presentation for the King. Thy oral
presentation should include an explanation of yourn findings. Thy visual
could be multimedia, play, puppet show, video, model, diagram or any
combination of these.     Include a layout of a settlement in the colony.
Remember to include yourn sources into thy written documentation.
Directions for a colonial newspaper are included. Ye have already
researched ACTUAL colonies that have existed, so model thy colony after one
of the many real colonies.

Materials and Equipment:
   Poster paper or cardboard, sticks, clay, various materials and art
    supplies to build a colony
   copies of The Mayflower Compact, The Fundamental Orders of
    Connecticut, The Maryland Toleration Act, 1649, or other similar
   Computer with internet access
   Copies of colonial newspapers

Colony Map
1.) Create a geographical and cultural map to assist in the settlement of thy
proposed colony. Ye must have a clear understanding of the geography and culture
of the region, as well as the natives who are currently living there.

2.) Ye map will contain the following:
    A descriptive title or place name for the region
    Topographical markings showing at least 5 labeled landforms and features:
     mountains, hills, plateaus, forests, deserts, rivers, bays, oceans, etc. Ye may
     use any feature more than once. Include manmade features such as roads or
    Describe the predominant climate and natural resources of your region
    Place names and locations for the town(s) in your region.
    Include a compass rose and map legend /key of the landforms and resources
    Make sure the map is neat and legible – all labeling should be done in
     black ink and the whole map should be colored

3.) Add thy list of 12 important items that ye brought to the new colony.
Display these items on thy poster and make sure you give the reason ye chose
each item. These may be attached to the sides of ye map (six on each side) or
as a document.

4.) Design the construction of the first community shelters or village. Think
about the size of the population and stockades for defense.

This group is assigned the task of deciding how the colony shall be governed.
His Majesty is most anxious that the administration of the settlement be fair
and efficient. Although ye may wish to have a single individual who is
ultimately responsible to the Crown for the overall running of the colony,
order and efficiency cannot depend upon one person. Assignment of various
important functions shall need to be made. Consider the following needs of
the colony:

  1. Who will rule the colony? What offices are needed?
      How will the laws be enforced? Who will enforce them?
     Create a list of AT LEAST 10 laws that cover all aspects
     of life in society (more than just criminal offenses, but
     laws that dictate how people should live.

  2. Will ye have regular British soldiers or militia?
     What are advantages and disadvantages to each?

  3. Who controls the soldiers? Who pays them? Who houses them?

  4. Who can own land? (Be specific about what qualifications they must
     have (age, gender, etc.).

  5. Will anyone be allowed to run for office? If so, how often and for what

  6. If people will vote, then who will be allowed to vote? What criteria will
     be used?

  7. How will ye protect the inhabitants from attack by hostile nations or
     savages? We want the Indians to help us and not be our enemies. What
     will ye do to make that happen?

  8. The King is very anxious to keep track of the progress of the colony.
     Who will do this, how often, and how do ye intend to report this to His


It is most important that the colonists survive and prosper. To that end, each
person must have something to employ their time to the best advantage of
himself and the colony. Not every person can or should be engaged in
growing food, nor in any one thing. There must be a balance among all the
work so that every person is dependent on the others to live. Ye must decide
the following:

  1. What will be the main business purposes of the colony? (Will it be
     agriculture, hunting for pelts, mining for minerals, fishing, whaling, or
     something else?)

  2. Who will ye trade with? For what will ye trade? What will ye offer in

  3. What essential things do the colonists originally need to bring from
     England for surviving until the colony can support itself?

  4. What material can the colonists find in the New World to sustain

  5. What important occupations must thy colonists have and how will
     people be trained for each of the occupations?

  6. How many days per week and how many hours per day will people

  7. How will things be paid for (currency or barter)? If currency, then
     describe it (paper or coin).

  8. There is a new idea of using slaves or indentured servants to do work.
     Should we have slavery or indentured servants in this colony? What
     would be reasons for each? If you don't have slavery or indentured
     servants, from where and how where will you get workers?
People in the colony will be living from day to day. How well they live will be
determined by thy group. Yourn is possibly the hardest job since thy decisions
will affect every colonist personally. If ye are wrong, it could cost some lives.
Perhaps the best way to approach thy job is to follow a typical colonist
through a day from the time they get up until they go to sleep.

  1. Describe a day from an adult's and a child's point of view. For the adult
     include items such as work, tasks, chores, food, etc. For the child include
     items such as school (if there is one), tasks, chores, food, and games.

  2. Which religion(s) will your colony permit? What is the role of religion
     in your colony?

  3. What shall people be able to do for recreation?

  4. What rules should be made concerning schooling, including subjects
     taught, rules for attendance, discipline and support for the teacher?

  5. What rules will you have concerning courtship?

  6. What rules will you have concerning marriage (role of husband, wife,
     children, & relatives)?

  7. Will ye have different social classes of people? If so, what are they? Can
     people climb into a higher social class? If so, then how can they do so?

  8. What customs will ye adhere to? What holidays will ye celebrate? How
     will ye do that?


These are some of the questions thy group needs to answer. Make the answers
as detailed as possible. Bear in mind that if ye forget something, it could take
a year or more before the things that ye forgotten can be supplied.

  1. What is the proximity of thy colony to water for drinking, irrigation,
      and navigation? (Include maps.)

  2. What transportation and communication systems will ye use?

  3. What will the houses and buildings look like (inside and outside - include
     sketches)? What materials will be used to build them? How will ye
     adapt thy dwellings to the environment?

  4. What kind of furniture will ye use? (Describe.)

  5. How will ye obtain food? What crops will ye plant? Will ye raise
     animals? How will ye store things?

  6. What farm implements and other tools will ye use?

  7. How will ye make clothes, blankets, etc.?

  8. What technological occupations are essential to any colony?

  9. What weapons and fortifications will ye use to protect yourselves?

  10. What are health services like? Who will ye go to if ye become ill? How
      are ye treated if ye are ill? What sanitary methods are practiced in
      obtaining water, cooking and in medical practices?


See attached rubric

Additional Resources

   Ye Olde Textbook
   Ye Olde Library - His Majesty is most anxious for this project to succeed
    and has therefore alerted the Royal School Librarian to assist ye in any
    way possible.
   Ye Olde Encyclopedia
   Ye Olde Internet - "Get thee into cyberspace." Seek thee The King's
    Royal Website and Colonial Newspaper instruction sheet for sites that
    will aid thee in completing thy task.
   Ye Olde Books


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