Assessment grid for CREST project work by zvRb07l



This document is to help make clear the requirements for getting a CREST gold award
by taking part in the Engineering Education Scheme. We hope it’s clear, but if not,
please contact the person named on the other side of this sheet.

At the launch you need to:

   -   Hand in or complete a registration form. There’s a CREST stand somewhere,
       please hand in paperwork there or to the CREST representative.
   -   We’ll then invoice the school for your registrations, at £15 per student.

Before the Celebration and Assessment Day you need to:

   -   Submit your report and personal appendices document to EDT within the
       deadline they give you. There are no additional requirements for CREST at this
       stage. If you follow EDT’s report writing advice, you will give us the information
       we need.
   -   Complete your logbooks (we suggest you work on these as you go along).

At the Celebration and Assessment Day you need to:

   -   Hand your completed logbooks to the CREST representative when you arrive
   -   Answer the CREST assessor’s questions when they come to talk to you

At the CAD, the CREST assessor will:

   -   Read your logbooks (they will already have read your report)
   -   Ask you questions about your project

At the end of the CAD, the CREST assessor will recommend either:

   -   That you receive your awards OR

   -   That you provide further information, which will help them to decide whether to
       award gold, or if not, silver.

Our criteria for assessment are listed on the other side of this page
Assessment Criteria

Section 1 - Planning Process
a. Project aims and objectives (How clearly did you identify the challenge given to you, and the
way it broke down into achievable objectives?)
b. Planning and organization (How well did you plan your project and organise yourselves and
those who helped you to complete your project?)
c. Use of material and human resources (How effectively did you decide when to ask for help, and
how well did you use that help?)
Section 2 – Project Process
a. Research (How did you find out about the background to and solutions to your project?)
b. Project development (How did you develop the challenge you were given into a plan?)
c. Project methodology (Did you develop a sound method for your project, with appropriate
components, and adapt to things that happened?)
d. Evaluation and conclusions (Did your conclusions flow from your project, and how did you
evaluate them?)
e. Quality of project outcomes (How elegant and effective was your response to the challenge?)
Section 3 - Project Context
a. Application to ‘real world’ context and implications (How well did you explain the business,
environmental and social value of your project?)
Section 4 – Subject Understanding
a. Scientific and/or technical knowledge (Did you understand the science and technology behind
your project, and make it clear in your responses?)
Section 5 – Initiative and Creativity
a. Initiative (Did you take responsibility for solving problems yourselves?)
b. Creativity (How well did you think outside the box when dealing with the challenge and any
problems you had?)
c. Problem Solving (How well did you overcome problems you had during your project?)
Section 6 – Communication
a. Written and oral communication (How well did you tell us about your project, both in writing and
speaking to us?)

Further Opportunities

Once you’ve got your CREST award, you can join the CREST alumni network. Go to to find out more. You can also keep up with CREST awards on
Facebook – search for our page and like us!

Want to show off your project again, meet some fantastic scientists and engineers, and maybe even get to
go to national and international science and engineering fairs?

Bring your project to your local Big Bang Regional Fair. You can find out where your nearest fair will take
place at:

If you have any questions, please contact:              Colin Wilkinson
                                                        Corylus Learning -
                                                        3 Thornbrough Close, Hartburn,
                                                        Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 5PA
                                                        Tel 01642 740400 or 07850 713567

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