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                       CAFNR Policy, Practices and Procedures

Section: FINANCE                                       Topic: FEDERAL FORMULA FUNDS –
                                                              Multi-State Research

    The MOAES recognizes the importance of faculty participation on multi-state regional
    committees. Toward that end, AES will establish an account to support faculty participation on
    Multi-State Research Projects as follows:
        Funded Projects: Each approved Multi-State “funded” project will be provided $10,000
           annually to support participation on the committee by an official Missouri
           representative(s). Examples of “funded” projects are NC-1173, NE-201, S-1045 and W-
           178). Project support can be used for travel and other expenses associated with
           participation in the annual committee meeting and operational support (including staff
           salary) to meet the research objectives to be addressed by the Missouri member of the
        Coordinating Committees, Extension-Research Activities and Development Committees:
           Other approved multi-state projects (e.g., NCCC5, WERA-123, SDC-435) will receive $1K
           annually to support travel to and participation in the annual committee meeting.
        Administrative Projects: Support for administrative committees (e.g., NCAC-5) will come
           from academic division funds.

    Annual project participation must be documented by submission of the project’s annual report to
    the Associate Dean for Research to receive continued project support for “funded” or other
    regional committees. Annual participation is an expectation of continued funding.

    Distribution of MOAES Multi-State Research Funds:
         Funding provided for an approved project will be per federal fiscal year (10-01-XX / 09-30-
         Funding must be spent within federal fiscal year provided, no carryover allowed.
         PI must be an official member of the project as well as an active participant. If there are
            multiple faculty on the same approved project, the funds will be distributed among the
            official members.
         If a project has USDA approval as of 10-01-XX the funds will be transferred to the
            Academic Division’s AES unallotted deptid. Projects approved after 10-01-XX will have the
            funds prorated over the balance of the federal fiscal year.

  Date: June 30, 2012
  Authorized/Approved by: Associate Dean, MOAES                       Page 1 of 1

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