why we fight 2 by jg7sgw6


									                                      "Why We Fight"

The purpose of the film is to question the motives for U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts,
specifically Iraq. At the end of the documentary you will compose a short one-page essay
response to the following question: According to the film's producers and the other sources
including: "The Role of the U.S. in a Changing World" and "War is Peace," why did the
United States choose to go to war in Iraq, and how were the American people convinced of
the necessity? Bonus: What does this say about American foreign policy? You will be
allowed to use your notes on the writing assignment.

Some ideas for note-taking on the film:
    Propaganda and the fear of 9/11
    Osama Bin Laden/ Al-Qaeda
    Saddam Hussein and Iraq
    nuclear weapons
    The Project for the New American Century
    The Military/Industrial complex
    The Bush Doctrine of preemption

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