Project Notice by K8xBXwf


									                                   Project Notice

     Please submit your proposals for the project on or
before 26-Feb-2007. Project proposals can be on one of
emerging Multimedia Research Areas or on Multimedia
applications. The work should be carried out as a team or 2
or 3 students.
     The project proposal should be submitted in the format
given at the end of this document.

Weightage :
          10% (2% is earmarked for positively meeting all
          the deadlines set during the course of this
          project work)

Deadlines :
          Submission of proposal             : 26 – Feb – 2007
          Progress review                    :
                                        To be announced later
               Submission of Project report : 11 – Apr – 2007

                          Multimedia Computing (EA C473)
                                    Project work
Team members          :       1)



Title                               :

Nature of the work                  : Research / Application

Outline of the proposed work        :

        Outline of the work must be between 500 to 750 words

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