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									                      Community Relations Council Media Grant 2012

                                 Application Form
The aim of the Media Grant 2012/2013 is to commission a media project focusing on a
current theme of the Community Relations Council for dissemination as a broadcast or
digital content product designed for audience interaction.

Section 1 Management
Who is the Lead Partner who is responsible for the financial management and
implementation of the project?

1      Company Details
       Postal Address:

       Contact Name and Position:
       Company Status (Limited Company, Trust, sole trader, unincorporated association,
       charity etc.), please state______________________________________________
       Registered Charity Number (if applicable) ________________________________
       VAT Registration Number (if applicable) _________________________________
       District Council Area _______________________________________________
       Area of Impact ____________________________________________________

2      Management Details

       Please name members of your Board of Directors/Senior Directors/Producers

3      Partner / Contractor details

       Please name the partners/contractors Board of Directors/Senior

                     Community Relations Council Media Grant 2012

Section 2 Experience and Expertise
4     Please list job titles of employees/contracted companies and staff who will/may be
      involved in the production/media project. Please enclose curriculum vitae of
      writers and production team as appropriate.

5     Please give details of previous productions, with particular reference to material
      with a community relations or cultural diversity focus.

6     Please provide details of the dissemination strategy used including dates of
      broadcast and transmitting company. Please provide ONE sample not exceeding 5
      minutes of your work

7     Please give details of your experience of different types of production
      accomplished (film, TV, radio, digital content etc.)

                    Community Relations Council Media Grant 2012

Section 3 The Proposal
8     Project Name _______________________________________________________
      Please outline the proposal for which you are applying to the Media Grant Scheme.

9     What is the medium involved in your proposal? If there is more than one area
      please rank in order of importance (1 being the most important).

      Video, Film and TV              Audio, radio and podcast

                                      Software and digital media

                      Community Relations Council Media Grant 2012

Section 4 Community Relations and Cultural Diversity

10     Please give details of your or partners experience of working with different
       communities in Northern Ireland/Ireland/UK/Internationally.

11     Please indicate how the overall approach is relevant to community relations and
       cultural diversity issues in Northern Ireland.
       Theme ___________________________________________________

More information can be found at

                     Community Relations Council Media Grant 2012

Section 5 Finance
12    What is the total cost of this project?

13    Please give details of each element of the total projected budget.

      Proposed Project                 Total £     £ requested from    £ balance to be
                                                   CRC Media Grant     funded from
      Insert Budget Item (and                                          elsewhere
      Pre Production


      Post Production

      Marketing /distribution


14    The Community Relations Council may only be able to provide a percentage of the
      total projected budget costs. Please provide information on other funders
      approached, or whom you would consider approaching, detailing monies
      requested or approved.

     Name of Funding Body          Proposed Project Budget     Funds Requested (R) and
                                   Item and £                  Approved(A)

                    Community Relations Council Media Grant 2012

15   Have you received any external funding (public, private or charitable) in the last
     three financial years (e.g. from CRC, Arts Council NI, Invest NI, Northern Ireland
     Screen etc)? Yes               No

     If yes, please list all funding received from public funding bodies in the last 3
     financial years.

             Funding Source       Programme                                  Amount £

16   Who will be responsible for providing monthly progress reports to CRC?


                    Community Relations Council Media Grant 2012

Section 6 Project Implementation
17   Please give details of the timescale and dates involved in the production of your
     proposal, including an estimated time for completion of the project (assuming
     starting on or before 02/1/2013 and substantial completion by 31/3/2013).

18   Please detail the dissemination strategy (Broadcast, internet, social media etc) and
     how do you propose to promote audience interaction with the final product? This
     may involve new media channels and web based applications

19   Who are the end users of this project and what benefit will they gain from it?

20   Please provide any other relevant information in support of your application

                      Community Relations Council Media Grant 2012

Section 7 Information to be provided with the application
The following documentation must be Provided
1. Please remember to provide ONE sample of your work as a web link or DVD not
   exceeding 5 minutes.
2. Financial records if an established business or Limited Company
   (If a company is an established business or Limited Company of two or more years
   standing – We require a copy of the business's certified or audited accounts. These must
   be signed and dated as adopted by the business. The accounts should be for the year
   ending 31st March 2012 or most recently available.)
   Note: This should not apply to nor should deter new companies and start up businesses
   from applying.
3. Sole Traders & Partnerships must be registered with HM Revenue & Customs and must
   provide their UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference).
4. Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults
   If your proposal involves working with children or vulnerable adults please provide a
   copy of your business’s Child Protection Policy signed and dated as adopted and the
   Safeguarding checklist completed.
5. Detailed budget for the project.
   NB You must include a breakdown of all budget lines over £500. A rationale for all staff
   costs will need to be provided within the detailed budget.
6. Curriculum vitae of writers and production team.

Please provide the following information IF you have it
   1. Constitution - If the company is registered; a Copy of Constitution and/or
      Memorandum and Articles of Association – signed and dated as adopted.
   2. Copy of your Community Relations and Equal Opportunities Policy/Statement -
      signed and dated as adopted.


(This application form may be copied, and the spacing altered to accommodate answers to
each/any question).

The deadline for receipt of applications is 9th November at 4.00pm. Applications will be
accepted by email with a signed hard copy to follow. The deadline for delivery of the
Sample is 4pm on the 12th November.

Late applications will not be accepted.


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