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									                                  EHRA 2013
                                 Project Dates
All projects run from the Monday morning on the starting date, to the Friday afternoon
of the finish date. Participants can book a minimum of one two-week slot, or multiple
slots, up to three months (six slots) maximum.

It is advisable to arrive before the departure date, and give yourself enough time to
reach the airport for your flight out. Please contact us for advice on this matter.

All accommodation before and after project dates is at your own cost, as is the
optional weekend at the end of every 2 week slot.

All project departures are subject to availability and confirmation with the EHRA office.
Flights should only be booked once you have received such confirmation from EHRA.
All bookings will be regarded as provisional, up until the receipt of deposit
confirmation. Booking priority would be given to first deposit confirmation, not first
date booked. EHRA reserve the right to cancel with fair notice if we did not receive
your deposit in time or under circumstances beyond our control i.e. political instability.

 START                  FINISH

 28 January             8 February
 11 February            22 February
 25 February            8 March
 11 March               22 March
 25 March               5 April
 8 April                19 April
 22 April               3 May
 6 May                  17 May
 20 May                 31 May
 3 June                 14 June
 17 June                28 June
 1 July                 12 July
 15 July                26 July
  29 July               9 August
 12 August              23 August
 26 August              6 September
 9 September            20 September
 23 September           4 October
 7 October              18 October
 21 October             1 November
 4 November             15 November
 18 November            29 November
 2 December             13 December

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