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AU-PAIR-Agreement Form

This document defines the agreement, requirements and expectations in the McCullough household, hereinafter referred to as “Family” their Au Pair, hereinafter referred to as “Au Pair”. By witness of the signatures at the end of this agreement, both parties hereto, agree as follows: Family Name: Family’s Address: Family’s Phone#: Au Pair Name: Au Pair’s Address: Au Pair’s Phone#: Passport Number: Drivers License: (copy of documents required) Nationality: Issued in Passport expires: Driving License expires:

Standard working week: 42 hours (spread Monday to Friday and may involve Saturday once a month) Pay Rate: 150 euros/ standard week, 5 euros/hour beyond Normal working hours: range between 7.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Pay dates: Every Friday (cash or bank transfer) Start Date: January, 2007 Term: 6 months from arrival, openly renewable as per mutual agreement

Travel arrangements
The Au Pair is responsible for travel arrangements to and from their home residence. The Family will cover the in-coming travel costs (car: petrol, motorway tolls, bus: single trip ticket cost, train: single trip ticket cost, airplane: half or single ticket cost, cheapest fare) on arrival at the Family residence. The Family will pay for return travel costs (car: petrol, motorway tolls as per arrival costs, bus: ticket cost, train: ticket cost, airplane: half or single ticket cost, cheapest fare) at the end of the employment with the Family, where the Au Pair returns directly to their home country after working for the Family. In the event the Au Pair does not return directly to their home country after working for the Family, return travel costs are at the charge of the Au Pair.

Living arrangements
In consideration for services, and in addition to the Pay Rate stated above, the Family provides room and board. A private bedroom is provided for Au Pair‟s use.

Time Keeping
Au Pair will be expected to keep a daily record of the hours worked. A time sheet is to be used to monitor hours worked. Time sheet will form the basis of establishing the weekly amount to be paid to Au Pair. Once a solid basis of understanding is established for the standard working week, by mutual agreement, the detailed time keeping may be dropped for the core work hours.

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AU-PAIR-Agreement Form

Week Day Daily Tasks
This listing is not intended to be exhaustive, but provide a good indication of what is expected during the course of a typical day. Top task Au Pair’s key daily responsibility is the close oversight of Owen (DOB 02.05.2004). Morning time Set the breakfast table and tidy up the kitchen and dining table when done. Sweep kitchen floor and the parquet floors. Other tasks around the house, include putting the washing machine on and hanging out clothes – folding dry clothes and sorting children‟s clothes to be put away in their rooms.. School time Get the kids ready for school and get them to school on time. Make sure the kids are dressed neatly and appropriately for the weather, they should have their coats. a. Marc must leave the house no later than 8.20 a.m. to be at school no later than 8.25 a.m. b. On Tuesday and Thursday take Owen to nursery – Drop off at 9.15 and pick up at 11.30 Pick up the kids from school on time – before their class doors open. Make sure they come home with their coats, backpacks and any necessary homework. a. Marc must be picked up from school every day at 4.20 p.m. Wednesdays are „half days‟ and pick-up is 11.20 a.m. b. Bryn must be picked up from school at 3.15 p.m. as necessary (there is sharing this school run with other parents, and there are times when 2 other children need pick up). To oversee the kids‟ homework with them, making sure it‟s done correctly and with care. Check each page of their homework for completeness, neatness and accuracy. Evening time Help with setting table and with meal preparation on nights when the Family parents are not able to do so. Other tasks Support, direct and help the children to make their beds and keep their room clean and tidy. Beds are to be made each morning when they get up and before they leave for school. Instruct them and show them how to tidy things up before moving on to a new activity. Instruct the kids to put their shoes by front door and to put their dirty clothes in the hamper. Au Pair needs to check the kids‟ room throughout the day. If their room is a mess, Au Pair is to make sure they clean it up, and help them develop this home skill with them. Toy management: Au Pair to ensure that toys located in main living areas, are taken back to the child rooms. When taking the children to outdoor activities, when weather makes it necessary, Au Pair must be sure to adequately apply sunscreen to the kids‟ exposed areas to avoid sunburn. Do not keep any food or any food containers or wrappers in Au Pair‟s room. Other tasks as may arise during the normal course of such work.

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AU-PAIR-Agreement Form

This listing is not intended to be exhaustive, but provide a good indication of what is expected during the course of a typical week. Empty rubbish from all bins and put the garbage bins out on the street for collection. In addition to the house cleaner (who comes weekly), when the kids are in school Au Pair to spend in order of 4 hours a week: Vacuum cleaning. Keeping the kitchen work surfaces, stove, hot plates clean Keeping the house floors swept. Tidying and dusting the house with care, as instructed. Clean Au Pair‟s bathroom and organize and tidy the kids‟ room as necessary being sure everything is put away. Change the kids‟ bed linens every other week when Au Pair straighten up their room. Iron and fold children clothing and put them away, as needed. Grocery shop. Other tasks as may arise during the normal course of such work.

Expenses to be borne by Au Pair
   Au Pair shall be responsible for all personal long-distance phone charges. Au Pair shall be responsible for all personal effects, toiletries, and sundries. Au Pair shall be responsible for petrol costs in the event the Family car is used for Au Pair‟s personal use.

Leave and holidays
Au Pair will receive paid time off for the following holidays if they take place on a weekday:    Easter – Good Friday, Easter Monday Christmas Day New Years Day

Au Pair will receive 9 days of paid leave in Au Pair‟s first 6 months of employment that may be taken with a minimum of four weeks advance notice. Paid leave time will be accrued at the rate of 1,5 days for every calendar month worked. Leave days are to be taken in full, and not as fractions. Au Pair shall be sensitive to planning leave in relation to the Family restrictions surrounding work and children holidays. Au Pair to take a minimum of 5 leave days in a six month period. Any unused accrued leave when the Au Pair leaves the Family, will be financially compensated on the basis of 30 Euros/leave day not taken. Maximum financial compensation to be 10 leave days due. There may be times when Au Pair will travel with the Family on holiday. The Family will pay for Au Pair‟s travel and accommodation expenses for any Family holiday in which Au Pair is included. During such holiday periods, Au Pair may be required to work at least 4 hours per day for which Au Pair will receive half the scheduled day rate. If Au Pair is required to work a full day while on holiday, Au Pair will be paid the full, normal daily rate.

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AU-PAIR-Agreement Form

In the event the Family goes out of town with the children alone, and if Au Pair is not on paid leave, Au Pair will be paid half the daily rate for the weekdays the Family is out of town. During such times, Au Pair may be required to check in on the house, bring in mail/packages, do some housecleaning.

Extra hours or evening Childcare
If Au Pair is requested, and agrees to work additional hours beyond Au Pair‟s normal schedule (42 hours), Au Pair will be paid at the rate of 40 euros per additional full day, or 5 euros per additional hour worked. Payment for extra hours work, beyond the Au Pair‟s normal schedule to be included with the weekly payed cash or bank transfer. Au Pair may be asked to baby sit in the evening once or twice a week. Once a month this may be a weekend night. Family will give good notice in this event. If Au Pair is requested to baby sit in the evening, these will first be treated within hours of Au Pair‟s normal schedule (42 hours), beyond this, Au Pair will be paid baby-sitting at a rate of 5 euros per hour. Payment for baby sitting, additional hours beyond Au Pair‟s normal working schedule, to be included with the weekly payed cash or bank transfer.

Sick Time
If Au Pair becomes sick or ill and cannot perform Au Pair‟s duties as defined herein, Au Pair will be paid for time off when Au Pair is not working due to illness, at a day rate of 15 euros/day. Maximum of seven paid days sick leave in a twelve month period.

Probationary Period & Termination
There will be a 30-day probationary period from the first day of living with the Family. During the probationary period, Family will determine whether the relationship is a good fit. If at any time during the probationary period, Family does not feel comfortable with the match, Family reserve the right to immediately terminate this agreement. Following the probationary period, this agreement may be terminated immediately by either party for breach, or upon four weeks notice for notified cause. Causes for immediate termination include, theft, negligence of child care, smoking in house, drunk on duty, drug use, and abuse of confidentiality. In case of the family terminates the Agreement should pay the Au Pair‟s travel cost home.

Health Insurance Au Pair will take out their own international health insurance cover for France, and will show proof of health cover to Family. Family will refund Au Pair health insurance costs up to 60 euros a month. Mobile Phone If required, Family will provide a mobile phone, with a capped call contribution. INTERNET Access The Family will provide internet access for the Au Pair, which can be used according to the terms “Our Expectations”. Language Class Support An essential part of living in France will be to learn French. The Family will contribute towards French Language classes, up to a maximum of 225 euros per six months. The Language school will be mutually chosen by Au Pair and Family, as location may have an impact on working day. If needed and available, Family car can be used for getting to Language classes with prior notification. If Au Pair leaves, and language class contribution from Family extends beyond the point of being with Family, a mutually agreed amount may be asked to be made back to the Family.

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AU-PAIR-Agreement Form

Au Pair to ensure that language classes must be integrated into the working week and shall not result in an issue with childcare. Confidentiality During the course of employment, Au Pair may be exposed to Family‟s confidential information which may consist of financial, career and/or personal information. All such information is not to be disclosed or discussed by Au Pair and shall be safeguarded by Au Pair as privileged, confidential information. Failure to uphold this confidentiality agreement shall be grounds for immediate termination. Our Expectations We expect that Au Pair‟s heart, Au Pair‟s intentions and Au Pair‟s words will be pure and honest in all exchanges between us and the children. We expect that Au Pair will approach all situations responsibly, even if an issue is hard to discuss. We expect that Au Pair will handle the children with love, respect and a balance of authority to ensure our wishes and schedules are met. We expect that Au Pair will do all that Au Pair does with care and attention to detail. We expect that the tasks listed above will be done by Au Pair without having to be reminded. Au Pair will take responsibility for being present at the appropriate times and taking care of what needs to be done without being asked. During scheduled work time Au Pair should not be watching TV, using the computer, or phone. Personal use of the computer is reserved/permitted only for when Au Pair is off duty. When the Au Pair is to work next day, Au Pair is expected to hold to reasonable night time hours to avoid impacting Au Pair‟s ability to give effective childcare the following day. The Family car is provided to Au Pair primarily for getting the kids to and from school and running household errands such as grocery shopping. Prior permission is required for any personal use such as personal errands. Accidents do happen, if any damage does occur to vehicle Au Pair is expected to notify Family. Au Pair may be asked to contribute financially up to 300 euros towards vehicle damage caused by Au Pair. Au Pair to provide a car insurance letter on their „no claims‟ bonus history for benefit of the Family car insurance company. (helps with getting them as named driver) Guests are not allowed unless it has been discussed appropriately in advance and permission has been granted by Family. Simple things mean a lot - like caring enough to conserve electricity by turning off lights, stereos, TVs or the computer without having to be asked. Also taking care to protect the freshness of food to avoid spoilage and waste is important. We expect Au Pair to care about the house and the costs of running it as if Au Pair were also responsible for the bills. Smoking: this sets a bad example to children, and it is a serious health risk to smokers and nonsmokers alike. No smoking in the house, around the house, or around the Family at any time. If Au Pair‟s plans to stay with us change at any time, we would like Au Pair to notify us immediately, providing us with as much advanced notice as possible as we do depend on Au Pair to perform the job for which Au Pair was hired and finding a suitable replacement usually takes at least a month. By signing below Au Pair confirms having read the agreement in full, has fully understood the content, and agrees to perform the tasks and meet our expectations above.


Au Pair___________________________

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AU-PAIR-Agreement Form

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