The Danube by GY53Q45


									The Danube
   Kristina Schneider

     Blue Danube Waltz
• Home to 86 million people
  – Drinking water
  – Waste Dilution
  – Electricity Generation
• Major Transportation Route
• Recognized as an international waterway

  – Austro-Hungarian Empire
  – European Commission
  – Danube Commission
Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project
Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project
Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project
• Issues
  – Hungary claims project hurts environment
    and not energy efficient
  – Slovakia claims project helps environment
    and provides half of country’s energy.
             ICJ Decision
• Hungary had not right to terminate
  contract with Slovakia.
• Slovakia act of diverting river not in line
  with cooperative nature of agreement
  between the nations.
  Environmental Programme
• Problems
  – High pollutant loads
  – Reduced purification in Delta
  – Reduced flood peak
  – Disturbance of aquatic ecosystems
           Long Term Goals
• To maintain and improve the availability and
  quality of water in the Danube River,
• To develop a regional water management
• To establish the control of hazards from
  accidental spills,
• To reduce the negative impacts in the Danube
  River Basin, on river ecosystems and the Black
          Current Status
• New Agreement in May of 2001
• “Green Corridor for the Danube”

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