Project Closure Template by GY53Q45


									                         PROJECT CLOSURE TEMPLATE

Purpose: The purpose of the Project Closure Form is to enable the Project Leader
to summarise the Project’s outcomes and disseminate the Project Process and
‘Lessons Learned’.

The following guidelines should help you complete the document:

1. Standardised Headings with some artistic license
2. Additional inclusion of multi-media files (optional) eg. sound, video
3. Project Lead to complete
4. Completed in Third person
5. Send as Word document and formatted by LLN team
6. Minimum of 1 side of A4 and maximum of 2 sides with font size 12 or above
                          PROJECT CLOSURE FORM

Title of Project



Employer Involvement (If Applicable)

Background to Project

Project Approach

Describe the Project from start to finish

Lessons Learned


Plan for Dissemination
Summary of Expenditure – double click on the table below to enter information
(the information shown below is an example only):

Total Budget Requested for Project:                                  2,000.00

Expenditure (please detail below):
Staff Time - John Smith (10 Days @ £150 per day)                     1,500.00
Travel - John Smith (240 Miles @ 40p per mile)                          96.00

                                            Total Expenditure        1,596.00

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