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									                                                      Project Lessons Learned Review

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<Brief description of the project>

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The aim of the Project Lessons Learned Review is to help improve our project practice by identifying good practice and
ways to avoid problems. So it is important that the report is frank about positive and negative aspects, and has a
‘blame-free’ approach.
Some areas to think about:
   Project Start-up
   Aims and Objectives, and overall Project Success
   Project Definition, Planning and Control throughout the project.
   Project Organisation – the Board, working groups etc.
   Risk and Change Management throughout the project.
   Stakeholders and Communication.
   Benefits, identified and responsibility handed over.
   Staff and Resourcing.
   Testing, Training and Rollout.
   Handover to the service owners, and Closure.

What went well, and why?

What went badly, and why?

What could have been done differently, with hindsight?

What are lessons for future projects?

Lessons Learned and Recommendations
   <Compiler’s overview of success factors, lessons learned, recommendations>

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Appendix: Further possible points to consider
Aims and Objectives and overall Project Success
   <Was the purpose of the project, the end products and success criteria clearly defined and agreed at the start? >
   <Did they change during the project? >
   <Were the aims and objectives achieved? Were the timescales achieved? >
Project Definition, Planning and Control throughout the project.
   <Was there a Project Definition document. Was there a Project Plan. Were they used during the project? >
   <Were they realistic? Did the objectives, timescales, scope etc have to be altered? >
   <Was the project manager sufficiently experienced, skilled, trained, supported? >
   <Did they have enough time? And authority? >
   <How was the project controlled? Did this work well? Were procedures for measuring progress etc. adequate? >
   <Was the control overhead justified? Did the project control activities support the team? >
   <How was the quality of products/processes assured? Was the ‘Quality and Test Log’ used?>
   <Were quality procedures built into the project? Were these adhered to? >
Risk and Change Management throughout the project.
   <Was any formal risk assessment carried out at the start of the project, and was this followed up during the project?>
   <Did the project change significantly? How was this managed? >
Stakeholders and Communication.
   <Who managed most of the communication within the project? Did it work? >
   <Were all interests adequately involved/informed?>
   <Did the reporting structure allow the PM to report successes/failures/concerns to management adequately? >
Staff and Resourcing.
   <Were the right people available when required? Did the team have the right skills and experience? >
   <Did the team work well together? Did the members get job satisfaction out of working on the project? >
   <Did the project improve the team members’ reputations, skills, personal development? >
   <Was the necessary hardware, software, accommodation etc available? >
   <Was there enough support – guidance, clerical support, training?>

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