CARE OF OCCLUSAL GUARD

Your occlusal bite splint serves to relieve muscle tension, decrease painful symptoms, protect the
teeth, and maintain the teeth in position.

At first, you may be aware of temporary increase in salivation. This is normal.

When positioned each time, the bite splint may feel somewhat tight for a few moments. This is

When the bite splint is removed, your occlusion may feel different and the interferences that are
present may temporarily seem greater. This is normal and will disappear in a few minutes. Also, if
left out for prolonged periods, symptoms may return.

Upon taking the splint out of your mouth it should be brushed immediately with a toothbrush and
toothpaste or placed in water until you have the time. The deep side of the storage container may
be used to soak the splint.

Two times each month the splint should be soaked for 30 minutes in water with a couple of
squeezes of antibacterial hand soap.

The splint should be stored with the case open so it can air dry and be placed in a drawer out of
the reach of children and pets.
Initial adjustments of the bite splint are almost always necessary and future adjustments needed
will depend on the nature complexity, and severity of your occlusal bite splint has eliminated and

The occlusal bite splint should not be worn unless you are under the supervision of a dentist. If
you move from your present home or discontinue treatment, do not continue to wear the bite
splint without consulting a dentist.

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