Fuels and the Environment

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					                                                             Fuels and the Environment

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The fossil fuels that we use to produce electricity and drive our cars have some big disadvantages. This means that in the future we will need to
search for ways of reducing the effects of fossil fuels on the environment, and search for new sources of energy to make electricity and to enable
us to drive our cars.

Task 1

Fossil fuels are burnt to provide energy.

In the table below write down the names of the types of fuels used to power our Power stations and Cars (Remember, electricity is not a type of
fuel, water is also not a type of fuel)

                    Power stations                                                  Cars and lorries
Types of Fuels
Task 2

When we use fossil fuels we have to burn them to produce the energy. This is called combustion.

Write a word equation for the combustion of a hydrocarbon fuel, you may also wish to write a symbol equation if you can. Identify reactants and

There are two types of combustion, complete and incomplete. Write word and or symbol equations labelling reactants and products to show the
difference between complete and incomplete combustion.


Task 3

When fossil fuels are burnt they produce some substances which increase pollution of the air. What do we mean by air pollution? (hint gases)
Find out the types of substances produced from burning fossil fuels, adding some extra information on how they are produced and the effects
on the environment and living organisms. You can use the resources below if you wish.



www.kerboodle.co.uk AQA chemistry textbook See last page on how to access this resource.

Pollution type            How it is formed                                           Effects on the environment (one sentence only)
Task 4

Three major effects of pollution from fossil fuels are Global Warming, Global Dimming and Acid Rain. Using the reference below or your own
research find out what causes each type of pollution and how it causes the effect. (You may write in the space below but you will need to draw
at least one diagram to show your understanding, complete a poster or PowerPoint, but the printout of a poster or PowerPoint must be
attached when you hand it in)





Global Warming
Acid Rain

Global Dimming
Task 5

In the future we will need to clean up our act and reduce the effects of burning fossil fuels. Catalytic converters are fitted to cars to reduce
pollution produced by cars.

Using the Kerboodle resource or your own research.



Describe how a catalytic converter helps to reduce emissions in cars, a diagram that is labelled, or writing and chemical equations may help you
achieve higher marks.
Look at the article below

What is your opinion, who do you agree with and why?
Task 6

Biofuels are fuels made from plant or animal products. Biodiesel is made from plants. You can sometimes even use cooking oil from fast food
restaurants to fuel our cars. Biogas is another important fuel made from animal waste (poo!). Read the next information sheet.

Summarise the diagram above in no more than 3 sentences
Look at the sheet, can you highlight the pros/advantages of biofuels by ticking them, and highlight the cons/disadvantages of the others by
putting a cross on them.

Can you think of any more that you could add to this list, write them down below
Task 7

Ethanol can also be used as a biofuels; this is made by fermenting sugar. Can you describe and explain what fermentation is using a word
equation and how it is used to produce ethanol, a symbol equation would achieve higher marks. Identify all reactants and products

Task 8

Hydrogen gas has interested Scientists as a fuel for the future. It burns with a clean flame as it contains no carbon

Hydrogen + Oxygen                Water

Can you write a balanced symbol equation for the reaction above
What advantages and disadvantages of using Hydrogen as a fuel in cars can you think of; list them below in the table.

                              Advantages                                                               Disadvantages

How to access the Kerboodle resource

This is an extra resource on top of their normal lessons and students are not disadvantaged by not being able to access this resource at home. If
you do not have access at home your child can easily gain access in school in one of the many ICT rooms. To access the resource your child will
need his/her normal computer access password, this is the one they use to log onto the school computer network.

The website address is http://live.kerboodle.com/secondary/common/Login.aspx, you will be then presented with the following login box, or
just type Kerboodle into a search engine it should take you to the link.

                                            Your child will then need to enter their username and password into the boxes together with the
                                            organisation code which is 1653. Their password is set to PASSWORD at the moment and they will
                                            need to login and change it to prevent unauthorised access. They should be then able to login. If
                                            they are unable to login, they should contact the ICT technicians who will be able to troubleshoot
                                            the problem. Science teachers cannot solve this problem.
Once onto the site you will be presented with the following screen.

If they then click on Kerboodle books/my bookshelf, they can select the Science textbook for online viewing. If they wish to look at other
resources for the course they then should click on the Science course in the “my courses” area.

To change the password from password to one of your child’s choice you will need to click on your account. This needs to be done as soon as
you log on for the first time to prevent unauthorised access.

                                 Once you are on the bookshelf. You should then click on the chemistry textbook which is illustrated to the left
                                 of this text.

                                                                                                  You will then get the following view. Then click on the
                                                                                                  crude oil and fuels heading and it will take you to the
                                                                                                  page as shown below
                                                                                     Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate
                                                                                     through the relevant pages.

                                                                                     Use the Tools to increase the size of the view etc they are
                                                                                     located on the right hand side.

This resource can also be accessed through the Science dept website (www.plantsbrookscience.co.uk) , the link to the kerboodle site is on the
KS4 resources page. The website also contains useful information about courses in the 6th form which your child may be interested in studying in
the future.
Marking Ladder for Fuels and the Environment HLP

Grade G                  Can list some examples of fuels used in Power stations and Cars and what is air pollution
Grade F                  Can state what complete and incomplete combustion is using
Grade E                  Can state that acid rain, Global Warming and Global dimming are caused by air pollution
Grade D                  Can identify the advantages and disadvantages of Biofuels
Grade C                  Can explain how Acid rain and Global warming occurs and their effects
Grade C                  Can explain how Global dimming occurs and its effects
Grade C                  Can describe using a word equation that for fermentation to occur yeast, a suitable carbohydrate source are needed
                         together with a suitable temperature and that the products are Carbon dioxide, Ethanol plus some energy.
Grade B                  Can write a fully balanced symbol equation for the complete combustion of Hydrogen and for all other equations where
                         possible (Incomplete and complete combustion, Fermentation,
Grade A                  Can explain how a catalytic converter works using a labelled diagram and the relevant symbol equations.
Grade A*                 Can complete all of the above tasks using text in their own words where possible in an independent manner, all
                         specialist terms are spelt correctly and the quality of the English is excellent. Answers are well explained and diagrams
                         are used in an excellent way to enhance understanding.

If you are unsure of any of these terms ask your Science teacher. Your Science teacher should explain these to you when this project is set.

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